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i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Nov 23, 2005

pet sounds is like everybody's favorite album

clearly, lohan is in her cure phase because i don't want to believe that one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, jared leto has that much power to change a woman that quickly, then again, jared leto is evil.

although, i have to wonder if lohan is the resident japanese school girl in her party crew or if she's interested in the concept of peace, like john lennon was. i bet you that lohan is way into john murtha and thinks that jean schmidt is way meaner than paris hilton and regina george combined.

sucks to be skateboard p; no solo album until my birthday and no, don't get me the pharrell solo album for my birthday either, thank you and i'm sorry, skateboard, but your chain looks some necklace that a 7th grade girl would make during the summer out of the soda can tabs. so, in other words, forget your solo album and forget your ugly sneakers and just focus in on giving the public a new clipse album; cause the release date went from sometime in 2020 to april 2004; now i don't have a time machine to cop the new clipse album.

a memo to juelz santana
re: the bonus dvd
the next time you have a special dvd for your album, um, hire a better editor. i'm no stephen mirrione, but i could've done a better job than the dude who cut that thing. it just seems as if he captured everything and was like, this will be cool. but like after ten minutes of behind the scene footage for the "shootas" video without any titles or anything, it gets to be a bit draining. yeah, the jamacian guys playing checkers was cool, but that could've been a minute, not 5 minutes.

if you're a) into the alt.indie.porn.thats.not.really.porn.but.they.say.it.is.girls.who.sometimes.wear.
too.much.makeup.with.way.too.thin.eyeborrows.but.sorta.fit.bodies.thing and secondly, if you're eager to find something for your video ipod or add another podcast to subscription list, then check this out; while the link is sfw, the aftermath or the after effect or end result of your hard work will be very nsfw. and here's the thing, the video, its from the site, gods girls, which i guess, is going to become the new suicide girls or something. here's the thing, yeah, suicide girls does not know what the expression, quality control (i barely know it too); so it just seems like any girl with one of those nose piercings that reminds people of those rings in bull's noses do a set these days. while, it seems like myspace attention whores may be involved with the gods girls site, you have to admint that so far, it appears that they understand the concept, quality control. also, their video would've been ten times better if they used "shake that laffy taffy," instead of fischerspooner, but you see, that's the problem with the site.

i'd say something else, but i think everybody and their kid sister is phoning it today. either you got half day, no work, stressing out over your flight home, the 'rents coming over or going over to see the 'rents or they're basking in those few days to catch up on school before finals week crushes them. you know, it seems like the holidays are a time to get together and you know enjoy each others company, but it just seems everybody's too stressed out to do so.

not to mention, i'm personally super stressed out over having to film something today with a 16mm camera. i'm beyond the phase of getting sketched out because i'm too worried about breaking stuff; i'm now in the phase of just wanting to load the film properly, so i won't have to cut like 15 feet out of 100 feet roll of film cause it got eaten by the pick up real and its being torn to shreds.

and what didn't anybody tell that beyond "ageless beauty," that the quasi new stars album is actually really good.


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