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Oct 26, 2005

the passenger

look at this little cuddle bug. if it's legit, breaking up with adam brody has done wonders for rachel b.; although, how's mischa b taking the break up? did zach braff think about the killer bs? does he asume that he's gonna jump in right and become the other b in the killer bs? the bees don't form like voltron and its a two woman operation.

here's the thing, no matter what my professors may tell me, i honestly believe that directing is easy. if lindsay lohan can direct a video and it wasn't rejected by the label or chock full of cheesey performances shots at the request of the label, then she must've done something right. and of course, the label surrounded her with people who've been plugging away in this industry way before lindsay lohan's birth, who could successfully tell the crew what to do, but still, directing can't be that hard if lindsay lohan can do it. sure, professors will say, it takes time to direct something of quality and meaning, but here's the thing, it doesn't seem like it takes alot of effort and creativity to direct a dave myers style video and there was a good year, year and half period on mtv where it was only him & joseph kahn.

i'm oddly fasicanated by g4 tv. maybe, its the show where they treat people playing video games like legit sports stars and how dumb i am, to sit there and watch a show about people playing video games. most people can't watch other people play video games, but i guess i can, because, well, i don't like video games and i've never been really good at them, unless a game genie is involved. but anyways, it just seems like g4 tv is the place that flashed reality sorta was beens go to collect a pay check because i saw mormon julie from the real world on there hosting some show and i saw some reject from american idol hosting a show. now, i have to wonder do these actually play the games they're talking about or is it i come in around 10, we do voice overs for an hour or two, break for lunch, then do all of the studio stuff and i'm home by 6 and my account tells me when the checks come. i can sorta buy real world julie being into video games, but the american idol girl, not so much.

umm, i honestly believe i could watch an episode of celebrity poker if michael cera was on it. like, if michael cera was on an episode on one of those dramas that everybody says is really amazing and great, you know like "the west wing," but you don't know anybody who watches the show under the age of 35.

even though i commented about the chi tea sox are a bunch of cry babies about the roof being open, i still forgot about the game. on the roof topic, here's the thing, its called a home field advantage. so when the 'stros are on the home turf, they should play in their stadium the way they like to play it, the way they're most comfortablely playing it because it's home field fucking advantage. you know, i bet if ozzie bitches and moans some more, even though, they won't need it with the way the chi tea is plowing through, but i bet you ozzie could probably pull off having the dh in the national ball park. i mean, why not push their luck and just run with it, since wwlb is behinding over backwards like paris hilton does to a greek shipping heiriest to make sure chi tea wins the big dance. tainted title, dudes, tainted title. fuck the game tonight, dudes, veronica mars is on and a new episode of south park to boot.

does anybody know if joe buck has a new boyfriend yet? cause, while these games are classic, pressure cooker baseball, they're incrediblely boring, so i've been tuning out.

super short reviews:
-"z" by my morning jacket; i'm not the biggest fan of my morning jacket, but i like them a lot and i liked this album alot. they need to do something with lee 'scratch' perry on their next album or at least, put a dub record or something.
-i really dig my brown & pink thermal hoodie from american apparel and it came really fast too. maybe, its cuz they ship out of la and i'm about an hour away.

now, i know its the hellaween season and some of you may be stressing out over what to dress up as the various parties you're gonna get drunk at. now, it's cutting it a little close to the hellaween party season, so running from costume shop to costume shop to good will may not be an opition for you at this time. let me help you out with a costume suggestion, go as the man behind this very blog you're reading. now, your costume will be confusing to most, but use it as an ice breaker or a conversation starter. we're better than cruising around venice beach with a snake wrapped our necks, but still, we could use all the help we can get it. first and formost to be the troubled mind of this blog, you're gonna need a phil spector esque afro wig or just make your hair really big. then, you're gonna need a t-shirt, a white tee and to really sell you're the dude who writes skeet on mischa for hellaween, you're gonna need to write a witty line on the tee. you know something like, "lcd soundsystem is my favorite band," "i write goofy captions" or "i invented the killer bs" you know something along those lines, then like you just need a pair of jeans and some new balances and you're set to the skeeter dude.

shout outs to jack nicholson for finally releasing antonioni's the passenger. now i can fall asleep during an english language antonioni film.


At 12:47 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

douglas reinhardt halloween costume? bad idea.
charles reinhardt halloween costume? best idea ever.

At 1:02 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "form like Voltron" line is as killer as the killer bs themselves.

At 7:01 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honey, the sour grapes are beginning to stink.

At 7:25 AM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

Everyone knows a banker can be really scary. We are the ones who control the money so be nice.

At 8:28 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Uhm, so yeah, apparently theres a "Get 'Em Daddy" remix out now (http://www.lemon-red.org/blog/2005/10/26/stylist/). I can't tell you how badly I need this, like, yesterday.

And yo, bankers straight scare the shit outta me. But perhaps that's cuz I have no money and I'm always freakin' that I'm gettin' jooked outta my money everytime I go to the goddang ATM.

At 10:07 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe Buck's Boyfriend=Todd Zeile(sp??)

At 10:34 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Sox didnt request the dome be closed. Bud Seilig did. His claim is that he doesnt care of it is open or closed; he only wants consistency. Since the Diamondbacks had theirs open a few years ago, so will everyone else from now on (weather permitting).

At 4:09 PM , Anonymous Pedro said...

Well, the only thing I can say (and up front I'll say I've never directed anything) is I agree with you that directing a 3.5 min LiLo vid seems pretty easy, esp with a qualified staff.

And perhaps I'm missing the point because you want to focus on music video direction and production, but I assumed that you intended to pursue a film career. Would you clarify?

Aren't your film school profs talking feature films, not LiLo vids? I mean, how challenging is it be to bring some epic, massive, original screenplay to the screen and make it really work compared to sugar candy coated teeny bopper vids?

It's gotta be hella hard to make the feature which is why so few people have done it well - or maybe you've just got the gift, in which case I can't wait to see your work.

At 4:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the dome thing is sort of a wash. consistency from year-to-year is nice, but i'm not sure that reason is enough to stand on its own. also, there's this thing called "ground rules". the astros's have that utterly ridiculous hill in center field, so what the heck, let them keep the dome closed.


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