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Nov 15, 2005

the hills

rachel b, fly like project pat's verse on the "stay fly" remix . the friend, well, she's sorta like me, the one in the group who always poses like a japanese school girl in all of the photos. and if you don't have the designated peace sign person in your crew, it looks like you need to re think your friends or be the bold one and chuck a deuce.

side note, the more and more i listen to "stay fly" by three 6, the more and more i think its probably the best song of the year. yeah, houston came on real strong this year and we're all stoked on it, but memphis killed it for southern hip hop this year.

all right, so last night was the finale of "laguna beach" season 2 and well, it was rather disapointing because it was twenty two minutes of stephen covertly copping feels on l.c. and kristin while five for fighting plays in the background. in other words, your worst trip to the dentist. i guess it brought closure to storylines, but it was just twenty minutes of people packing and driving away. if i wanted to watch people, i'd hang out at hotels and airports. i mean, nobody likes to pack, so why do the producers think people, no matter how die hard of fans they are of the show, want to watch taylor pack for college? taylor already is boring, to watch her pack, is like watching paint drying in slow motion.

then, there's season or cycle three of "laguna beach," (you can watch the promo at mtv's overdrive, but if you're cool and have a mac, you're out of luck cuz mtv smokes crack like that). you know, i love this show, but i'm sorry, none of those kids look like they're worth the time of my day. now, i'm not saying my time is vaulabe or anything, but, cami? are you serious? cami? the girl with way too much forehead that tried to hook up with j.wall on the prom episode is the focus on season 3? there weren't more sluttier or cooler girls to cast from? and the hook, of following the adventures of l.c.'s sister doesn't work for me either. l.c. was super dull and i assume that her sister is just as dull if not duller. you see, it'd be interesting to watch if l.c.'s sister was her exact opposite. when i was at high school, there was a girl in my senior class, who was tall and nerdy and early 2000s indie rock and went around handing out copies of the underground student newspaper and her sister was a freshmen that year, and was the exact opposite, well, basically, the younger sister was sorta like l.c. now if that was a tv show, you know the ying and yang factor. so, lc is leaving and in comes, her weirdo sister who wears silk screened shirts with whales on them and is totally into my chemical romance. now, that would be interesting; that would amp up the show a bit, but now, if it's just the younger sister, it's gonna be like dullsville. the new cast, honestly reminds me of that one episode of "my super sweet 16," with the group of girls who called themselves 'ltd' or something and their whole life seemed hell bent on being perceived as cool by not only the kids that went to their party, but also, the mtv viewing audience, and when you try too hard to be cool, it shines through like a light in a lighthouse (bad comparsion, but them fuckers is bright, the lights, not the girls). these girls just smack of effort and too much make up and too many hours spent flat ironing the hair and too much money spent on trendy sunglasses to be worn on a cloudy day. it's just too effort, and it's just not cool or appealing. also, there's a vibe of desperation, its the same vibe that the oldest hoe on hef's hoe train has; they'll do just about anything to be liked. i don't know, i just see bad all over it, kids.

and finally, we come to "the hills," the lc spin off show. if it wasn't for her fake friends, i wouldn't be interested in this show. lc on her own, completely boring; example: the mamotath mountain episode where all she does is stay in her apartment room and plays with shapes that just don't fit. lc with 'friends,' goating her into things, interesting. but what would be more interesting? a show about kristin and alex h living in the hills or the dudes from "laguna beach" living in manhattan beach show and see which guy gets an std first, you know, that's entertainment! not some girl working for teen vogue and hanging out with aspiring actors. is lc going to have interactions with the fun things about l.a.? is she gonna get attack by a homeless man while waiting to get into a club cause that happened to me and robin brown once and it was pretty sketchy (that was also the time we wrapped copies of the la x-press on our hands to keep warm, but ended up with a bunch of news print about trannies on the fingers)? is lc going to be photographed by the cobra snake and feel really uncomfortable afterwards? is lc not going to get into lax? is lc going to get an accident while trying to find parking? no, nope, never. what will she be doing? lounging by the pool and by the end of the season, ready to make the big leap back home. i just save you ten episodes of television.

but who am i kidding, i'll be there on the first night its on.

i don't know how many people are watching "prison break," but the thing that strikes me about this show as well as "reunion," umm, if you get picked up, what do you do for a second season? sure, "24" managed to get around that hurdle, but myself, i tuned out mid way through the second season because it got too complicated for me, but i can see how they can do other seasons of the show, but "prison break," no. i don't. so, they break out of prison and then what? is it a show about people continuing to evade the law and prove their innocence? sounds pretty lame to me for a follow up season, don't get me wrong, i like prison break, but where do they go after this season? so, i dunno, why fox keeps on pumping those ad dollars into it.

speaking of fox, why can't they get anybody from "arrested development" booked a late night show other than jimmy kimmel? talk about network syngery, i saw jason lee, the star of the surprisingly funny "my name is earl," (its gotten alot better since the pilot) on leno for two segments, not to mention, his stint as host of snl. wow, nbc is really pimping that show hard. now, what's so hard for fox to pimp jason bateman that hard or porta di rossi? seriously, portia di rossi should break up with ellen degreenes because ellen has a talk show and reaches to a biljion people and why can't she talk about how everybody should watch "arrested development" or giveaway free dvds. fuck your conflict of interest, its called 'locking that down'.

anybody ever watch the show, "scrubs,"? while i have issues with zach braff, i have to watch some episodes for this thing in a class of mine and i may be in the market for a show to watch, since you know, "arrested.." is getting canceled and all.

the new juelz santana album, "whats the game been mising!," leaked last week. brief review, it's pretty good; if you heard "back like cooked crack 3," then you've heard a majority of the tunes already and every song that cam is on, he kills it. but this is the problem with rap right now or at least the carter admistration at def jam. unless, you're kanye or some really weaked sauced r&b pop princess bullshit, then your shit is right on time, but if jay aint into your shit, it gets delayed and delayed and delayed. and that's what happened with the santana album. you know, it got pushed back and back and more and more stuff leaked onto the mixtape circuits or the dips put it out themselves.

and that's why i worry about the new ghostface album. supposed to come around this time, but it got pushed back to february, but you never know, it may get pushed again and again, and by the time, it comes out, we've all heard the good stuff on some mixtape. although, it should be noted, the mf doom/ghostface album should be out in the spring of 06, making 06 the return of the albums with one producer and one rapper. anybody know if there's a leaked copy of that aceyalone/rjd2 album yet? supposed to be in february, but you know, can't wait.

i don't know your feelings on talking about blogs, personally, unless, it can impress someone or lead me into free stuff, then i won't even mention that i have one because, its really geeky and republician guys have sorta ruined the whole thing with how serious they take it. anyways, in a class of mine, we were talking about blogs and i had talked briefly about them with my professor and when it came up in class, i was turned into the expert on the subject, when i'm just some dude who needs to learn how to spell check and has a thing for hipster asian girls and rachel bilson and the clipse. and after i talk about it, everybody starts chiming in about wanting the addresses and i don't want to give that away because these are people i see on a somewhat regular basis, who probably already assume that i'm crazy, but if they read this, they won't even want to sit next to me or make mindless chit chat before class starts.

although, i did apperciate talking about how awesome cam'ron's "the world is yours" chain is in class.

also, do you think tom leykus is upset that he didn't get any of the post stern morning show spots? its a topic i want to get into, but for a later time.

oh vell.


At 1:28 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

that friend needs to work on her japanese girl game. the key is to cock your head sideways, not to cock your body sideways and then cock your head the other way so it looks straight.

i sort of soured on the whole phenomenon by spending a couple weeks in japan and discovering that in fact, yes, all women under the age of forty seem to do it, and they never seem to pose in any other way. at least, not that i saw. it just seemed played out after that.

At 6:53 AM , Blogger Ken said...

next time Michael Scofield will be the one who is framed and this time he is locked up in a prison he didn't design

At 9:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes the ace and rjd2 promo leaked.. has annoying ace voice overs though.. pretty album though.

At 9:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes the ace and rjd2 promo leaked.. has annoying ace voice overs though.. pretty album though.

At 10:16 AM , Anonymous pony said...

Yeah, Leykis has talked about it. Something about James Woods (?!) getting the spot in the LA market and JW's show being pretty much a carbon copy of Leykis'.

And we've had our classmates discover our blog before and it sucked. Though it did give us the opportunity to be honest about some things.

During a discussion on world issues and responsibility: "We don't care about any of that. But we can tell you what's on Vh1 tonight."

Guy across room: "Really? What?"

At 11:50 AM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

On the issue of Scrubs, I reccommend, in order: (I tried to pick only episodes that are available on DVD.)

1) My Screw Up (Season 3, not available on DVD yet, have to d/l)

Trust me, this episode is the best Scrubs has to offer. If you don't like this episode, you just will never like the show. If you could only watch one episode of Scrubs, this be it.

2)My Hero (available on Season 1 DVD; Disc 3)

3)My Old Lady (Season 1; Disc 1)

4)My Occurrence (Season 1; Disc 3)

My Occurrence/My Hero were actually an hour long episode cut into two. My Occurrence is the 1st part, but My Hero is SO much better.

5)My Lucky Day (Season 2; Disc ?)/His Story (Season 2; Disc ?)

Sorry, haven't bought Season 2 yet, so I don't know which Disc they are on if you rent them.
Also, they are both tied for 5th as I haven't seen them in a while. I remember they were standout episodes, but I don't remember exactly how great they were to "officially" rank them.

At 1:04 PM , Anonymous josh said...

scrubs actually is a good show. the structure is really tight. and its pretty funny. even though it relies pretty heavily on broad humor, they throw in enough edge to give it something. and hey, it is 10 to the 6 times better than "according to jim".

At 1:25 PM , Anonymous nick said...

yo, i wasn't feeling laguna beach at all last nite and i'm certainly not feeling season three. i dont care about lauren's sister...total bummer situation. only to get all stoked for the spinoff before i realized it's lc's show...beyond bummer situation. there should have given that spinoff to Alex H.
make that shit interesting at least. i wanna see her act all awkward when dudes approach her and stuff. oh well.


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