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Dec 6, 2005

the babes o' 05 part 2

keeley hazzell is probably the best thing to come from england since ricky gervais & stephen merchant. sadly, i think the american equivelent of keeley hazzell is vida guerra. beyond her giantic ass, what else is there to vida guerra? she's abit of a butter face, where as keeley hazzell is just all sorts of right on. first things, first, she's english and has a decent set of teeth; so right there, thats grounds for babe of the year, right then and there. or at least that stereotype of english people having bad teeth still applies cause i wrote a spec script peppered with them and not a single reference to voluptuous page 3 girls.

but clearly, there is something to more to keeley hazzell than a decent set of teeth, keeley hazzell was part on this earth so guys like us can say things like, "holy gazookas" and feel justified about it. keeley hazzell was part on this earth, so if you were her friend, you could take her to albertacos for lunch and have every guy there say, "holy gazookas," as well as, "how'd that douche pull that off?" but mostly, "holy gazookas". there's more to her than being the poster girl for the revenge of the tits movement, hopefully, she'll usher in a new era with dudes who love giant knobs. maybe, the world will grow to apperciate a girl with real, floppy big boobs. yeah, they're perky now, but give a couple of years, they'll be floppy or at least, hope they flop.

first and formost, let me just put this out there, i'm not that into tall blondes. frankly, i think they get a little too much pop and love, but, charlize theron, i like. maybe it was her guest stint on my favorite show, "arrested development," or how she seems to go out of her way in script selection to find parts that down play her looks. it seems as if every actress wants to look her best in a film, but i wouldn't be surprised if a future role, charlize theron shaves off her eye borrows to make the character to be more crazy or homely.

what's also interesting about theron is that while she'll go out of her way to ug up, she'll down play the sex in a film as well, even though the part requires to be super sexy. looking at the animated version of aeon flux, you know, it's a lot of flesh and sure, the photo above of theron shows a bit of skin, but at the most, thats probably the most skin she shows in the whole entire film. of course, one could blame the toned down sexiness to the attempt by the filmmakers to obtain a pg 13 rating, but you also have to take into consideration, the costuming demands by theron. no oscar winner wants to be in an action film where a thin strip of pleather is all that prevents the crew from catching a peek at her cooter. personally, i think its more courageous of an actress to tone down the sexy and play up the plain jane factor. if anything, it just allows for people who are lucky enough to see her in person to see how beautiful she is in person, unless she's taking a toke from the apple bong. here's the point, she down plays her looks in the movies, so she can get the compliments in person cause in person, it means more and it's a much stronger ego boost. wow, people magazine says i'm beautiful, but like four dudes at coffee bean dropped their shit and i got a large black forest ice blended for free. i mean, isn't it more fun to hear nice things in person?


At 7:59 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

I think you can all wait to see Aeon Flux as a DVD rental or maybe at a cheap matinee. It is a nice PG-13 sci-fi film but it isn't worth the full fare price. You get more a boob shot from Jennifer Anniston on the magazine cover.

At 7:04 PM , Blogger Mario said...

albertacos sounds good right now...

At 10:39 AM , Blogger Slim said...

I agree that Keely is in the running for babe o' 2k5, but no way them jugs is real.

At 3:13 PM , Blogger spencer said...

keeley in 05, bovs. lucy in 06, maybs?


careful, that's a hot link. a hot, hott link.


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