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Dec 21, 2005

the mountain song

the thing about brokeback mountain is its not the gay cowboy movie, its just another excellent film from ang lee. i don't want to step upon the toes of the thigh master and his review of the film, but, whether you liked ang lee's the incredible hulk or not (and how can you not like that film, the editing was amazing), the guy is a masterful filmmaker, if not, the best filmmaker working right now. from jane austin period pieces to the extremely slept on and one of my personal favorites, the ice storm to crouching tiger, hidden dragon and now to brokeback mountain, he's a master of all genres and none of his films have similar visual characterstics and style motifs; you know, each film is different and sometimes, better than the last one. if anybody deserves an award for best director, it's ang lee cause he's managed to rise the film way beyond the monkier of 'oh, that gay cowboy movie,' it's a love story that happens to be about two men. now, if somebody like gus van sant had directed it, it would've been that gay cowboy movie and there would've been ten minute wide shots of people dicking around on guitars like in last days. so whatever film ang lee makes next, i'll be there, unless its a civil war drama with jewel in it, cause i have my limits regardless of genius directors.

a small problem for me with the film, is well, in the past, i've been told that i sorta look like heath ledger and this isn't me trying to wax my own car, cause, well, if you've read on a regular basis, then you most certainly know that the very last thing i'd do would be waxing my car; its just not in my nature. okay, so i'm watching the movie and in certain scenes, i get a bit freaked out because i've seen photos of myself where i look like heath ledger and well, its very surreal. like seeing myself act in a movie or on the old ptr show, it's not very surreal, its just nausating cause i'm so bad at acting, but seeing somebody that has similar facial features act in a movie, is just weird and uncomfortable. maybe thats why i never watch heath ledger movies to begin with, and maybe thats why i thought i had a shot with naomi watts.

also, let us not forget, that's there two sets of bare boobies in brokeback mountain including anne hathaway's bombs over baghdad.

i don't know about you but i get my news from a few sources like defamer, golden fiddle, the nation, howard stern, and e! news daily. my day isn't complete until i see giuliana breakdown the latest paris hilton situation and how she casually makes jokes about getting the invite to celebrity functions. i mean, they've finally perfected e! news daily. you got watch with kristen on tuesdays and teddy c and his muscele shirts on thursday and ever so often, you got the kinda killer bobbie thomas from in touch magazine talking about fashion, it's great and i assume that ang lee had something to do with it. but now, e! has gone and fucked things up with ryan seacrest as the new host of the news. what? why? and most certainly, huh? i know that stern left the network a long time ago, but are they just gutting the network as if its owned by the same people who own the flordia marlins, and hasn't this perverse experiment in ryan seacrest being on tv other than "american idol," already failed. the only cool thing about his tv show was when i was on it, talking about michael moore and voting for john kerry, other wise than that, it blew. not to mention, the dude is burning too many candles at too few ends, but at the same time, i sorta want him to succed for a few months, only to see him breakdown in drug binge and entering rehab a few months later. if e! wants to spice things up a bit and bring in more viewers, its not with ryan seacrest and paris hilton, its with late night shows where girls with nice knobs wear bathing suits and go to exotic locales and you know, hang out on the beach.

related, shout outs to joel mchale and the people behind "the soup"; one of my new years resolutions for '06 is send them a writing sample and hopefully receive a rejection letter from them.

further shout outs to holy smokes! for turning me into an obessessive v. mars fan.

this is how i looked during the first hour of king kong. so boring and so unnecessary. i can understand a director that has a great deal of success wanting to show love for the film that inspired him to be the filmmaker he's become, but i understand the need and desire to remake it. i love dario argento's opera. its one of my favorite films of all time, but would i ever want to remake it? no, because i'm not dario argento and i don't have his visual flair. and thats my second biggest problem with king long; its your favorite film, big pete, then just let it be. it doesn't matter, while, gasp and shock, i've never seen the orignial film, i assume its a classic or at least, i've been told its a classic, but here's a classic that not alot of people've seen strange brew. anyways, the problem with the movie, is that they bring kong into the film way too late and don't tell me about how jaws didn't bring the monster into the very end. no, the first scene, jaws eats a sexy co-ed whose skinny dipping and all through out the film, while not seen, he's sorta seen and he's eating people. kong just shows up out of the blue. no build up, no nothing. just kaboomba, here's a giant ape and by the way, he's the title character. then there are these useless scenes where we spend time with the crew of the ship, a hapless attempt to add more dimension extremely one dimensional. no matter how much depth is given to the character through writing, its still up to the actor to bring that depth on the screen and none of the ship crew brought it; if anything, it felt like they were in a different movie all together. why do i have to sit through scenes where that one guy tells billy elliott to go school when they get back to the mainland; how does this affect king kong and how does that scene affect naomi watts? its entirely useless. and this is why i fell asleep during the first hour of the film, nothing happens and its populated with paper thin characters that won't even be there for the third act. when the film and i woke up, when kong is introduce, the film is good; so really, big pete, you could've made a 2 hour and some change and people would've loved you more for it. and i don't think the film is the new titanic either cause well, people don't want to sit through that first hour again. i mean, what the fuck was that scene with that one dude looking at all of the posters of himself with mustaches on them about? big pete, i hope you're gland you cashed in carte blanche card already.

and with that said, dudes, i'm out of here for the week and maybe until january. it's been a weird year for me. writing wise, a good year, but personally, probably the worst year of my life. so, thanks to all the kids who linked us or read us or whatever people say in these situations cause it's been a bit of help through the rough spots of this past year. so hopefully, i can continue on with this mess, maybe make better (maybe a spell check every now and then?) and what not. just be aware that 'o6 may mean more jokes about import car models and liberial politics. and if you're strapped for gift ideas right now, which means you're struggling, joe namath steez, there's no better gift than the gift of dip set like cam'ron's "purple haze," which cracked the top ten of pitchfork's 50 best albums of 2005 and "what the game's been missing" by juelz santana, which features the amazing tae boe work out anthem, "rumble young man rumble," and there's jim jones' "harlem: diary of a summer," which features a nice song that i think samples bananarama and has awesome mush mouthed verse from max b and finally, there's the dip set group album: "more than music," which has a great song by hell rell where he admints he chases chedar and that his middle name is nacho.

and hey can we put an end to the jeans with the rips already in them in '06? why haven't we realized that this style has/was/is as awful as acid washed jeans. can't wait for vh-1's "i love the 2000s" and like hal sparks talks about those things and everybody says, what were we thinking


At 5:16 AM , Blogger Thigh Master said...

juss dont step on my thighs

or put baby in a corner

At 5:34 AM , Blogger Dan said...

If I could get away with it, I'd give all my friends and fam like 6 CD-R's worth of Dip Set material and just be like "I'm gonna force you to like this. You WILL respect the Dips and understand why they will be the crew running shit in '06. YOU WILL." But, uh, that's just me....

At 1:12 PM , Blogger Dan said...

Sov gets a US deal rather than Kano because she's infinitely more marketable-- she's female, for one, and the fact that she's 16 only just adds to the marketing angles you can take with her. Kano is not nearly as easy to market.

And that's why I don't pay import prices (or any prices, period, for that matter), I just download. Much easier to find even hard to find stuff, and hella cheaper too.... the RIAA hates me.

At 9:11 PM , Anonymous Laurie said...

I know I don't comment at all, but I just wanted to let you know that your website is one of the few that I read quite frequently. I like everything about it. You come off as a simplistically talented (I hope that is interpreted in the way that I meant it) writer, and I hope it evolves further. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

At 6:37 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Lookin' forward to reading your Top 10 (or 20, or whatever) come January, homie.

At 8:43 AM , Blogger spencer said...

tyra is this generation's painful indescribable headache.
like some people succeed because the rest of us just don't give a shit enough to stop her. we just don't care. go tyra, go tyra, go tyra.

At 10:50 PM , Blogger Mark Haslam said...

i just heard the "god only knows" cover and i agree, it is really great. i also just got "who's cryin now" and liked that a lot too, if you haven't heard it.

the pinky box set comes with this cd called "reiko ike sings!" that you gotta hear. so weird.

i havent had time to watch any of the films yet.


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