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Oct 18, 2005


i dunno what's more fun? a group of models, who are probably like 15 and from russia and since being in the states, they've seen more snow here than in their home country, goofing off in between shows.


the bannana grabber. if you're going through "arrested," withdrawals and you already finished the second season dvd, i bet you're thinking the bannana grabber is way more fun. november 7th is too far away.

while i do apperciate all that houston has done for hip hop over the years, (that bun b solo album is out today, check it out, cause its bun b), i have to admint that it was really, really, really, really funny to see albert pujols to knock out that dinger in the top of the 9th. sure the 'stros have never been to the world series before, and they are the underdog, but i can't vote for them (does anybody know why we said, "i vote for them" as a way to say i cheer a team on? like second grade status), because george bush 1 is cheering them on. yes, bush 1's presidency was rather uneventful and bland, but he's the father of w bush, and frankly, if it'll bring him to joy to see the 'stros win, then i can't be apart of it. now if bun b was in bush's seat for all of the home games, then yeah, i'd pull for houston big time. still, i wouldn't even watch. i want to watch "reunion" and "prison break," not listen to joe buck's struggle to find a new boyfriend on the chi tea sox, does anybody think it's gonna be konerko?

yesterday, i had the somewhat standard moment of each semester where i end up hating what i want do for a living. like clockwork, it just seems to happen that i hate writing for a few days. it just seems like people put way too much thought in the whole creative writing process. whatever happened to just wanting to write a funny joke or tell a good story? yes, there's conflict and struggle, but the whole 'man vs man,' 'man vs self,' conflict just seems really stupid. not everything in this world needs label. can't you tell i'm frustrated by a grade i got on a paper?

but, my disdain of writing was quickly washed away as i attempted to be a teacher yesterday. although, i didn't have the full attention of the class, i must say that for the most part, i kept a majority of people there before the professor arrived. yeah, in most cases, i'd leave early if the professor hadn't showen up on time and it's been a while, but i didn't want to be in traffic on the way home. have you ever been on the 5 at five o'clock? basically, i just stood in front of the class and sorta paced around, poking my nose into peoples conversations about like everything from the baseball playoffs to the lakers to dvd bargains at sam's club, but for the most part, just hollaring at girls. yet, there's this certain power to being a teacher, which for a person, who never gets to have power trip, i throughly enjoyed being in charged and i could see being a teacher. although, i think i'd probably get fired after a month or two because i called the class, 'dude' too many times and the comments on papers would say something to the affect of "this is teh suck," and "booooorrrrriiiinnnngggggg".

as for last night's "laguna beach," ummm, you know, not digging the whole return of lc. i'm a alex h fan, and i want to see alex h and her dog, billy talking with kristin. yeah, lc is easy on the eyes, but that's cause she doesn't do anything all day. she has the time to get fit inbetween sunbathing sessions at the super cool pool and trips to fashion island. i bet that if i had nothing to do with my life other than sitting by the pool and being set up on phoney dates, i'd be really fit too. although, it should be noted, the whole old timey car for the date, that was smooth, real smooth. i forsee a dramatic increase in old timey car rentals for this weekend.

and i was talking with mark the other day about how i felt sorry for stephen. you know, kristin wants nothing to do with him and lc wants nothing to do with, so the dude is out of poonanny, but then i realize, he's on mtv and if he goes to like club glam, dude will be getting some poonanny. there'll be some drunken girl who'll feel sorry for him, and you know, pow bang boom surprise!


At 7:00 AM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

Thanks for the nice shout out yesterday.

At 9:08 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

its Natalee Portman day.. pass the word. http://tuckermaxx.blogspot.com/2005/10/today-is-natalee-portman-day.html


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