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Dec 14, 2005

now and laters-the green ones

quite, possiblely, simply, amazingly, brilliantly, beautifully, best news ever in the history of the world in the universe of the hour of the day of the week of the month of the year ever. showtime is in talks about bringing "arrested development" to their network. once its official, i'll be on the horn to get showtime. then variety says not only is showtime interested in saving the bluths, but so is abc. the home of "lost," has shown interested in helping save analrapist tobias funke as well. okay, peter loogee, quit being a dick, cancel "arrested," and let another network pick it up that'll love and apperciate and care a show as brilliant as "arrested,". i was talking with mark from hella awful about fun things, with the funniest thing ever being going to the mall with cam'ron and rachel bilson, but i don't know, right now, this sense of potentially false hope is perhaps the most fun i've had in an extremely long time.

the world needs for "arrested," to live cause we're already getting the "my name is earl" clones; "he quits his job and in every episode tries to accomplish something else," comden said (that's from the article). mondo retardo!

speaking of, rachel b tries to replace mischa b with 'the unattractive friend'. anybody else wonder if juelz santana's "rumble, young man, rumble" is on rachel b's ipod, work out playlist status, naturally.

the past couple of days i've been caught up in the mix of consumerism as i rush to finish up my christmas shopping. my overwhelming fear of jury duty next week has forced me to go out before its too late and what not, but i dunno, i just can't handle it. you know, too many people out there and frankly, its been a bit sensory overload. i got a guy behind me in line on the phone with every other word being 'fuck,' and he can't understand why the stores are so crowded this weekend, then there's the lady in front of me making jokes i'd make about jessica simpson & nick lachey; "maybe, i should buy the newlyweds dvd and we can laugh at it cause you know they broke up," then like two seconds later, she's talking about how she hopes they get back together. in the matters of jessica simpson/nick lachey, you can't make a vicious snap one moment, then talk about them being a cute couple the next, you have to pick one side and you stick to that side. there's no go backs. of course, you can hate of them, but pick up a side in the break up you're rooting for (personally, i hope nick lachey takes her to the cleaners; male spousal support rules!).

then there's chit chat with people at the register, which i hate, since i treat nearly 90% of my monterial transactions like i was getting soup from the soup nazi. get in, get out. i don't need small talk about the penguins on the cover of the magazine i'm buying. not christmas related, but i had buy some dvd-rs (god bless the dudes who invented iDVD) and the guy asked how it was going and i said to him, if i don't have to come back in half hour, then i'll be okay. in the service industry, its only natural to make small talk, but you know, if you're gonna do it, make it interesting. thow out some references to the movie, logan's run or talk about how you think shaq's a dick and was the dude that made stan van gundy resign (maybe, the heat got off to slow start cause shaq was out for what like a month and half of the guys who got them to the conference finals last season are elsewhere, so maybe, the blame lies with pat rilo kiley and sweet general manager skills). shake up the sheets, a bit, sales people of america. if you see a weirdo person like myself, who looks frustrated, angry and wants to go home as soon as possible, say something funny and unusual because in turn, that'll make somebody's day. or even better, just nod and start to scan price tags and like a few seconds, tell me how much it is.

another thing, once again, not christmas related, but still more adventures in consumerism, so i had to print some photos off a memory stick for a class project cause its easier to do a panorama with hard copies, but that's beside the point. the beauty of having a digital camera and please stop me if i'm incorrect, but i assume, the beauty of having a digital camera, is the extremely easy ablitiy to transfer photos from camera to the computer. through a little usb cable, right or maybe firewire or a media reader, but it's like kabooooomba! wow, i have all of the photos of katlin's yellow belt test on my dell in 4 minutes, flat. at least thats what i remember of digital cameras. so when i got to print out my pictures, i discover that one of the kodak machine is broken and the other was being used by this woman who was uploading 200 photos, then burning them onto a cd, specifically two cds. of course, i can understand you know burning a cd to take to show grandma on her computer, but if grandma is with it enough to have a computer, then probably, she's with it enough to have an email account and a dial up connection or at least somebody in the fam set up and for most of the year, the computer is one giant paper weight with 'slayer' written in dust on the monitor, sure, that i understand and fully support. but i mean, why do you even have a digital camera if you're going to burn it onto a cd. of course, you may want to save all the photos you ever take, so you won't have to delete them when you get new photos from katlin's next belt test. but holy shit, don't most computers come with a cd burner? my computer even has a dvd burner, but it's a mac and i don't know about pcs, but i want to assume that there are built in cd burners into those things as well or at least burners that are avaiable for purchase that could be easily hooked up to your computer, so after uploading, boom, burn a cd and create a little photo album of all the cds you've made and you know it'll be awesome. i just can't wrap my head around the concept of having a nice digital camera and not using it with your computer to make cds or what kind of piece of shit computer does the lady have that she's lacking a usb port and a cd burner. what is she using the cisco alder of personal computers? so the whole process of uploading what seemed like 2 million photos dragged on, the burning process lasted even longer because the thing had no cds cause nobody uses the kodak picture maker to burn cds from the digital camera. and if they wanted a cd copy of their photos, they'd ask for a cd when they're their film developed. then this lady's kid was wandering around, bored, coughing all over the place, spreading her germs, uf.

come on, america, let's get with it! let's use our computers to burn our cds and not waste peoples' precious time (although, the matter of my time being precious is debatable) while waiting in line and let's let another network pick up "arrested development," so the world isn't filled with shows about a wacky every man whose on a mission each episode to do something new or shows about a collection of medicial students who actually don't pratice medicine, but they know each other's anatomy really well, (WHY-O!!), and somebody tell the beasties to keep it clean with mario c on their next album cuz the remix mario c did on that beck album was rather nice.

a word to the wise, if you're into the soccer mom type, then i'd say hit up a target around lunch time; shit is more bumping than club moscow or lax or cinescape, or well, you know what i mean.

i'm a michael mann guy. i wrote an 8 page paper on collateral, but that miami vice trailer, i dunno, the music cue turned me off right away. i was so worried about the music in this movie that at one point, i thought of writing a letter to michael mann and enclosing a cd of heatmakerz beats saying that this would've been way hotter than linkin park & jay-z mashups. you know, slip in some diplo, it would've been strictly redicly. not to mention, the quality of the trailer was beyond awful. michael mann is a freak about the looks of his films, so to premiere the trailer for his latest in some grainy video on a liquior must've made him really stoked.


At 2:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

here is why not to worry about jury duty: because up here in sf we get your long socal civic trials.

case in point: i was on a five-week jury earlier this fall for an asbestos case. the defendant was a company based on orange. the alleged exposure all took place in southern california. but because the plaintiffs can file suit anywhere in the state, they bring it up to sf superior court, for reasons that are fairly evident.

besides, if it's a long trial they'll give you a hardship exception.


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