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Nov 1, 2005

i'm still rather depressed and sad and well, basically, i'm runing the gaunlet of emotions right now, but i'm just trying to keep it going, you know, basically, one day at a time. it's just a really weird time for me where i believe i can't write stupid stuff like this, but at the same time, if i maybe write stupid stuff like this, i feel a bit better, you know what i mean?

shout outs to joan baez for recording the song, "here's to you," and double shout outs to wes anderson for putting it on the soundtrack of the life aquatic.

okay, so in my time as being a professonial college student, i've never encountered people going to school on hellaween in costume. you know, i thought we're adults or at least, pretending to be matue, adult like people and frankly, we got all the fun out of the costumes over the weekend at kyle's wicked party. yet as i was walking to campus yesterday afternoon, i see people cruising around in their costumes. as we all know that i'm not one to spit anybody's salad unless you're the creator or a member of the writing staff for "the oc," but, what is one trying to accomplish by wearing their costume to class? now, i know back in the days of grade school, we had crazy hat days and the halloween party at the end of the day and it was cool then to rock a costume, but come on.

i guess this is where you'd call me a lookist, but whatevs, okay, so the thing about halloween and halloween parties is its a generally dark environment. so not everybody can see the finer details of the costume or any exposed skin. okay, here's the thing and i'm just saying if you're not fit like l.c. from "laguna beach," then don't wear a costume with half of your gut hanging out. i don't come to class wearing a cut off shorts with my charlie browns hanging out for the world to see; while there was a period in my life when i would take off my shirt for a laugh, i don't do that anymore cause nobody needs to see my hairy gut. so when one's picking out a costume to wear to school, think about everybody else, not just you, your friends and that group of dudes you hope to impress by wearing a sexy costume.

and another interesting thing i saw yesterday was this girl wearing a shirt that said, "ahem, my eyes are up here" and there was an arrow pointing upwards and the girl had big whoobompers. while on the surface, its a somewhat funny shirt, probably more funny to dudes who wear giant black skate shoes with black socks and dickies shants, but to me and hopefully to you, it'd be funnier if a girl who's a bit of a 'surfboard' wore the shirt around town. one, it'd be a great fuck you to the concept of just shouting out a girl cause her genes gave her a pair of round ones or she got a car for her 16th birthday, so for high school graduation, she got a pair of nice man mand round ones, but it shows that the girl has the best sense of humor ever and is way beyond comfortable with her body. it's like the line from a do from vice magazine, 'these are my tits, take it or leave it'.

i like my modeling agencies to have a my space page aka the janice dickinson modeling agency; wonder if she leaves comments back on your page? although, if you want to kill some time at the yob, there's no better way than looking at the myspace profiles of self obessessed people, especially the people who have so much time in their 'busy' life to photoshop out each imperfection as well as photoshop that photo where it looks like they're making out with themselves.

rachel bilson got into a spat with that taylor tompkins chick over what's the best rap song of the year. rachel bilson says it's "stay fly" by three 6 mafia with eightball & mjg, but taylor tompkins is like, "kilos" by ghostface & raewkon is the best. anyone, bueller?

jay & nas ending their beef is sorta good thing, but the whole idea of jay wanting to end all beef in hip hop is a good idea, but at the same time, its kinda lame. yeah, beef got taken too far with the whole biggie/2pac thing, but beef brought out one of his best records out of jay and beef brought back nas. beef defined hip hop and there's no more beef, is it going to be a return to shiny suits and the hype fish eye? if anything, why doesn't hip hop as a whole come together to collectively take out 50? yeah, "in da club," is a classic, but the dude makes girly songs these days.

anybody know how to be an extra on a show like "veronica mars"? i got jury duty in late december and i figure maybe a way to get out of it, is to stand in the back of a shot and pretend to have a conversation with some other slashtress


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