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Oct 11, 2005

off the record

i don't know how many of y'all got sunday night's "curb your enthusiasm", besides being brutally funny, it was a piece of television i could relate to. in case, you didn't see it, cheryl complains to larry about how his maid doesn't wear a bra and if she doesn't start to wear a bra, cheryl wants to fire her; so larry decides to buy his house keeper a bra. now, the whole buying somebody a bra isn't the relatable part, it's the whole being uncomfortable and unable to focus in on class with some girl's crack hanging out all over the place. you know, i've said this before many, many times. it's distracting when you're taking some mid term and there's a lacey vicotria's secret logo hanging all over the place. you know, us, dudes have like this mutual agreement with the jeans and how we pull up the boxers a little bit, but there's no agreement between ladies and their jeans. now, i know that i'm complaining about nothing, but let's remember that we're in school and its not last call at the fox sports grill on a thursday night. lets slightly nice up the dance a bit.

learn to love this picture because you'll be seeing it all week long. to me, beating the yankees, although it seems like a common thing the past couple of years in the playoffs, is just as good as winning the world series. chi tea sox/angels will definately go the limit and it'll be one helluva of a tester.

i know our friends at getty sorta ruined the photo, but i think you can see where i'm gonna go with it right? jessica biel isn't the sexiest woman alive, she more or less looks like that soccer mom with her louis vitton backpack on buying like two cases of juice boxes. she's gotta that renee zewilligger chensey vibe or at least she just ate a bunch of sour patch kids.

now, i was gonna take the rest of the week off, but i had to come back due to last night's "laguna beach". while the whole prom portion of the episode was sorta lackluster. well in comparsion to the first season's prom episode, i.e. the drunken stephen & kristin in the limo after the promo, using props for their conversations, amazing. yet, alex h, whom i adore, had to come out and slam inland orange county. why did she have to make the accusition that casey reinhardt is from inland orange county. i live in the inland portion, so now, alex h is only fueling the fire that casey reinhardt is my sister. we all know that she's not my sister. and the thing is that, inland orange county, like mission viejo isn't as bad as alex h made it out to be. the problem with the greater mission viejo/alisio viejo/rancho santa margartia area is that all the homes look the same and everybody drives a suv. the make up isn't that garish. the only difference mission viejo and laguna beach is about 10 minutes.

still love that alex h though.

and finally, as i made mention, i am going to be take the rest of the week off and it might spill over into the following week. not burned out or anything, there's just alot of other stuff going on right now; need to focus in on that stuff.


At 8:31 PM , Blogger Dan said...

What a game tonight. I thought your boys would be dead tonight and that the Sox would cruise. Very impressive.

At 7:46 AM , Blogger Ken said...

Is that Sucre from Prison Break?


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