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Nov 11, 2005

kilos part 2 aka dear sons & daugthers of hungry ghosts

you know that one wolf parade song where the guy says, "but god doesn't always have the best god damn best plans," that's such a great line. you know what's also great? these two but, they only okay when properly exposed

two words: cocanie rodeo or at least rosamund pike wants to doc brown in a remake of back to the future. sometimes, i wish i was british, so i could pull off the really cold and indifferent vibe that these two pull off.

i'm still extremely frustrated over the "arrested development" situation. there are very few shows on television that are worth are tivoing, let alone, building your whole class schedule around, but "arrested," certainly was one of them. sure, we can point fingers at everybody from dropping the ball on this one. we could blame the writers for crafting a smart, extremely developed series that made some people not interested in watching because they thought they weren't smart enough or they felt as if they had to have seen every episode before the current one to get all the jokes. and we can most certainly blame the fox marketing department for not knowing how to market a comedy that isn't animated or has ashton kutcher in it. there are alot of people to blame in this situation, but also, we can say, at least, it lasted as long as it did. basically, we got two and half seasons of "arrested" where we got barely a full season of "undecleared" and "action". yet, to me, that's not good enough. i can't stand the fact that we've only had one full season of "arrested," where as a show like "that 70s house," or "malcolm in the middle" are still on the year and haven't been on anybody's radar for at least three years or so. have you struck up a conversation with anybody and they talked about this really funny thing they saw the other night on "malcolm in the middle"? is your dvr set up to record "that 70s show" or that matter, "the bernie mac show"? no, nobody cares about these shows and it just seems as if fox in general is in the process of phasing out the half hour comedies all together.

but there's still one live action sitcom on the fox schedule, "the war at home," with michael rapaport? have you ever seen an episode of this trainwreck? its probably the worst show on television right now. i'd rather hang out with george w bush and those two chatty cathy bitches from my exam last weekend for four hours in a locked room than watch that show. there's nothing original or interesting or compelling or exciting about this show. what makes it different from other fox shows in the similar vein is that, it's live action. michael rapaport is pretty much the same character as homer simpson, peter griffin and hank hill, only poorly written. archie bunker was great for his time, but to replicate it for this generation, just doesn't work and it's not interesting. so i can't stand the fact that some abomolition of a half hour comedy like "the war at home" continues to be on the air in an extremely cushy time slot while one of the funniest shows in the history of televison barely eeks it out.

and as much as i would like to see "arrested" move to an hbo or showtime, i just don't know if fox will sell the show and let somebody pocket all of those dvd sales. not to mention, can hbo afford to do a show of that size and caliaber, well, hbo did produce that snoozer of a show, "rome". also, we have to remember that we're dealing with fox, a network didn't want to pay for the travel expenses so ricky gervais could be on "arrested". so, let's be grateful that we get to watch seven more episodes of an amazing show and here's to hoping that hbo will come in and save us, so you know, we can maybe hear gob say some swears. or does "arrested" have to cast some giantic fat lady who dresses like stevie nicks screaming about being a god warrior and slyhics in order to get people to watch?

so i caught the "the oc" last night and realized that there's not one single likable character on the show this season. can you pick out a character that's likable, excluding bilson, cause, well, she's the bilson and super cute that's lurking around? i vaguely remember the time when the characters were likable, even the ones you were supposed to hate. now, everybody is just lame and as boring as borat's wife. like they need to some sorta like infinite crisis to shake the sheets, ted leo steez. kill off some lameys or revamp them, just do something to make them interesting and watchable again. i just believe that the writers think that the solution to their problems is to plug in new characters and sees what happens. but any writing teacher will tell you that you have to fix your core characters and make them interesting again; sure, these new characters are adding depth or at least attempting to add depth and dimension to these characters, but if anything, they're bending the characters out of shape and taking them on uninteresting journeys. maybe, i just hate the bizzaros so much and the whole jerri ryan storyline is extremely dull and uninteresting and i hate taylor towneshed because she's the new poochie, she's been keeping itchy & scratchy from going to the fireworks factory for far too long. but, you just know in the writers room's infinte wisdom by the time, we've becomed accustomed to taylor townshed, she'll have to leave the show for unexplained reason, like she's an alien or something and that she died on the way home.

and the last thing about tv, mtv2 blows. i have it set up on the dvr to record whenever wondershowzen is on, anytime, any episode, it's gonna record and when i check to see that i have wonder showzen episodes, i get really excited, but when i play it, i get some stupid 50 cent video where he's taking his shirt off every three seconds or like the start time is off by ten minutes, so i can part of the making of the video where 50 takes about his method skills on how to properly take your shirt. so what the fuck mtv2? show wondershowzen if y'all plan on showing wondershowzen, we have enough 50 stuff as is and frankly, there's enough footage of that dude without his shirt on to start a whole cable network about it.

the new white stripes/gondry/conan o'brien collabo is breathtaking

and the fountain is kubrickian, but in a good way. cause you know these days, everybody uses kubrick to talk about something that's a little less than normal, but really, it's not like anything kubrick would've done, say with the exception to heathers.

and watch for the trailer for a film with one of the best titles ever: your vice is a locked room and only i have the key; i like that there' a dvd company out there that's bringing a whole mess of italian cop movies from the 70s to america finally.


At 5:30 AM , Blogger Dan said...

I couldn't believe that Keira Knightley is only 20 when I heard her say that on the Daily Show. She is looking GOOD in that pic (and on the Daily Show too).

At 8:51 AM , Blogger Dan said...

So, apparently, What The Game's Been Missing leaked and I didn't even realize. You get it yet? Good?

At 10:14 PM , Blogger Uncle C said...

Bet you're regretting your psuedo-negative comments about AD now, huh? I can only imagine Fox has been using your site as a gauge as how the show was doing this season. Just kidding. Love the site, keep it up. Also, George Michael's Jet Pack Man vs. Tobias' Mole may have been the funniest thing I've seen in my entire life.


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