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Dec 2, 2005

the sound of revenge

i was doing some prep work for one of the numerous year in review thing that i'm doing (yeah, i'm not stopping with the interesting people list) and i was fumbling around for photos of alex h from the show, "laguna beach," and the only decent thing i could find in the way of photos of the l.b. kids is on the my space circuit. and i was wandering my way around the various myspace pages for cast members. i made an odd discovery, apparently, more boring than paint drying taylor is dating the infamous jason. now we all remember that moment from l.c.'s pitty party after the fundraiser where jason probably said, "i'm on mushrooms! bad mushrooms!" when taylor was talking to l.c. about how everybody has to their jason experince and they're all the better for it or something of that nature; it just seemed that tay tay wasn't a particularly big fan of j wahl. and i know we've all read that awesome bit of dish from kristin veitch (ps. how awesome is kristin veitch? she's hot and into "v.mars," and "arrested," um, best?), but there's just a part of me that wants to believe that these myspace profiles are correct and i haven't fallen into some sorta elaborate, r kelly trapping me in a closet with a midget that poops his pant joke played upon me by the people who create phony my space profiles.

i know that there are people who have too much free upon their hands. i know because in two weeks from now, i'll become one as school is over for the fall semester, but honestly, could two people have so much free time upon their hands, to collectively pull their online phony profile skills together to create a fake on line romance between two secondary characters on a cable reality tv show? i would just assume that it would be difficult enough to maintain all the adds and responses from people hoping to make contact with their favorite celebrity; there has to be a sick sense of humor about it, crushing the hopes of 14 year old girls hoping to reach out to the guy from maroon5 and bumming out 30 year old guys from jersey cause its not the real howard stern on there. yet, creating a romantic relationship, i mean, that takes alot of skill and effort and frankly, i want to believe i'm smart enough to not be fooled by some girl in riverside whose got time to kill inbetween meth lab explosions with wicked awesome html skills.

lohan was sorta bummed when she heard the news that the potential taylor/j wall from "laguna beach" romance was nothing than an internerd hoax or at least, potentially an internerd hoax. related, ever since i saw lohan dancing with human crack in the flesh the other day, i've been wondering if she's down with the dips? or at least, thats the only thing i'd say and mention how awesome mean girls is.

although different networks, yet i still can't believe there'll be an al sharpton s(h)itcom or at least, there'll be a pilot and a deal to do an al sharpton sitcom, but we can't a full season of "arrested development"? that's it, i'm officially leaving the united states, in search of a country where the comedy shows on tv aren't all derivted or a clever, modern spin on the "all in the family" formula. hbo, i know that you're not tv, but could you please lower your stands a smidge and pick up a former tv show, so america can laugh again.

you know, i've been listening to way too much progressive talk 1150 am lately and using the information i heard over the past couple of days, i could probably find some way to link the canceling of "arrested development" to the bush administration. i mean, didn't that one guy get norm macdonald fired from "saturday night live" cause norm made too many o.j. jokes and that dude was good friends wih the juice. so anything is possible. i could see chaney on the phone to over the head of fox news is, saying he hates the show, then it passes onto rupert, and well, you know the rest of the steez.

while sorta on the topic of progressive talk or air america radio, is it me or are they just a little too sound effect crazy? i know that most morning radio shows tend to over do it with the sound effects, but it's like, every three seconds, there's a wacky sound effect to punch up a bit or really bring home the point that bush sucks. i dunno, it just seems a little over done, but i just love the fact i can listen to talk radio without getting too upset.

i don't know what this says about me as a person, but the only thing that generated an response or any form of reaction while watching the new harry potter film was the part in the movie when the girl above talked. i'm sorry, but i was not expecting this girl to sound exactly like maggie from "extras". it freaked me out a bit. then again, that movie as a whole just tripped me up, but not in a good way. proudly, i've never read any of the books and i've only seen one of the films, the third one, which i actually liked a lot and saw it twice. yet, what made the third film a good film is that it was open enough in its storytelling technique for a new viewer to pop in and just enjoy the story as it unfolds, where as this one, its just a mess and a headache. sure, its nice to look at in spots and there's dragons, but i have no clue as to who anybody was or what it all meant. i remember something the great joe bob briggs once said about the english patient and i think it could be applied to the latest harry potter film, "its one of those films that you had to have read the book to enjoy. there should've been a sign that said, 'must have read the book'." maybe if harry potter was about a wizard living in abnormally large family where he has to share a bathroom with hilary duff and 8 other wacky kids and they can't get all of their names on the answering machine, even using harry's wizard skills (lol) and like the other 73 minutes of it, is just people getting whooped in the nuts.

although probably the scariest part of the movie going experince had to have been when i was walking to my car, wearing my little burberry scarf and brown & pink american apparel hoodie and i started to hear a bunch of dudes walking out of a bar shouting, "get 'er done," and various other larry the cable guy quotes and frankly, i don't know why, but i was fearful for my life.

and finally, while i have yet to watch the recent episode of "the oc," i can safely say that it could've probably benefited from a rewrite by "v.mars," creator rob thomas (not that matchbox 20 dude). you could watch an alternate ending for wednesday night's episode here and see how amazing something that what they dediced not to use was. seriously, "lost" is a rerun this upcoming week, dudes. no excuses.


At 9:56 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

that picture of j-wall with "Property of http://www.myspace.com/jwahler" stamped in the middle of it is pretty hilarious.

It's gotten to the point where I don't so much watch the OC any more as just curse and shout things at the television. how i loathe this season. and the remaining few who still post on the twop OC forum are mostly suffering from stockholm syndrome, or something. dark times.

At 2:12 PM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

It is called stockholm syndrome because it wasn't the stockholm syndrome. (as i stare at the velcro shoes i am wearing)


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