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Dec 12, 2005

change clothes

how not to be gangster step 4080: appear on the cover of your calander smiling. sorry, 50. your movie flopped, probably your video game is flopping (nobody on g4 is talking about it and that's about as far as my knowledge of video games goes to), and then you played that girl's bar mitzvah. the dude is about as gangster and tough as sisqo was.

speaking of sisqo, many years ago, probably in the early 2000s, sisquo did a sitcom pilot with bob newheart. now i heard from somebody that sisquo's character name was hobie dragon and since then, i've used it as a phoney name when i'm talking to people. but, i'm just wondering has anybody seen it or know somebody who has seen it or know of a way to get a copy of it? it'd be the greatest christmas present ever if i find a copy of that underneath my tree. i don't care what anybody says about it, but dude, i'm a fan of sisqo, the actor. have you seen his groundbreaking work in get over it!, in particular, the scene where he's playing basketball? the dude's better than brando. so in '06, lets say no to greek shipping heirs and refugees from laguna beach and yes, to the dude who sang the thong song.

once again, somebody needs to call the cops on scarlett johansson. holy moly and to the dudes, who read this at work, sorry for having some body you work with say something about what kind of websites you look or making some form of a 'whoa' noise. i know i made a promise to lay off the boobies for a minute, but frankly, this demand imediate attention. related, jeffrey wells has a bit of a q & a woody allen did after a screening of match point, thats pretty funny. match point has to be one of four films i actually want to see. oddly, the other three are brokeback mountain, syriana, and the family stone. what? rachel mcadams is in family stone and she's killer and frankly, i should be punched in the shoulder by a jock cause i forgot her in the babes o' 05 write ups.

did anybody else have that experince in high school when the jock guy that you were sorta cool with, would punch you in the shoulder and it'd hurt, but then they'd say, "i barely tapped ya,"?

another question, does anybody thinks its weird that universal has trotted out the coldplay music que for its latest round of ads for king kong? i think the film has enough awareness that it doesn't need the solsbury hill treatment. even i have turned the film and kinda want to see the film; now i have to re do my films to catch up on list for x-mas break. if you got any other suggestions, send them on in. this is of course will only work if i don't get jury duty, which if i do, then i'm forked.

also, who is jennifer goldman and why does she get to have her birthday party photos hosted on wire image service?

and why you're at it, can some please explain the fasanation with the band, camp freddy to me? i guess, naravvo is in it, but the guy hasn't written an interesting guitar riff since like "summertime rolls," so why does every celebrity function have them playing

for some reason, this photo sorta justifies why i bought an issue of "the economist" the other day. somebody in our generation or at least our age demographic has to have the fun and there has to be somebody else who'll be the asshole at the party talking about how fucked our country is getting and how we need to figure a better plan if the bird flu reaches our shores and talk about social security, and please let me be the asshole who has to worry for the rest, who eventually, after frustration and accumalation of a bit of wealth, will admint defeat and become a republican and marry an import tuner car model person lady. its like the say, everybody's a democract until they get some money and after they get some money, they marry a low rider car model. so, guys, party it up for i'll be suffering the unbearable future of watching leno monologues before i go to bed with a low rider car model

is the scene equivelent of a low rider car model, an american apparel girl? it's pretty much the same thing, you know, cheese cake photos used to push a product and i guess, it works. while on the issue of american apparel and their ads, to me, it seems like the company its self is very much like that family owned italian resturant where all of the wait staff is women, and they're either rather busty or kinda cute. the text on the ads in the back of vice usually say that the girls 'work' for the company, but it just seems a little obvious and you know, just too cool that everybody works there is a hot hip girl or its a set of twin hip hot girls or they're sisters and they're making out with each other. there has to be a lawsuit in there somewhere. instead of people like trya banks and vanessa minnillo wearing fat suits, lets have regular, unscene girls apply for jobs at american apparel and see what happens. i'm not saying anything against the company cause i love the clothes, but there's something fishy.


At 3:52 PM , Anonymous Lauren said...

I'm pretty sure it looks like Wilmer what's-his-face (the one who dated LiLo, right?) is doing the shocker in his picture with the birthday girl. But he's not.


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