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Oct 7, 2005

you can't imagine the fun we're having

i don't read esquire magazine and i don't know anybody personally who reads esquire magazine, so i actually don't know how out of touch with the world at large they are, but i came assume that they're pretty out of touch with dudes. like we're in san diego and they're trying to touch us while they're in alaska. to say that jessica biel is the sexiest woman alive is a bit of strencth. personally speaking, the only time i thought she was sexy was when she was sorta showin' her knobs in gear magazine. to name an individual the sexiest such and such alive is such a ludacris statement, because it's so subjective. sexiest is different from person to person and in my case, from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute. like if you were to ask me who's the sexiest person out there on a friday morning, i'll probably say aubrey from "making the band 3" then an hour or two later, i'll probably say alex from "laguna beach," because i'm that weird. so we have that out of the way, now, let's focus in on this, when you declare a person to be one of the choosen sexy ones, make sure it's a house hold name. sure, jessica biel has been in movies and tv shows, but has she ever been in a hit movie? a movie that we all went out on openning day to see and were gland that we saw it? nope or at least for me, it has yet to happen. sure, we all love that 10 minute short film in the middle of the rules of attraction, but the rest of that movie? god awful. and did you ever watch an episode of "7th heaven"? i didn't and i don't know anybody who did cept for this guy i used to be friends with in high school and it was weird cause he had a crush on the middle sister. but anyways, to name a person that most people don't know about as the sexiest person alive so shows that your editiorial staff is just pullin' on the peters. like i except that type of editiorial decision from maxim, but isn't or at least, at one time, wasn't esquire a respectable magazine?

maybe, the thing i'm trying to get at, is that regardless of the magazine and subjectvity of said title, the title of sexiest woman alive should be somewhat agreeable by most dudes, even if it's a dude saying, "yeah, she's pretty good, but she's no rachel bilson." there has to be a gimme factor, a loud, annoyning 'come onnnnnnnnnnnn,' beating them into submission factor to the person and jessica biel has none of that in spades. she's too muscular, she's not funny, she probably listens to bad records and when she watched crouching tiger, hidden dragon it was the dubbed version, so you know how sexy is that?

it's so weird because i'm in such 'wake me up when this semester is over' mood that i completely forgot that one james murphy and lcd soundsystem will be making an apperance in the orange curtain in a week from yesterday. why am i not losing sleep over this? i remember the first time i was going to see lcd soundsystem, it could've been the hellacious head cold i had, but the week leading up to that fateful saturday in the desert, i couldn't sleep at all. like i was zombie, went two days in a row without getting more than three hours of sleep total and i even went to school in that state. although, it could be said, that i just went to school to check out the infamous history of rock girl. but, i think i just got too many things going on right now to be stressed out over lcd soundsystem being in the orange curtain, yet i feel it's my duty to be there, represent and dance until i can't dance no more. thursdays are my long days, so i must remember to take a nap before the show. but if you have yet to see lcd soundsystem, you should totally go to the house of blues in anaheim next thursday night. just remember, most likely, you won't even have to set up your dvr for "the oc" or more importantly, "reunion".

while the new broken social scene album is growing on me and i'm lking more and more with each listen, i just have to wonder if anybody else is having issues with hearing the vocals while in the car? while the album begs for you to play drums on the steering wheel, i think its a headphones record, so you can pick up on the subtle lyrics. do i need to re adjust the mix on the speakers or something else?

and a big thanks to uncle grambo for the shout out the other day. i've said it before and i'll probably say it again, but if it wasn't for whatevs, there'd be no skeet on mischa and there'd be no me talking with random girls about pop culture and during the conversation, i make the gesture of typing in air, so you know, its a really weird convo.


At 8:28 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the best blog out there.

I think i got go with Jessica Alba for sexiest woman alive, but I also really like Brody from the Distillers...

At 9:22 AM , Anonymous r2d2isgod said...

I love Alex from Laguna Beach too (Kristin's homegirl, not the bad-hygiene brunette). She was poppin off at her fiesta. What the heck was she on?!

And the OC totally sucks now. It's almost as lame as One Tree Hill. FIESTA! FIETSA!

At 8:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the fucking red sox. yeah yeah, have your laughs reinhardt, you've earned them.

above poster reminded me, you're really right about the unrequited lesbian subplot of laguna beach. i didn't really pick up on it until the cabo episode (or wherever they went), at which point it was glaring. nice read.


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