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Nov 21, 2005

that laffy taffy

is it wrong that this photo is my wallpaper? with "arrested development getting the axe, coupled in with the unlikelyness of the home builders organization saving the show, "zoey 101" is my new favorite sitcom. have you given this show a shot yet? it's pretty funny and has some good subversive humor in it. although, we could use a season 1 dvd box set. and yeah, dennis from "head a looks pretty sister suspect in the photo, but you didn't hear that from me because i want to work on this show one day. and for those in the know, the future mindy mallard is in this photo.

has anybody seen or gotten that howard stern on demand thing? sure, one could hit google and find all the best nsfw-ness of valentina vaughn, but there's just something magical about seeing it in the old stern studio.

and speaking of things people have seen, anybody seen lars von trier's manderlay yet? i loved and hated dogville, but this one looks like its just going to be all sorts of hate and no love.

and finally, did anybody else see the bush press conference where he tried to leave in an attempt to dodge questions about real issues, but the doors were locked? it was pretty classic; it'll probably be on jimmy kimmel tonight. [ video here, if you didn't get the email at work or whatevs.]

i think this lady's kid rubbed her boogers on my g5 box when i was at the apple store the other day; no story or no joke there, just an event that happened to me. also, my computer matter was fixed by a woman, which i'm still not sure as to how i'm supposed to feel, cause you know, after all of these years, i just assumed that only men knew how to fix computers, much like cars, then again, there was that time, i had a girl build a skateboard for me, so yeah, i guess, its no big deal.

i'd be the mayor of front street, if i didn't say, i sorta liked that green lantern/that dude from linkin park mixtape; yeah, its the guy from linkin park and i'm the man who write a skit about a linkin park cover band in the early 2000s and the cover band only did one song (anybody want to see that video?), but any mixtape with juelz santana rapping over "sweet child o' mine," i'm gonna dig it. and you just know that 'dj' kid millionaire is creaming his designer jeans over that track with the bloc party sample. i probably won't pick up the fort minor album cause i don't think anybody has a budget to clear all of these samples, but you know, good show, mates.

on the mix tape front, this one is good and nice cameos like that jr writer track with cl smooth and the biggie tribute song. not to mention, the return of everybody's favorite mush mouth, max b, i defy you to tell me what's he rapping about. oddly, it has a 'halloween' vibe to me. although, buyer beware, you may have alot of these songs on the next dip set releases.

if you look closely, it appears that one josie maran has a rat tail and the only question that comes to my mind is when she did start to hang outside the humanities building at my school cause all the cool girls have them.

i know that the creator, producers and writers of "the oc" think the best way to solve their show's problem is plug in new characters that after 5 episodes or so, will be written out because they brought nothing to the table, but nikki reed on "the oc" is good casting. yeah, her character will suck, but at least, nikki reed is high school age and she can rewrite her dialogue on the fly, she was the co writer on that masterpiece, 13

ever heard that "poster of a girl" by metric? i can't make a solid connection between the photo and the song, other than both things are pretty killer and we've all been in that situation.

things we don't need #4080 another sequel to rush hour. first and formost, we need to live in a world where brett ratner is a glorified high school video production on the verge of getting fired for imporer conduct with a few of his female students, so to see that he has the potential to make more money on a single hachet job than i'll probably ever make in my whole life. is extremely upsetting, and not to mention, the dude makes it rather difficult to enjoy "prison break." then chris tucker is going to make 20 million for basically screaming for 85 minutes; sure, at one point or never, chris tucker could've been entertaining or funny, but the dude doesn't desevre that large of a paycheck because he only plays one character. thats why i don't like mike myers anymore; the dude only does three characters and all of them worn out their welcome sometime in the summer of '99. like the two dudes who do "wonder showzen," should be paid 20 million because that show is brilliant and unique and always trying to do something new, and well, they make people laugh. not to mention, we don't need anymore sequels. sure, coppola cranked out two more godfather films, but the second one, a fluke, is probably the best film ever made, but the third one was made to get out of debt, but these rush hour aren't the godfathers of buddy cop films, they're barely even the national lampoon's loaded weapon 1 of buddy cop films, so stop cranking them out. this is what's wrong with the film industry or at least diminishing ticket sales (harry potter 4's openning weekend aside), hollywood is focused on making films for the international market and less for the domestic market, hence all the sequels and remakes. its sorta easy to redbub and translate, than developing a story thats good with a great group of actors and a capable director. it's like i always say, even though, i stole the line from a piece of art by mike mills, why can't we be humans again?

when i first saw this photo, i thought talan was doing some little jerky dance and i was gonna write some lamey caption about, if you're about to get divorced in 9 months, do a stupid dance, but then upon closer inspection, it appears that he's doing nothing, but leaning back on a table. i wish i had known about the meet & creep because it was on a saturday and i was doing nothing but downloading eazy e songs and it was only a hop, skip and a jump away from me and i could've used the trip to the mall to pick up some new jeans; like the crotch on my second favorite paper is wearing out; its like dueling crotch rips and frankly, i think it was the reason why i got seated so slowly the other day at brunch. but oh yeah, talan looks a bit sketched and regretful. side note, does anybody else remember kim stewart's guest apperance on "undeclared" as lloyd's sister? she was actually pretty good in it; sure, most of her scenes were with seth rogen and well, "undeclared," was such a well written show, it wouldn't be too hard to fuck it up.

and, since the holiday season is just around the corner, that means, after reptitinous best of list after best of list, there'll be probably be very few updates, so with that said, i'm thinking of doing best of skeet on mischa, so if you have any requests, drop a line.


At 11:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

always liked this one

At 5:54 PM , Blogger Max said...

I saw Maderlay in the New York Film Festival. While it isn't as punishing as Dogville, it's still pretty solid: an intense examination of race that isn't preachy (unlike, say Crash), strong performances, and another Bowie photomontage during the end credits.


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