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Nov 3, 2005

stressberg steelers

one of these days i'd like to tell this story, but i don't think its possible.

so, i'll just give you the cliff notes of it.

now, these may not sound the actions and behavior of a very depressed person, but i still am.


-i managed to alienate and sorta insult the intelligence of one of my class with two jokes
-had a panic attack in some bario in orange
-roller skated
-got an invite to sit at the cool kids section at school

and finally,

stole a copy of the new neil diamond album.

and i gotta be up in 5 hours.

and if you see either robin brown or derek doi in new york city this weekend, remind them to buy me that conan o'brien t-shirt.


At 1:23 AM , Anonymous Lani Nguyen said...

thanks for coming to chapman radio's roller disco! i hope you had fun.

At 8:33 AM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

Why Neil Diamond? Not that I approve of stealing in the least bit.

At 1:45 AM , Anonymous rose said...

so i'm still confused as to how both you *and* my best friend got lost in some barrio in orange, and i don't even know what happened between you guys exactly, but...

glad you made it to the roller disco safely!!


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