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Oct 10, 2005

santana's town

um...yeah, i was sweating bullets during the 9th with k-rod, but i shouldn't have worried since it's santana's town.


and if i was george steinbrenner, i'd totally sue randy johnson & afraud or at least ask for my money back. seriously, didn't they buy those chokers to come through in 'the clutch' in moments like this?


At 9:28 PM , Anonymous Gary Pettis said...

Umpire Joe West delivers as predicted.

Congratulations, Angels.

At 5:20 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Yeah seriously. There were a few sketchy calls that surprisingly went AGAINST the Yankees for a change, like Cano getting called out when Molina threw the ball away (the best part of the game might have been the look on Cano's face-- he looked like he was about to absolutely bawl!). Great game.

And hey, that Gary Pettis person who's been commenting... there's no chance thats the dude who used to coach first base for the Mets, right?

At 9:37 PM , Anonymous Gary Pettis said...

Oh, I believe I had a career before being confined in the first-base coaching box.

At 6:44 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Oh, I'm well aware. But being a Mets fan, that's why the name jumped out at me.


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