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Oct 5, 2005


does anybody remember when weezer used to make songs like "susanne"? whatever happened to those days? and you know, that in some garage in southern california, there's a song like that being written about rachel bilson and it'll be pretty bad.

yeah, i know. scoreboard.

but, bo sox fans, scoreboard, bitches.

so, we both equally sucked yesterday, but at least it wasn't a massacre. what happened to david ortiz and why wasn't manny being manny? i know that the angels' offense was in the shitters last night, but i mean, come on.

well, i shouldn't say, i know because half of the game i was on the phone with earthlink tech support, attempting to re establish an internet connection on the g5. yeah, its back, but there's no internet on it. basically, it's one thing after another. so having the computer is a good thing, but when you're sitting on hold for half an hour and basically, the tech guy is getting you nowhere and you're hungry and your team is losing, you just want to hang up and drink. it's like if you're gonna out source your call center, then why do i have to wait for thirty minutes? doesn't that defeat the purpose of cheap, ineffective labor.

too much negativity going on these days.

a heads up to all of my la people who watch the veronica mars, it will not be on wednesday; its being pre empted by the angels/yankees game that'll be on espn, but you know, it'll be on 13 for those without cable. so she mars will be on saturday night at 9p, reset your dvrs accordingly.

here's another one of my problems with mtv's reality show, if the premise of the show is about we, the viewer picking the reality show we want to see, then why not have regular folks as the weekly judges instead of a bunch of 14:59ers. just because they've been on reality shows before, doesn't mean they know what the people want. and yes, basically, the role of a judge/critic on this show is to make jokes about andy and play off him, but at the same time, it's not fun to watch some person from a show i never watch attempt to throw a zinger. or at least mix it up with the reality critics, get the golden boy of blogs, trent up there to make some jokes; the dude will be ten times funnier than those brothers who were on that show that lead to that divorce and one of those brothers is banging kristin from "laguna beach" and it looked as if they were asleep half the time.

and i gotta be honet with y'all, my man, nick roses didn't bring it last night. the concept was hiliarious, but something in the delievery, made it just fall apart. maybe, i just want to see nick roses kicking down doors, doing drug busts and shouting, "roses, nick roses"; you know using his name to the fullest. then we had the miss teen usa girl, shelley, i think i'm in love with her simply cause she's a struggling slashtress and you know, there's a part of me that believes that if i hit up like breakdown express and put out a casting notice for like 18 to 20 year old girls and you know, get her head shot and send her some sides and like, you know, cast in a movie and i dunno, just hang out. i think i want to do what they did in audition minus the body in the burlap sack.

a movie like waiting is something that i feel that i'm above; you know, if somebody were to ask me if i were going to see it, i'd say something like, the day i slit my throat is the day i'll watch that movie. i always prefer to be harsh and overtly dramatic so the yoke is missed completely. you know i watch "c.y.e." and "arrested development," so i'm above this junveillie humor and what not. yet, here's the thing ever since i got hbo, i've found myself watching these movies that i feel i'm better than. last weekend, i was flipping around and i stopped on dodgeball: the movie and i could not stop watching it. i had a paper to write, but it didn't matter because i was transfixed by this movie. it wasn't a matter of it was so funny that i have to keep on watching, it was more of a matter of when i'm going to laugh and i just hung around to see something funny and actually, did laugh. but then, i pressed my luck and tried to watch starsky & hutch, well, take it back, i thought vince vaughn was pretty funny. maybe, its from these random viewings on hbo i'm learning that i'm not above these wacky premiese comedies, it's just that i'm above ben stiller performances in wacky comedies. although, ben stiller isn't in waiting, it just has that zany comedy vibe to it that i wouldn't want to pay 10 bucks to see but apart of my monthly plan, i'll pay 10 bucks a month to catch it along with a few dozen showings of don't tell mom the baby sitter is dead

i guess, this week has been the 10th anniversary of the oj verdict and people have been waxing poetic about where they were when the verdict was read or how the verdict has affected the cultural landscape of america. well, i don't wanna bore you with thoughts about racial matters in america, i'll just tell where i was, it was 8th grade and we had a rotating class schedule, so i think it was second period, but anyways, it was spanish 2 and the teacher was like the mayor of laguna beach or at least on the city council of laguna beach and like on public access on the weekends, you could see him in city councils meetings, which could be a buzz kill cause like at the time on the public access channel on saturday night, had a naked talk show. so to see your spanish teacher when you're young and looking to see big fake boobies; total buzz kill. and remember this was the mid 90s, so we all thought our spanish teacher was gay because he spoke his spanish with a lisp and well, he was on the laguna beach city council and he had this weird voice, sorta like vincent prince, but not really. actually, he had a vincent prince vibe. so like we had to twist his arm to watch the verdict being read, but he let us watch it, then everybody was bummed out, then like the rest of the day had a weird vibe because we thought oj was going to be interviewed by like katie couric that night and how there shouldn't be any homework so we could watch oj. thats my oj story.


At 12:45 AM , Blogger Douglas said...

Waka/Jawaka by the late great Frank Zappa is my audio clip of the day.

At 10:37 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Rolled to work this morning bumpin We Got It 4 Cheap 2 for the first time, and oh my lord- FIRE (I'm gonna write about it tonight if I get a minute between playoff games and NHL opening)! Best. Mixtape. Of. The. Year. One question: Do you know who did and/or what the beat is for "Roll With The Winners"? It sounds oddly familiar, but I can't place what sample it is or what the original track is. Sounds slightly old school Neptunes, yet updated... just hot hot hot...


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