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Dec 26, 2005

porkchops & albasauce (v2.0)

we all know that jessica alba is a never nude and that totally blows or at least, she's a never nude until her career hits the skids or some producer ponys up enough cash.

and we know that she can make awesome funny faces, but...

did you know that she could kick killa cam's ass in video games? me either.

hope that your holidays were good. i couldn't wait til '06 to post this, so this is a bonus for those who check on a regular basis or those back at work.

so see ya on the third.

also, fuck spider loc. i had written an early version of this post which probably was funnier and what not; anyways, i was on spider loc's website, looking in his audio section, to find that on his website, he has a song he did with the game, which is gigantic contradiction. you can't be promoting on the front of your page that you just did a song called, "g-unot killa," (btw, lady sovereign is more menacing on the mic than spider loc will ever be) then have a track with mr g unot himself on your website. bear in mind, i didn't listen to the song cause, it made my safari window shut down and lose these wonderful yokes. so, spider loc, plug in your bus and do mp3s; window media files sound about as good as a song recorded off a radio thats underwater. also, fuck whoo kid. not every song on your radio show deserves the gun sound effects; let the audience hear the song for more than 10 seconds than, maybe it'll be worthy of the shots. i understand thats a tatic to prevent bootlegging and premature leakage, but it'll still happen regardless of sound effects; it just makes people like whoo kid even less.


At 12:36 AM , Anonymous Blueprynt said...

Spider Loc is a mess..i'll be suprised if he sells more then tony gayo..i'll be even more suprised if his album drops at all.

At 5:31 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

Nice pork chops photo.

At 9:01 PM , Blogger Thigh Master said...

reach out, and alba there


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