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Nov 9, 2005

that king arthur jive


hollywood, can you please tell ashton to finally reveal that he's been punking ryan reynolds into thinking he's a successful movie star. i know that he has a movie coming out in a couple of weeks, but did you know that he had two other movies out earlier this year? yeah, i didn't either until i checked the db. ryan reynolds seems like a nice guy and everything, but he lack that movie star charma; there's nothing about him or the persona he has that makes me want to drop a gem on a movie ticket and see the film he is. ryan reynolds is sorta better than an abc sitcom, but he's not good enough for the movies, like the medium meant for him, is like a showtime series. cause he's better than tv, but he's not hbo. maybe, i'm wrong and this next film of his will hit, but i'm not counting on. ryan reynolds is an industry star, not a star. like kids in the industry dig what he does, but most of america digs on his stuff like 6 months after the fact while tooling around on the in demand channel on a friday night.

speaking on in demand, i don't get showtime, but does that mean, i can't have access to the showtime on demand channel? cause, i wanted to check out those "masters of horror" shorts, but i couldn't cause i couldn't find the showtime function on the in demand thing. i dunno, but i just wanted to check out those shorts, well, just the argento, carpenter & miike ones cause those guys are my guys.


john lennon tunes to be sold digitally, but not on itunes, so nobody will buy them and itunes users will continue to deal with those stupid playlists like, "we want beatles, ac/dc, zepplin & radiohead!!!!!!1!!!!" or "vote 5 if you love the beatles," when its a bunch of kelly clarkson and big & rich tunes. beatles peeps, get over apple computers stealing your record label's name. apple computers, get over the beatles being pissy about some legal matter. dudes, let it be and then let me buy it for 99 cents.

umm, monday night's "arrested development" were good, but kinda off, you know what i mean? in the second season, they had that one or two episode slump where they attempted to maraganlize the humor and we got that awful martin short episode; you see, i feel like we're in that type of slump for the show. don't get me wrong, its still funny and what not, but you know, the whole rita storyline has to have a better pay off than her being a mrf or at least, ricky gervais cameo happens in a couple more episodes. and honestly, right now, after last night's episode, sorry charlie, but "the (american) office" is probably the best sitcom on tv. "curb" is slipping (what the fuck was that bingo episode about and sunday's episode was sorta weak sauce too). i dunno, we had that two week period of great comedy on tv, then like fox had to fuck things up with chi tea & cry babies.

as for "laguna beach," on monday night, l.c. centeric episodes aren't that fun. honestly, they're sorta sad because l.c. still being on the show is basically like that guy who still wears his lettermen jacket and goes to the high school football games and its been ten years since the glory days. yeah, l.c. is super fit, but there's alot of super fit people out there these days but it doesn't make them interesting people to watch. the only good part of that episode was when kristin thought for two seconds of saying something to l.c., but then she just took off instead, classic. kristin cavalarri needs, deseveres and should have the spin off, not l.c.; what's it gonna be half hour of her working out and buying shoes? geez, if i wanted to watch that, i'd go to the gym or the mall. now, if the spin off was about l.c. hanging out with three 6 mafia, then yeah, it'd be the best show in the history of the world, but if its not gonna be like that.

related, i read an article in the times the other day about kids transfering into lb high, in attempt to get onto the show and how like one parent was really hoping that their kid got on the show, so they could provide exposure for their company. me, i just wanted to pretend to be a high school, so i could promote my blog. you know, i'd make some godawful screen silk tees that would say, 'skeet on me? skeet on you? skeet on mischa!' i figure if i could do that, maybe i could land that book deal i've been dreaming of and probably turn it into some sorta college teaching gig, to which, i'd be fired from after half a semester either for lack of creditinials or student compliants (he called me 'dude' and wasn't being ironic about it). i mean, how different is it from the kids wearing the clothing from all the local surf companies and what not.


so the other day, i mentioned this required exam i had to take in writing. believe it or not, with the aid of spell check & a proof reader, i can turn chicken shit into chicken salad, but its like a salad from mcdonalds, so its only okay. but under pressure situations, i'm not that good of a writer. my hands start to sweat and i just ramble on as opposed to crafting a structured essay. stream of conscious as opposed to well organized and clearly thought out. so i had that going for me when i was taking the test, but to makes even more fun, there was only one essay choice and it was this really generic, lame question about culture in america. now, i'm not asking for an essay topic like which is the better movie: el topo or opera (which is an impossible question to answer), but at least give me options. and my views on american culture is this, there is no melting pot, there is no salad bowl, america is a mess of people, and i quote or paraphrase 50 cent, but america is a bunch of people who are trying get rich or die tryin'. not literally, of course. we're just all on a quest to get a riches of riches and good health and happiness and this quest doesn't end until we die. to me, thats america. i guess cultures have blended, but we're just one big culture because, we're just trying to live with some shitty president and make the most of what we got. thats my view on america. only a few sentences and most likely poorly supported, but imagine how much bullshit i had to throw in there to go 6 pages in a blue book.

anybody else get weirded out talking about porn around some super fit girl whose kinda conservative? like you don't want to give the impression that you're some super creep because you're a big fan of eon mckai(nsfw) and you've tried to book veronica jett(nsfw) for your birthday party. these are the difficult moments in life, well only sorta difficult.

broken social scene on kcrw comes highly recommened from me, if only hear to the kinda acoustic version of "superconnected' and a really good feist tune get cut off half way through cause warren olney has to talk about rioting french men. boo-urns!

seriously, for me, its a slow news weeks and at the same time, i'm sorta in stressed out i have like eight million things to do mode or at least, i think i have eight million things to do, so i'm doing them now kinda of situation. even though, i have enough time to go out and vote and find a copy of your vice is a locked room and only i have the key


At 12:58 AM , Blogger Mark Haslam said...

First episode did feel a bit off to me. Second episode i loved.

either way, having it back is like coming home from a long day of work.

and the office really is just amazing.

At 5:30 AM , Blogger Dan said...

"he called me 'dude' and wasn't being ironic about it"



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