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Dec 6, 2005


we're totally in full fledge babe mode this week, so gotta shout out petra nemcova as another one of the babes of the year (since we've already wrote amajority of the stuff out the other day and failed to mention her). it's like that akon hook in that one young cheesey song, "she's a survivor".

personally, the game didn't even have to do another 120 bars of disses on 50 and g-unot; the dude destroyed 50 by talking about how chicken little destroyed 50's movie at the box office, then just rubbed salt into the wound; well more than salt, probably a bit of lime juice as well, the game throws in zach braff as chicken little singing "i am the champion," over that ever so delicious juicy j & dj paul beat for "stay fly." sorry, but it's a wrap, 50, you're more donzo than the third season of "laguna beach."

i think even if the trailer for x3 looked as good as the trailer for sex and fury [nsfw], i'd still stay its bad cause brett ratner is involved. thankfully, i can safely that this brett ratner's breakthrough film looks like t2 and well, there's a smurf in it as well. actually upon a second viewing, i have to admint that it's a better trailer than the superman trailer that was on harry potter.

anybody else see "curb..." jump the shark last sunday night? the larry as a gentitle sequence was pretty funny and the dustin hoffmonica & sascha baron cohen cameos were nice, but that episode just laid there like bad bbq in your tummy. well, the whol season had been on the skids after "the bowtie episode"; its been pretty cringeworth. maybe in a few years, we'll think its funny in the same way that we all managed to find the final season of seinfeld funny.

i failed to remind y'all that "arrested development" was on last night. hopefully, you put it on season pass on your tivos, but it was "arrested," so you know it was really funny and smart. so, it'll be on next monday and you should get all of your friends together to watch it and then after the show, y'all should rush out to best buy or tower or circuit city and buy copies of season 1 and 2 on dvd and give them out as christmas gifts. what's a better gift than a funny show? sure, you could give somebody the gift of being adriana lima's personal tongue massager and that would be really amazing, but at the same time, do you want to boldly go where lenny kravitz has been before? so why not on error on the side of safety and get "arrested development" seasons 1 & 2 on dvd.

taylor rain retires from the porn game, seems kinda right, since they never play her audio clips on stern anymore. then again, all the porn sound effects they play these day is granny porn[i guess a bit nsfw]


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