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i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Oct 25, 2005

what if we gain the freshmen 15?

not only does he put out quality music and hang out with cool people like hell rell and marica gay harden, but when killa camgets shot, it's not abig deal. you're not gonna see cam base the marketing campagin for the new album or juelz's album (dropping on november 22nd) on the fact he got shot recently. he's not gonna be on mtv wearing a bullet proof vest and talking about how he was shot 9 times and cam's not gonna travel with a small army of body guards with him, like a certain half dollar does. and cam is gonna direct his own movies, but he should get on the phone with chris walken because cam, you're having font issues with your trailer and a quicktime file would be nice, as well.

dear fox execs, look at these numbers and how much better the chi tea sox game did in chicago than the rest of the country, so only show it in those markets and crank out the new episodes of "arrested development" for those who don't care for the antics of bud mcmahon and the whole 'tainted title' business.

i wonder if jessica alba is the one to blame for cingular's switch to the new voice mail system or maybe, she's having the same amount of trouble with it as i am. i try to delete the message and i smosh 7 over and over again and the message keeps on playing and once i delete, i try to exit, but the thing keeps on going. i want to exit out of the system as opposed to just hanging up because when you hang up, that little voice mail icon is on your phone and won't go away. and you just know that jessica alba got her brown thermal hoodie from american apparel without any problems and quicker than the flash, too

here's the weird thing, like while i watching the most recent episode of "laguna beach," i think its the best one ever. yet when i make the trot from couch to laptop, something happens where i realize that nothing happens cept for some classic, brills murray quotes from my crush, alex h. i know that they're thinking of doing an l.c. spin off, but here's the thing, she's boring. her friends are boring and they have really bad dye jobs, cept for lo. give the spin off to kristin and alex h monkeying around in la la land with alex h slumming away at santa monica college. we don't need a show about some girl whose really fit and into fashion; we got top model and nobody watches that anymore unless you're the tivo guy for like "the soup" or jimmy kimmel. doing an l.c. spin off show is sorta like crushing on an engaged girl. sure, its nice to look at, but you know, deep down inside, it wasn't meant for you, and by you, i mean, the viewing audience at large.

"laguna beach" related, next week's episode looks to be a classic, but here i go again, think it's going to be great and what not.

speaking of great television, there are people like myself and that one commenter and people who write for e! online that'll tell to watch a show like "veronica mars" because it's a well written show that has a decent visual flare and solid performances, but if i could convince you to watch any show, i'd tell you to watch the new season of "zoey 101". don't front, we've all watched episodes of "lizzie mcguire," why else would we write about hiliary duff so often? okay, so imagine your favorite episode of that show and like times it by ten, then you got an episode of "zoey 101". yes, britney spears' sister is the star of the show, but after watching this show, you'll realize that jamie lynn spears is the only one with talnet in the family. yet what keeps me coming back, is the supporting cast, quite simply they're amazing. yes, its called zoey 101, but its an ensamble show and it'd be really boring without them. the writers, um, i think i've said it before, but writing for that show would be my dream job. but honestly, being a background extra on that show would be a dream job for me and i would bring multiple shirts with me, so i could change inbetween shots. for example, if they're doing a dialogue scene between zoey & chase in front of the fountain and they were doing zoey's coverage, i'd walk by wearing one shirt and when they got to chase's coverage, i'd wear another color shirt.

am i the only one that notices the reoccuring extras within scenes of high school shows? watch closely and look at the master shot and you'll see some random dude in a yellow shirt walking by, then cut to a close up of an actor within the scene and you'll see that same yellow shirt guy walking by again. so i'd bring like a bunch of shirts with me, just so i could blend in and make it look like a ton of people go to pca.

anybody know if that new fiery furnaces record is worth picking up? those dudes have earned automatically purchase status, but i dunno about this one.

and i'd hate to write about paris hilton, but i must. so, basically, she went from one greek shipping heir to another, right? now, i know stern did a riff on this a week or two ago on the news, but i have to say, i think i'm gonna pretend to be a greek shipping heir to get some play for wanna be starlets or at least, it seems like you have to be a greek guy to get any play these days. we all know that greeks are passionate, but what is about these guys? can one of the few female readers chime in on this issue cause i need the sorta enlightment that one gets from checking out the myspace page of that one loud girl in class and how it all makes sense.


At 11:41 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Killa's the man. I'm just pissed that I didn't know he was gonna be in the area beforehand, or I might holla'd at him.

At 2:47 PM , Anonymous josh said...

the new cingular voice mail system fucking sucks. theres no way to tell when people call because there isn't a time stated. pisses me off. and here i was thinking i was the only one who felt this way.

At 9:11 PM , Anonymous nick said...

totally agree that voicemail system sucks and if you dont delete your messages it calls you and leaves more messages telling you that you have messages to delete.

pain in my ass.

At 12:42 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can't believe i got a shout-out for my relentless veronica mars plugs. i feel like i need to find something else to yap about now, since that battle is at least temporarily won.

i have to go back and watch this week's laguna beach at a later date. it's priority is set fairly low, and it got pre-empted by a west wing episode that was picked up by keyword: taiwan. the good thing about having a keyword search for taiwan is that it picks up an episode of the teletubbies every three months or so called "shaking and beating", which is stone best.


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