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Dec 30, 2005

somebody move or i'll be unimpressed

i'm in a bit of writing funk as of late, hence the lack of updates, but at the same time, you know, its winter break (whoa!), and well, hopefully, not alot of people are at work today, because, you know if you have today off, it'll be a 4 day weekend and you know what that means, three solid days of kick ass drinking and a afternoon of hardcore drinking and an evening to sober up.

not to mention, all i'd talk about is this great joke or at least what we thought was a great joke that me and mark wrote on thursday afternoon in starbucks, but if you want to see it or hear the joke, pay us money. although, i'll say this about the starbucks, and i don't know how much longer its going to last, cause probably next week is the last week of christmas vacation for some kids, but if you're into high school girls wearing sweat suits, then there's no better place to hang out than a starbucks in the afternoon near a mall. i mean, if you're into that sorta thing and depending on your area and the wealth of the surrounding neighborhoods, you may also see some scary old ladies that have no facial expression and dress like hiliary duff. just in general, i'm going to go out on a limb and make this blanket statement, that hopefully next week, i can fully explain, but all upper middle class and upper class women in orange county are completely insane and extremely self centered. i mean, what kind of women take a group of 8 small boys to the corner bakery for lunch? honestly, i'd like an answer to that question by next week. can the staff of the nation get on that for me, please?

fuck you we are scientists for making good rock songs. i wanted to be finally be rid of buzz bands and swing from 'cool' band to the 'new cool' band in 2006, but i can't not make the claim cause the jams are quality even if there's a q & not u vibe, not that's a bad thing or anything and the dude sorta sounds like alex from phantom planet, but you know, its still all gravy, whoodie.

then, i'd probably just end yammering about sirius radio and how its a great place for rap nerds, but thats for another day and another dollar.

and jeez, its even slow for getty images, they've been reduced to photographing harvey kietel eating dinner and celebrity stylist and god awful frequent vh1 commentor, philip bloch; what? no perez hilton shots?


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