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Dec 16, 2005

get 'em girl

they should've just left him there. sure, it wouldn't make for a great morality tale, but you know, people have to learn the lesson that you can't be nice to everybody and sometimes, it's just all for the better if you can back away slowly and hope that somebody else is alot nicer than you are. i think i'm, honestly, at the point with "the oc," where i want them to bring back oliver. you know, oliver wasn't as awful as johnny is. you know, oliver was a bit refreshing; he wasn't always limping around, thinking way too hard about pulling a gun on people; oliver was nuts and just went off anybody that thought he was crazy. now, we just have to deal with this kid, shaun white hair and his mother played by haylie duff.

you know, i'm glandly deal with lindsay the rockin' illegitimate daugther for a few more episodes than suffer through the johnny era, which sadly to say people, appears to be lacking a exit stragery. what? are the writers big bush supporters or something? what good does johnny bring to the show? what is his purpose does he serve? he barely creates conflict or tension or brings any story to complete and grinding hault. example in the episode last night, the whole episode, the remotely interesting thing about the episode, ryan's bar mitzvah just stops dead in its tracks, cause, ryan has to find johnny and stop him from making a stupid mistake. okay, writers, please let johnny make that stupid mistake next time, so we won't have to deal with him anymore. its just so frustrating cause he limps around with his hair in his face and you want to help him, but then he starts to talk and you're like, 'nope, see ya later, dude' for me, the way i protest a bad movie or a bad band is to walk out, its something we've all done, but its hard to walk out on a tv show cause thats what i do when i watch "the oc" i walk like two or three times because its become so terriblely. of course, the smart way to show your displeasure for the show is to stop recording or to just delete it off the dvr at that moment. it's really that simple, but this show has that ever so powerful 'michael colorone' allure. "i thought i was out, but they pulled me back in." each week i get tricked into thing that maybe it'll get good and be fun again, but nope, they just keep on giving me squgaels when i just want a piece of toast with melted peanut butter on it.

sure, there's a definate and much neeed 'holy gazookas' factor to the return of marrisa's sister, catlin as well as the casting of nikki reed as catlin's troublesome friend (robin brown told me that he thought he danced with nikki reed at a faint show, but he's never really told that story) and i'll be back in january or at least the dvr will be there to record all of it, but of course, i'll be frustrated and disapointed and annoyned and complain about how everybody watches this show, but like me, that one commenter person, and the girl from e! are the only people that watch the best show about high school kids out there, veronica mars and nobody wears a penguin shirt or name drops your favorite band; these kids are too occupied with a war between social classes and finding out who killed a bus full of teens, so no time to piss away with having fund raisers to save tba.

and if you're not already, start listening to the last howard stern show on regular radio; it's sorta history in the making or at least the end of an era.

i know everybody loves sarah silverman and i do, too, but i'm signing off on natasha leggero as my favorite cute offensive comic. although, her paris hilton story cut off leno last night, which was lame; for what some banter between leno & chris issaick, who hasn't made a song of any importance since "wicked games". story about that song: i once sung along to that song with another person in the aisle next to me while i was at wal mart once, true story. natasha is gonna be at the improv in la tonight; i'd go, but you know me, i never go anywhere where i have to parrell park, but you should go and yell sexual suggestive things during her set.


At 10:31 AM , Blogger Najork said...

thanks for the shoutout. i'm delurking because i started writing this stupid weblog about four days ago, and therefore i now have a display name.

johnny is truly loathesome. oliver came and went so fast i didn't quite realize how terrible he was until he had thankfully disappeared, but with johnny we are left to savor every grubby, pouty moment. despite that, i managed to enjoy this episode a little more than other recent attempts. i can think of two ways to have improved it, though:
1. don't have rachel b. explicitly call out the tiny tim comparison, but have johnny say "god bless us every one" at the end.
2. have mischa b. break johnny's other kneecap with a crowbar after he refuses her help.

At 4:15 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

The Los Angeles Improv has valet parking or at least it did earlier this year. The only thing that sucks is the wait for your car to be brought around as the guys are parking the next show's cars while getting your car.

At 4:51 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Johnny Knoxville loathsome? Chris Isaak may not have had a hit in a while but still he's in a different ballbark talentwise as that trite midget Natasha Leggero. It's become the trend for semi cute girls to be offensive and call themselves comedians. I miss the old days when real comedians were on.

At 4:54 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That comedian sucked. She was semi cute for a midget but nothing special. she certainly isn't good looking enough to build an act around it.


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