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Dec 15, 2005

104 balock

link style update this morning, i have a bad cold and i'm exhausted from sitting around and talking to people before taking finals. its weird how finals week is a smaller scale version of the last few days of elementary school. if we had yearbooks, we'd be busy signing them; writing some weird sexual joke about the winter, you know something along the lines of 'school sux, so study sex.' but i guess in the name of myspace, you can't really lose touch, but at the same time, there's a whole creepy factor of spending time on myspace, sending messages to people that you talked to every once and a while in class about like "laguna beach," and how scary it is when the blind guy walks down the hallway. sure, it shows the effort that you wanted to say bye to the person before you left the final, but also, it shows you have a whooping amount of time on your hands on your hands to do some mystalkingspace.

-battle of the killer bs: who has the better bod, rachel b or mischa b? clearly, i didn't write this thing cause whoever did was certainly hung up on the bs of the killer bs as well as their posture. why not address their poor choice in boyfriends?

-"arrested development," and "the (american) office" gets some award love from the wga.

-unsure if any of the links directly to the mixtape work, butinfo on the very necessary "beats & bars" mixtape from kano; anybody know if kano is ever going to get state side distrubtion? or at least, a deal with anybody other than the carter administration cause they'll probably fuck his stuff up like they're doing with lady soveregin

-me and my father talk about excuses and ways, well actually, i think up of excuses to get out of jury duty and my father shoots holes into my logic.

-pfork has feist tour dates, much like cigarettes, see feist if you can.

-who is octet and why can't i stop listening to their remix of "girl," from the beck remix album?

-depending on when you read this, it may have already happened or has yet to happen, bu jackie 'the joke man' martling returns to the howard stern show. so if you missed it, check out this page or check here for the audio version, if you're so inclined. may be your last time to hear the infamous 'jackie is a drunk, a stupid fat drunk' song as well as the various jackie laughs and sound effects, and oh yeah, all the classic on air fights, but mostly, i'm about the jackie sound effects.

-new dilated peoples video and i only point this out because of the beat by alchemist, which is rather nice and hey, maybe, fourth time's a charm for dilated not to mention. there's alot of hot and sexy air turntables action.

-i saw this girl at my local paul frank store the other day and yes, i'l sign off her on being cute in person as well

-dudes, remember, save the date for next wendesday night, december 21st, 11pm, set up your tivos, dvrs, vcrs (if you're still rocking those), on bravo, next week, it'll be the bobby brown christmas special.


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