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Nov 7, 2005

we don't sleep at night

does anybody else read trent and wish that famous people read their blog like famous people read his. i'm not hoping that either one of the killer b's reads this mess, but if like the friend of a friend of a friend of the assitant to one of the killer b's read this, then i'd say job well done or at least, call up james cromwell and pay him 5 bucks to say, "that'll do."

its official, the state of california has gone completely nuts. if it's not the three to four daily calls telling me either to vote yes or no on proposition 75, now warren beatty is out on the campagin trial, speaking out against the governator. okay, so flash forward to the next governor election, i swear to god, its going to be arnold vs warren flippin' beatty. game over, man, game over. the general perecption of california already assumes that we're all drinking the kool aid, but if the next governor's race is between the dude from macbee & mrs miller and kindergarden cop, i honestly don't know what the world will think. although, as a positive, maybe we'll get nicholson some sorta plaque outside the staples center; 'respected actor stuck it out during the k.o.b.e./post shaq era here'.

although, i shouldn't be the one talking. yet even surprisingly, the k.o.b.e is passing the ball around, then again, its only the third game of the season.

you know, how every so often or at least, every time we believe "arrested development" is going to get canceled, we start up a petition to keep it on the air, usually to avil and what not. yet, here's a wacky idea, lets start up a petition to tell fox to cancel "the simpsons" or at least let matt groening know, the cow has been milked completely and it's all been done before. yeah, the classic seasons are coming out on dvd right now, but here's the thing, the dana gould funded reign of terror has sorta soiled the classic era of "the simpsons." i could take it or leave it if i pick up the dvd or if i can catch the reruns nowadays. just stop making episodes now. sure, ad people will be upset and what not, but your legacy will sorta remain in tact.

same goes for adult swim, alot of the new shows suck. i can see where "the boondocks" could be funny, but right now, it just feels like one super longer 'ever notice that white people act like this' joke with a few bill maher esque musings on politics. maybe it has room to grow, but, i dunno. then there's shows like "12 oz mouse," where it seems to be thrown together like three hours before airing. you know, i just remember when adult swim was a bunch of reruns of some really great sealab episodes and waiting months after months for a few new ones and being really stoked on it. now, it just seems like they're cranking them out without a care in the world. then again, if i had a cartoon on adult swim, i wouldn't say shit. i'd say that they can't crank them out fast enough.

quality control is a really important thing though. i wish i had it.

hey travis barker fans, please get over something i wrote seven months ago. i don't need anymore threats from people who wear shants and accusitions of being a narrow minded person because i'm making fun of an opened minded guy who'd support his kids in whatever they do. yes, you really got my goose.

at one point or another in our life, we've all been in a room with a bunch of people we don't know about to take a test. whether it be the psat or the real sat or exams you have to take to test out of college, we've all been there and we're usually super quiet because, its early on a saturday morning and we're so stressed out over the test or lacking in the sleep department. or at least, we assume that everybody would be quiet, but not in my world. you see, in a room of i want to say maybe 40 people, the re-ru grouping, sat pretty much in total silence as we wait for the test to start except for two women. most likely due to the enchanced silence of the situation, but i heard every single god damned word of the conversation and it nearly drove me to the point of jamming a pencil into my hand to get out of the room. the weird thing about the conversation, it was basically the mindless making small time bullshit, yet this twosome found numerous things in common, like creepy, horror movie things in common. oh, you studied abroad in japan. well, my fiance was stationed in japan and we lived at the base for a while. wow, what are the odds of two people who lived in japan are seated right across from each other, but what are the odds of them shuting the fuck up and just letting me stress out in silence (i had forgotten my ipod; besides, i didn't know if anybody was gonna nuts about it). its just blah blah blah and it was so loud. in testing situations like that, people should've been like me when i did the psats, i sat in the back of the room, with a walkman and listened to bjork inbetween sections of the test and quietly went home when i was done.

whatever happened to the stills? that song, "yesterday never knows" and that one 4 track jawn on their ep were pretty killer, but, wha happened?


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