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Nov 22, 2005

window shopper

i'd think more people would've seen 50's movie if it wasn't about how he got shot 9 times and him taking his shirt like every three minutes, but instead, it was just about a dude using his fame to get a peek down maria menounos' blouse or something. like if 50 played urkel or a nerdy guy, people would be into the movie, not the biopic of hip hop's glen danzig. not to mention, g-unit lost all its cool point when the dude on "king of queens" is wearing one of their tees. and also, i lost a bit of my cool points, for watching "king of queens" and not even saying watching it cause of patton oswalt will save me.

btw, can anybody explain maria menounous' shift towards the soccer mom hair cut?

here, she is on november 17 with that good hair.

then like 12 or 15 hours later, its all gone and it just makes her look so old. she's on some jamie lee curtis in true lies stuff. i don't get it, but then again, i don't understand alot of things like the appeal of oprah and and dane cook.

i was going to say something about how i thought it was a pretty bold move by snl to have dane cook host the show in a couple of weeks because, i don't know how well known he is by the general public, but then i saw his myspace page and was proven wrong. not me, dane cook is nothing but a dude who screams alot with only a couple of decent jokes and one pretty killer joke (screw guys, we're going dancing), but i guess he has some sorta appeal and fan base. you know, people say that cucumbers taste better pickled and i guess, he'll pump some sorta life into snl, but i dunno, i would've thought eva longoria's camel toe would've brought some life to snl this past weekend, but it didn't. maybe, there'll be some sorta weird thing where the comedic stars aline or however you spell that word and with dane cook, maybe for once, the new cast will be funny for once.

or maybe, its just i'm so stuck in my ways and my cast was the ferrell/morgan years and i'm just too old for the new guys. my napoleon dynamite was rushmore, so you know, my sense of humor is quite different from their's.

has anybody else heard the aceyalone/rjd2 tracks yet? aside, from aceyalone yelling all over the tracks, its really nice; "heaven" is probably my favorite track so far. i think the album comes out in either february or january, which is too far away. it needs to be out today. sure, i could burn the cd, but you can't be cool when pulling up to a light and somebody else hears that you're listening to a quasi official leaked album.

yet the thing about the "magnificent city" album, it doesn't come out for a few months, yet its out there, but can anybody find a copy of "in my mind" by skateboard p yet or at least an instrumental version of it out there?

while the only decent thing about the latest real world/road rules gauntlet may be the apperance of cara zavaleta[nsfw], but i have to give my respect to the person who said, let's have all of the young, first timers on one time and all of the people whose second income is generated from the clothing companies that pay the old timers to wear on whatever challenge it is on another team. i like that because it keeps the young and sexy on one team where as the people like beth from real world 2, who's pushing 40, is on the other team, rocking her giant one piece. but here's the thing that'll make the show even better, is this, okay, if one of the veterns gets voted off or however they're going to elimidate people, is that once that person is gone, they're gone forever from these stupid challenges. we've made giant leaps with this new one because there's no coral, there's no failed pro wrestlers rocking faux hawks, and thankfully, there's no veronica. they've gone to carousel, but you see, there's far too people who also need to go in carousel on the veterns' team. isn't there a point where they would look at themselves in the mirror and say, "whoa, i'm too old for this. shit, i'm too old for vh-1." sure, its fun to be on tv and its fun to get pretty much a free trip to exotic locale during the summer, but you know, if the appeal of limelight is still calling you, then why not try to get a job as a host on g4tv or like the fox reality channel (why do we have a fox reality channel in the first place?)? please go back to your regular boring job and leave the tv for the young and sexy.

or at least, mtv should mix up the mix a bit by doing a "laguna beach"/"my super sweet 16" vs "real world"/"road rules" challenge the next time around. i know that bravo failed beautifully with their battle of the reality stars thing, but if mtv gets all of our favorite bratty kids and all of our favoriter neve was beens in some exotic locale and some lamey extreme sports guy with zero personality as the host, you got must seen season pass tv or at least must wait until that lol guy rips it and puts it on the torrent circuit tv. can you imagine the hottness of alex m of "laguna beach" fighting jamie from "real world: san diego" in some bizzaro sand, wet t-shirt, cold boxers, mud, whipped cream wrestling match and like r kelly is the host, i don't know how to spell brills murray better than that, dudes. but instead, we get the same 6 people year after year, boring. i may have to take a night class.

looking at these mischa b bikini photos [via egotastic], i have to wonder if the girl is into dudes who wear shirts when they go to the beach. now, i've been avoiding going to the beach for the past three or four years because i don't want to be that guy who wears a shirt while he's swimnig in the water because, it's like the biggest sign of a fat guy, but i remember seeing mischa b and brandon d having fun at the beach and the dude was wearing a fairly tall tee and looking at the king of the faux dirtbags, cisco alder, the dude is wearing his wife beater at the beach too. is this some new sorta fetish, guys who wear shirts while swimning? cause if so, i got a chance with mischa b, although, after looking at this photo, you have to admint that she really looks alot like falkor.

don't forget while you're picking up your xbox 360s, to pick up a copy of juelz santana's new album, "whats the game been missing!" and put it to like 14, volume wise when you're listening to "rumble, young man, rumble"


At 1:14 AM , Blogger writebrother said...

Last week they had Doug on King of Queens rockin' a Mixwell shirt like he was some backpacker. I was like what the fuck. How the hell would UPS drivin' Doug Heffernin' even know where to buy a shirt like that. They're always lacin' Deacon with Akademiks gear as well, although I didn't catch it when he wore G-Unit.


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