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Oct 24, 2005


seriously, i don't know who specifically at getty images, but i most definately owe somebody over there a big box of brownies for these photos:

i mean, do we need a goofy caption for this one? do i need to say that trashlee is yucking it while watching the new freddie prinze jr sitcom? 'oh man, b.a.g. is the brills'

or this one? well, i mean, i could imply that trashlee is saying, "and i was like, hey, what's up with that?"

or how you just picture joe simpson standing right behind the camera, barking at her to smile. i mean, we've all been there with family photos, but since, it's trashlee and its joe 'satan' simpson yelling at her, its a lot more funny and frankly, we can't relate to it because hopefully none of your fathers wear paper denim jeans and 'rap' with lil' jon on the sidekick all the time.

at the same time, i've come to realize that photos of ahslee simpson looking goofy isn't funny to everybody.

inserting the caption of "wha happened?" may not work for everybody. maybe, if i talk about my valet parking story from the other night. two things that you may need to be refreshed upon, one, i can't park my car for shit; i'm slowly becoming comfortable with backing my car out of spots, but i'm still suck at not going all the way through at spots. two, i'm very nervous about car; i always think something is wrong with it even though, i get the oil change every three months, so as i was given my car back by one valet guy, the other valet guy comes over and has a real serious look upon his face. i'm expecting him to say that i should go and have my car checked out in the morning, you know, something sounded funny and what not, but the guy says to me, "whose the name of the band thats in your stereo?" revealed, i told him that it was wolf parade, then he followed it up with the question, "you can get it a regular places?" you see this incident only fuels fire to my theory that valet guys and mechanics listen to the cds in your car. cause, when i got the car back, it was on track 1 and i think i was on track 10 when i gave it over to the valet guys, and of course, they told me that they listened to the album. but with this, and the incident earlier this year when i had a flat fixed and they were listening to my edan cd.

i guess, i should take it as a sign that i have okay taste in music, if valet dudes are asking me for suggestions and not tips at the end of the night or at least additional tips.

robin brown waxes poetic on the time we met jason schwartzman and how i gave him the shirt off my back; now, you know why i loved i heart huckabees so much, have that special connection with the star of it.

while sorta on the issue of high school things, outside of just doing whatsoever for amajority of the weekend other than watching "veronica mars" season 1 dvd (i'm on disc 5, don't say anything), i remembered an awkward incident from high school. i'm sure we all have been in those situations where somebody says something really personal and frankly, you don't believe that you have that level of trust with the person yet. you know, the two of you might share a class and you're just class buddies, talking before class starts about the weekend and if you run into each other, all you talk about is class. nothing beyond that region. so this was high school, i remember talking with this girl about something and just out of nowhere, she mentions that her father was shot a few years ago, and you know, what do you say in this situations? frankly, i'm a person who doesn't know what to do when somebody says hello to me, let alone, recanting some tale about a father's passing.

jean piere jeunet is gonna make a new film for an american studio, but i'm just wondering if its gonna be an english language film or in french or in some other language cause i remember at one point, the chubby checker of filmmaking, m night shamalyan was attached to it or passionate about it or interested in it, but here we are with jeunet going to make it and it'll be visually arresting, but sorta long and audrey tautou's gigantic eyes will make a cameo

and its official, saturday night live is dead. did anybody make it through a sketch this past week? i'd watch two seconds of it and just predict that somehow it'd involve catherine zeta jones' dancing and or singing. they gave her the sports star treatment like when that weiner kid who used to road rules/real world challenges was the host of snl and a majority of the skits were about skiing. you know, why couldn't they 'bottle rocket' their shit up a little bit? or is catherine zeta jones that stubborn? who knows and frankly, i won't be dvring it anymore. i'll come back when somebody can write me a 5 to 6 page essay, double spaced with footnotes explain why i should invest my time with this current cast and how funny they are and no, you can't simply say, at least they're better than jimmy fallon. even though, nobody like jimmy fallon, he still had those skits you'd hated to like for example, the jefferies sketch and the one man morning zoo skit. those were good, but these weiner kids are just bad business.

also, i know that i'm super late to the game, but i just got hbo, but hasn't anybody else realize that "entourage" is a horrible show? what the fuck is the point of the character, turtle? other than to say 'fuck' alot and look like somebody from nj guido? yes, jeremy piven is good, but i mean, basically its a varation on martin short in the big picture, the only decent performance by martin short or at least tolerable. i mean, how is this show funy? i'd also like an essay about why i should pick up the first season dvd and catch up on what i missed.


At 7:46 PM , Blogger Mark Haslam said...

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At 7:49 PM , Blogger Mark Haslam said...

while i haven't seen "entourage," it has samaire in it so i can't discount it completely, even if she has been resorting to "numb3rs" for work.

and if the new jeunet is in english, do you think comparisons to the new wong kar wai/nicole kidman team up are unfair?

At 11:34 AM , Anonymous Jim Jones said...

Entourage is great fun. As a displaced new yorker who drops his r's and like's to keep it "thugged out lite", it's a nice little slice of premium cable masquerading as home (if home was also replete with limitless scratch and medical grade box).

Juelz Santana, whistle song, candidate for track of the year, just so you know.


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