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Nov 29, 2005

skeet's ten actually interesting people of 2005

i looked over the list of people for barbara walters' ten most fascanating people of 2005 and frankly, none of those people are interesting. wow, lance armstrong has one ball and won the tour de fance again and is gonna marry some lady who only wrote one good song 11 years ago. oooh, the louis vutton don; he made a pretty good album and said that george bush doesn't care about black people; isn't that the same thing paul mooney has been saying all these years? the only interesting thing about terri hatcher, is finding out exactly where her boobs went. tom cruise, who gives a fuck.

now if you ask me, the following people are ten times more interesting than any of those lameys:

of course, this isn't the order of most interesting, it's just a bunch of people; wait until mid decemeber for lists from me and mark from hella awful

-now some of you may remember her as the apple bong girl from earlier this year, but beyond that, this girl has become the unofficial mascot for the l.a. social scene. she's like a girl from an antonioni film; attractive and mysterious and how exactly does she manage to be at the clubs and quite frankly, how does she not get photographed repeating an outfit?

-three 6 mafia; have you heard "stay fly" yet? it's the single of the year. and have you heard "the most known unknowns" as well? an equally amazing. sure, everybody has been talking about houston, but frankly, memphis is making the most interesting stuff in the southern rap scene; it's like vice said, three 6 is the new dip set.

-not everybody is on the list because they're good people or they did great things. some people on this list, like peter liguori, president of fox broadcasting, seen with "arrested development" creator and genuis, mitchell hurwitz., are on the list cause they're complete and utter assholes. maybe i live in a dream world where shows will stay on the air because they're smart and funny and its not just 22 minutes of jokes about giant fake tits or how the father is affraid that his son is gay and they can hold numbers, but i live in the world i live and i watch tv in the world i live in and frankly, peter liguori is ruining television. yes, tv is an industry, but here's the thing, once you move a show like "the war at home" from the 'single guy' slot between "the simpsons" and "family guy," watch how well it'll hold its numbers. also, loguori is canceling "arrested," because its doing bad in the ratings, but look at shows like "malcolm in the middle," and "bernie mac," they're doing worse than "arrested," in the ratings. so seriously, from the bottom of my heart, fuck you, peter loguori, you ralph nader motherfucker. special fuck you to the people who make promos at fox; i have to ask you, does your avids explode whenever you get footage from "arrested development," cause that'll maybe explain why we only saw 5 promos for the show during the entire show. every two seconds, i'm hearing about prison break (the finale, was a cop out, btw), bones, house, the oc, well, in other words, every single show but "arrested."

-pat o'brien, his girl, betsy and the woman who leaked the voice mails, thank you. thank you for being the first and only really great scandal of 2005. thank you for being the inspiration for millions and millions of phoney phone calls. thak you for bring back, "let's get crazy!" as well as making, "hey, it's me," even more creepy and uncomfortable than ever imagined. not to mention, how quickly, america forgave pat o'brien; how crazy was that? you know, he came out and said that he had a problem, cleaned up, and now, well, we don't love him; we sorta like him the same way we like that crazy uncle. if you weren't clean, pat, we'd call up some hookers, get some coke, be into betsy and frankly, go crazy.

-bun b is more interesting than 50 or any real big name rapper because, to me, it just seems, bun b is doing guest spots on everybody from the south's album, simply to scream, 'free pimp c.' not to mention, "drapped up," was one of the best rap songs of the year.

-nancy whang, isn't the first name that leaps out when you think of the dfa collective, but there's just something about her at an lcd soundsystem show. she has the most stone face when she's playing live; if this music thing doesn't work out, she could become a guard at buckingham palace. also, nancy either co wrote or was on all the good songs on the juan maclean album from the summer. maybe, one of these days, we'll get a solo record.

-you knew that this was coming, right? after a string of quality mixtapes, a good group album and a couple of fun solo records, not to mention, the leader of the movement getting shot and managed to keep his car, but frankly, i didn't even really think that 2005 is the year for dips. this year was just about getting the ball rolling and it'll knock over g-unot next year.

-i think the best thing about 2005 has been the revenage of the boobs. in 2004, boobs were seen as evil, but this year, boobs are back and better than ever, thanks in large to diora baird[nsfw] and keeley hazell [nsfw]. maybe, its cause these girls are sorta natural, but never the less, we can't get enough of these girls.

-paris latsis isn't interesting cause he used to date paris hilton, if anything that makes him, less interesting and a person that you wear a biohazard suit around. no, what's interesting about paris latsis, is how can he have so much money being a greek shipping heir, yet dress like he shops only at the good will in the ozarks or at least paris' stylist is one of thoe weirdo deliverance, gummo guys from the appalachians. i guess, paris is scared of losing his money, but come on, its okay to drop a dime on a ralph lauren button up now and then.

-trent from pink is the new blog is interesting because he's manage to turn this blog thing into tv apperances and hang out sessions with celebrities in addition to writing a really great blog on a daily basis.


At 6:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with you on peter liguori. i don't know if being a dumbass qualifies him as "interesting" but he sure is stupid for cancelling Arrested Development, the ONLY show on Fox worth my time, while he keeps crap like Malcolm in the Middle on for years.

At 7:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, OK...it's not the best list I've ever read, but I understand what you're going for.


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