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Nov 28, 2005

wayland flowers & madame

dude, i think rachel b is just as bored as everybody else is with the skeet shoot as of late. then again, how interesting can the misadventures of an individual who spends his weekend constantly looking over his shoulder, so nobody will see him enjoy a song by she wants revenge (yeah, the dude sounds exactly like paul banks and sure, they use way too much drum machine, but come on, "tear you apart," is extremely catchy, even if it's like fourth grader's attempt to write a joy division song) while tracking the hopeful box office failure of the latest ryan reynolds vehicle.

you know me, i could care less about the split between satan's daugther (jessica simpson) and the future number 1 cars salesman in ohio, nick lachey; its like i've said before, unless, this divorce somehow affects first week sales of juelz santana's album, then i could give a shit. well, i do have some feelings on the matter, how stoked must nick lachey be? the dude can finally live his life. i just don't see the papapparazos following him around all too much cause, the dude is a dude and is gonna do dude things. he's gonna go to sports bar and hopefully start some new version of leo dicaprio & tobey maguire's pussy posse with like matt leinart and stephen & jason from mtv's "laguna beach". watch out, ladies of manhattan beach, here comes a couple of never was beens and a dude who will probably have a decent pro career.

and i go to the supermarket and see all of these in touchokpeoplecelebritylivinglifestylesstarus weekly magazines and i just realize how out of touch i am with the world. i guess jennifer aniston showing some side boob on a magazine that nobody i know reads is causing a hot feud between angelina jolie and her. really? a hotness feud? first off, this magazine, i don't remember which one because they're all the same, but these wieners called the gq cover something that shocked the world. side boob is shocking these days? especially jennifer aniston's side boob? um, did they ever watch an episode of "friends,"? honestly, you can count the times on your hand that jennifer aniston actually wore a bra on that show. the braless aniston pheomonea even made it onto an episode of "married with children," so her side boob isn't shocking. okay, what's shocking is that there's no exit plan in iraq, yet. that's more shocking than a side boob and a hot feud between two women who'll probably look as sketchy as meg ryan does these days. i have to wonder how some one whose folks probably dropped a gem on college and journalism school for them, ends up spending their career cranking out stories about jennifer aniston's side boob. sure, i'm writing about this, but i have nothing to better to do with my life and the extent of my journalism background is a couple of class in community college where the i wrote an article about a water polo goalie that got a 'c' cause it was more about the person and less about the sport (sorry, water polo people scare me); so it seems okay for me to write about stupid shit like this, but these people went to college, like really good colleges to crank drivel about side boobs and weird mohawk baby mamas.

related to the new pussy posse, those dudes better add talan into the crew since his fake engagement is over [via perez hilton]; okay, so does this mean mischa b's fake/retaliation engagement to yours and mines' favorite faux dirtbag, cisco "my dad is the dude next to jack at most lakers game" alder; well, i shouldn't be too hard on the guy, his band does have a myspace and they totally don't sound like a broke ass version of the kings of leon; so maybe i should cut the dude some slack. he's got a bad band and mischa b and all i have is a case of crippling anixety and a blog named after mischa b.

hip hop site says that there'll be a nas/dj premier album in the near future. um, how does one spell brills murray again? because if that album actually happens, thats how you spell brills murray. i think that should be the trend in hip hop for 2k6, one rapper, one producer for the whole album. fuck akon singing the hooks, lets have more one producer albums like "magnificent city" the rjd2/aceyalone album.

daisy does america? more like lady g, cept not funny and really boring. and apparently since david arquette has something to do with it, its supposed to be important. dude, if david arquette has handing out coupons for lifetime supplies of mint cholocate chip ice cream cakes from baskin robbins and weekly hand jobs from alessandra ambrassio, i wouldn't even touch it with a ten foot pole.

doesn't donatella versace know it's christmas and not hellaween anymore? is it me or does she look alot like that witch from argento's suspiria?

related: some american writers are going to write the third mother film for argento; which is a good with a bad. good because it's the potential conclusion of a trilogy that's been waiting to end for nearly 25 years and you know, its argento returning to something argento does best; supernatural slasher films that don't make a lick of sense but have beautiful cinematography and beautiful editing and beautiful lighting and beautiful women, but at the same time, having two americans writing the screenplay, in particular, the writers of films like the toolbox murders remake and various b pictures, i dunno, just seems like a bad move; of course, argento will full input on the script and what not, but my fear is that american writers will make it too 'american,' you know what i mean? there's a difference between american horror films and italian horror films, regardless of the fact that the writers may or may not be giant argento fans, it'll just feel weird and well, a blanat cry for american financing and american actors and american distrubution. first things, american actors unless they're genre actors aren't going to take it seriously. sure, it isn't the latest ang lee film, but its better than "one tree hill." and the thing about american money and distrubution, well, money is money, but i don't believe that the film actually get a wide release; its like what happened with land of the dead. played in theaters for a few weeks, then out on dvd a couple of months later because it'll turn a bigger profit on dvd cause the fanbase will buy up the dvds like hoe cakes.

i'd want to see the film be argento's big breakout in america; earn him a rep other than the dad of the chick in that vin diseal movie, but you have to also consider, escape from l.a.; returning to things way too late in the career.

and finally, over the break, i managed to check out walk the line. it's an okay film. good performances and what not and well, a bit slow in parts. but i think, just as a whole, we need to put an end to biopics all together, especially ones about musicians. maybe i recently listened to a bit about those ironic moments in biopics by patton oswalt; you know a child version of paul mccartey sees a guitar, then wow, a few years later, he's in the fucking beatles. walk the line is just full of those generic moments where we, the audience knows what's going to happen to a young johnny cash later down the line; and well, it just seems like every biopic, the subject of it, was well, born in the south; didn't anybody in california do something great? why can't we get a brian wilson movie? they're cranking them about everybody, even though, we need to put an end to these things. it's the same movie over and over again. i haven't seen ray, but it's probably alot like walk the line.


At 6:43 AM , Blogger Dan said...

A Nas/Premier full album? Umm, I think I gotta go change my pants...

At 9:10 AM , Anonymous Birdmaaaaan said...

"fuck akon singing the hooks" -- I couldn't have said it better myself.

At 10:29 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the parade of biopics must stop. although, capote was really good. the lesson there may be that you've got to scope the things better -- enough of the childhood dreams and all that.

At 4:36 PM , Blogger Mark Haslam said...

hopefully dudes will just drown themselves in italian genre films before writing the script. and it seems like they have a pretty full appreciation of argento. guess we'll have to wait and see, but i'm excited.

and versace looks exactly like the witch. seriously freaky


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