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Dec 7, 2005

2.5 [edited @ 11:30am pst]

even though, i don't have a video ipod and if i missed last night's "the (american) office", i'd drop the deuce to catch it; so good last night. seriously. may have to reconsider one of the year end lists, i'm doing with mark from hella awful; yeah, there's still a list or two left. i think the beauty of "the (american) office," is that they've finally developed their own voice and tone. sure, it's not the gervais/merchant orignial, but, its still brutuatly funny.

while southern california's team as of late is pete carrol's red & gold because let's face it, we as southern californias are not only transplants who still root for our old hometown teams, but we're also a collection of people who are affraid of supporting a loser. whatever team is winning lately, thats the team everybody is in love with, cept for those people who were once fans, but now have to go out of their way to hate on them cause everybody else into them and weren't there when they were losing. everybody hates a loser in southern california. which brings me to my point, people are hating on the lakers cause well, some people are just now learning that kobe blows, king phil isn't that great of a coach, and lamar can't play; while people are warming up to the clips cause they can play and have three starters usually in double figures as opposed to a single dude on most nights. yet, here's the real reason why people are getting into the clips, their games on their liberial talk radio station. so if you're some guy who drove to work listening to al franken and when you come into your car after work, and kaboomba, its the clips on the radio, you have to assume that in some way, the clips share your political beliefs or at least consider themselves to be dungeness crabs. the lakers, well, they're sorta like g.w; tyrannical, self centered and always cheating on their wives where as the clip set, they're young, they're about change, and think that the film, good night and good luck is extremely eye openning and should be seen by everyone and use it as a starting point to question modern journalism. thats what the clips are all about.

although, watch next season, the clip set will be on the radio espn station.

while on the topic of being a lefty (sorry republicans), i totally dropped the ball yesterday as a lefty as i failed to vote in the new congressperson election. i would've vote, but i lost my sample ballot, so i didn't know where i was supposed to vote and i assume that there's a website where one could check out his polling location or a number to call, but you know me, i'm terriblely lazy. i'm a writer, a bad writer, but never the less, a writer and well, the only thing we do well is putting things off until the last minute. but, if this election was so important and crucial to orange county, then didn't they put the measure on the extremely useless special state wide election we had last month. you know the one where the governator's ballot measures got crushed, yeah, why couldn't the genius for o.c. piggy back onto that election? it didn't matter anyways.

continuing the theme of babes o '05, i have to mention natasha leggero, who was "dawn," on mtv's 'the 70s show' over the past summer. while at first, i was not a fan of the show, over time, i grew to love it and thought, it was the best reality show of the year; probably due to natasha leggero's moments as dawn, proving that there's another cute girl out there whose funny as well. not to mention, there was a couple other babes on show.

i figured out why the fox tv promo deparment hates on "arrested development," its not because it's a smart and well made show; its just that cast probably won't play ball with them. can you imagine one of the suits coming up to i don't know, david cross and asking him if he'd present at the billboard awards. "come on, dave, it'll be fun. we'll fly you out to vegas for free, get to hear some great music and get one of those awesome gift bags. what if we get you to introduce r kelly, wouldn't that be good syngery?!?!?!?"i didn't watch the whole show, but just from watching the openning bit where the announcer says all of the people, i can tell which people the fox promo department love; they're from the shows: "house," "bones," and "prison break." also, in the brief bit, i sorta watched, none promos for "arrested" either. can't complain that a show doesn't do well when you don't promote.

billboards related, don't hate, but i sorta thought ashlee simpson had at least brown belt in body karate in that performance with pretty ricky, which was weird, but then again, tv producers think mashing up performers is hip and modern. maybe, it was ashlee's shoe game or/and the boobs, never the less, definately, a brown belt in body karate; the hair was not like the first three letters in hotel though. [editor's note: you can watch the thing here, but you gotta scroll a bit and no, i wasn't the guy who posted it, we just happen to share the same name, which is weird cause most of my life i've gone without running into other dougs, but nowadays, dougs are popping all over the place]

while i'm not a big of silcon, i am a bit partial to hef's hoe train. one time, i was a stand in for one of them while hanging around the craig kilborn show, but this was the classic, 7 girl hoe train. not the one on e!'s "the girls next door." yet there's something to hef's #1, holly. remember when you're a kid or a tween or when listening to tom leykus and you'd talk about your future wife and how she'd be hot and how she'd dressed in sexy costumes and always be at home waiting for you and wouldn't do anything withour your approval. that total subservite woman, well, that's holly madison. she's so hopelessly devoted to hef, its not even funny. she could probably be with michael bay or at least, the guy that endeavour says is the new michael bay, yet she continues to be with this old dude and live under a curcew and is in by 9p. not to mention, how holly wears wacky costumes all the time. so, guys, all it takes is to be 70 year old dude with a bit of money and fondness for things that should move, but don't.

and don't forget to pick up a copy of the pinky violence box set; amazon has the best price. makes a great gift for your least favorite blogger (hint, hint=me!)

also, big shouts to uncle grambo for putting me on the quote-a-matic. that's a big milestone for me, and frankly, part of yesterday, after i saw that, i thought about retiring from blogging cause does it get any better than that?

also, thanks to trent for linking me last week.


At 1:47 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with your take on Hef's Holly. But she's the only hot member of that troika. Bridget's got a bad case of the leatherface and Kendra has the body of an emo dude.


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