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Nov 14, 2005

he looked like david bowie

i had this big thing written about how the only skill i have is that i can magically tune into the same 45 minute stretch of the film, 13 going on 30 and how i should, in theory, naturally, be able to parlay this incredible talent of mine into a job at urban outfitters because i can do mindless, tedious, boring, unfunny things for long periods of time without complaining, but like my computer froze and i lost it cause i didn't save like every three seconds like i normally do. oh well. i'm just amazed that i only manage to see the same parts of that movie again and again, it's sorta like "everybody loves raymond," when i try to watch an episode of it, like put some effort into it, it's the one episode i've seen. you know what i mean? cause you'll get into conversations with people about that show and they're like, "you've never seen that show," like it was seinfeld or the godfather and i'm like, i've only seen one episode like four times and it sucked."

like half the time, i just bookmark these things and when it comes time to do the write up, i completely forget why i bookmarked it. i guess, its cause she's fit and has nice knobs and good hair and probably is the kind of girl if i ever had a conversation with, i'd just end up talking about how i sorta stalk her on campus and know where her and her fellow 'trendsetters,' hang out. in other words, she's just like everybody else.

then again, i'm on hipster overload as of late. working on a paper about the marketing to the hipster audience and what not.

i guess that kenny chasey has an album coming out and he's talking about the renee zewillger thing, but if i was that dude and i was bitter, i'd be writing songs like, "my ex wife's face looks like she ate a bunch of sour patch kids." where are the hot flames of jealousy and bitterness? everybody is so cozy and not gonna talk about it with their celebrity divorces these days. geez, open up, give kids some material to work with, not me, but you know, other people.

okay, so i finally caught a bit of the trainwreck known as bai ling singing on that vh-1 show the other night. first, douche chills. lots and lots of douche chills. secondly, are we all in on the joke together or are we having a laugh at the expense of bai ling? i'm all for taking a piss at bai ling, but is she aware that we're all laughing at her and her 'singing' style? i've heard throat singers that are better than her. uf a tufah. when all is said and done and bai ling has won the show, will she become this delussional monster who think she can make pop singles or will she make music the same way that traci lords made dance records all those years ago?

i don't want to be a broken record, but if you could be so kind and sign a save arrested development, again petition, it'd be greatly apperciated. and if you want to bug hbo & nbc executives to pick up the show, here's the contact info and if you just want to call hbo and bug them about not airing that show about bill paxton playing polygamist and why did they spend so much on "rome". i can't speak for everybody, but my schedule recording lists looks awfully lonely without "arrested" on it. not to mention, its full of false hope because it says wonder showzen is on, but instead i get some lamey nu metal concert.

speaking of nu metal, i've been listening to bits and pieces of kroq over this past week and from what i heard, i think they're shifting back a bit and playing more of the nu metal, you know the stainds, the puddles of mudds, the korns, if you will and less of the indie rock. or maybe i'm just hitting the station at those moments, but never the less, radio in southern california is gonna suck again real soon. cause indie103 is just a glorified college radio station that scares people all the time. i'm sorry, when i tune into a indie station, i expect to hear that particular genre of music, not three dog night. and once you hear the three dog night, you start to panic because maybe the station changed formats over night and now it's an early 70s singles station, then you hear some boston accent talk about something that he always talks and you're like, 'oh yeah, this station is sorta douchey and let' the djs play whatever they want.'

to make up for talking about "arrested development" again, here's some delicious nsfw keeley hazell for y'all or at least, all the young dudes.

i wish i had more to say, people, but i'm just so focused on finishing a bunch of shit for school the next two weeks. basically, it's just work on papers, projects, shot lists, you know that whole 9 yards and if i'm caught up or a little ahead, maybe i'll step out and catch that sarah silverman movie. if i remember to put a request in some filters on my equipment order and write a few pages on my spec, i'll go to coffee bean or something. so bear with me, kids. not to mention, its the end of the year and nothing is happening except for preparation for end of year lists and what not.


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