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Jan 17, 2006

365 750, you're all i need...

chris de burgh must've gone nuts last night; ever wonder when marcia cross was in college or like a struggling slashtress in la la land, if dudes put "lady in red" on mixtapes for her? 'that'll be the way to win her heart; a smooth jazz tune about the love of a red head'.

for more on redheads, go here and this is the extent of our coverage of the golden globes, which is a sham, cause we all know that the most goldest of globes belong to keeley hazell (nsfw).

further related, i read this set of donts after i wrote my 'lady in red' joke.

thighs' best films of 2005 list; way better than ebert's list and probably better than my list, if i ever finish it (sometime next week, for those keeping score, of course)

make the subtitles for your very own crazy japanese commercial here; great way to kill time while on the yob. [via goodbye mail]

do you think sean lennon start singing that song he did with handsome boy modeling school (bummer about the break up, dudes) on his date with lohan? i mean, thats the good thing he's done, right? well, that and the time he called into the stern show and went off on bijjou or something. [lennon & lohan story via cnn aka goldenfiddle]

i was at a supermarket the other day and there was some girl with her mother shopping together and the mother called her daugther's name, which happened to be, crystal. now you have to wonder if people still realize in this day and age, that the name you give a child, will greatly affect the rest of their life. perspective parents have to go beyond the whole 'kids can be cruel, so lets not being a name that easily can't be made fun of; its gonna happen either way you name the kid and you may give the kid the most normalest name ever, but then out of nowhere like the steelers defeat of the colts, a tv show will come onto the scene with a goofy character with the same name and like in high school, during pe, there'll be that one douchey kid will bring up the show and constantly sing the theme song to you while the pe teacher slowly makes it over to do attendence. so give a kid a goofy name because it builds character as well as a sense of humor. but giving a girl the name of crystal, you'll be just dooming her to a life of strip clubs and trips to the bar in mid 30s in her best 'man trapping' outfit; if these parents feel so incline to name their daugthers, crystal, why not go ahead and just give them a lower back tat while they're at. (it should be noted that the girls in the photo have nothing to do with what i'm saying; i just figure it might be funer to have a picture to go along with a rant; the new barometer for linking girls is if i'd put "back like that" by ghostface on a mixtape for them)

anybody else have trouble keeping a straight face during "24" when mary lynn rajskub is trying to be serious? i just started to watch the show again (the last time i actively watched the show was season 1), so i don't know if they threw mary lynn rajskub and that dude with the lisp into the show for so much needed comedic relief? whenever there's an intense look on her face or an upset look, i just think of that sketch from "mr show," where she was working at a donut shop and bob odenkirk is droppy and he says, 'keep the change'. but seriously, i dunno, "24" was pretty intense or at least in comparsion to the last time i watched it.

ever heard the song, "the agony of laffitte," by spoon? yeah, its amazing. i'm just upset that i'm getting hip to spoon now. well, i just can't get past that one song.

eon mckai's neu wave hookers is out today; get your descrete packaging on or at least, a late night run to the sketchy part of town; i don't want to sound weird, but i love the production design of this movie. it's not what immediately leaps out at you when you watch dirty movies, the sets, well most of the time, you say, what sets?; you notice the visable boom mic and the fact that its the same house in the san pornado valley being used again, but with eon mckai's stuff; you're like the dude is like luis bunuel of dirty movies.

quick word to the wise, no updates on thursday of this weekend; got a pro-boner job on a video shoot. will there be stories? most likely, but it'll just be a long story about exhausted and tired i am.

now, the most interesting piece of this puzzle is a bit cut off, fortunately/unfortunately, depending on your particular viewpoint towards fashion nightmares. now, rachel b looks cute, but, her friend, i have no clue as to what's going on; she looks like as if she just discovered this crazy thing called electroclash and how the 80s are retro now and she's just sliding by on the cool points with the leggings, cause you know american apparel makes them.

you also have to wonder if rachel b is embarrased by her friend's attire, cause she's trying to cover up her face and she's probably wondering if one can make it onto worst dressed list just cause of the person you're standing next to. or rachel b's friend is like funnier than zach galifianakis and she's just calming down from laughing so hard, but you know, she's just about to bust up all over again; you know how it is with those jokes where you can barely get out the punch line before you explode into laugther; like this is the aftermath of the moment where you're still laughing at the joke, but its mildly dying back down, but then somebody will walk by and the joke will start all over again, and nine times of ten, the person walking by thinks that they're laughing at the them.

during this extremely extended winter break, i think i went insane once or twice. could've been the 'cold turkey' style kicking of all candy, sugary and any other food related to chocolate. could've been the times i was trapped in skeetville working on the i wish was infamous "when a strange calls" or it could've been the time when i was doing some home improvement and basically spent that day unwittingly huffing goop (btw, it didn't work). so in these travels, i encountered or at least, saw what i thought to be two post op transgender individuals (ms to fs). i easily chalked to it to the goop, but when it happened, the second time, there had to be more to the story; then i realized, i had been copped up and my whole hot girl, not even hot girl, but just regular young girl detactor was completely out of whack. it had been too long, you know. so when i got my haircut last week at the schoo, it was overload and probably a fuse blew. and there's a point to this, just be patient. so you know, i'm getting my hair cut and had a jack tripper moment as i nearly spilled a power sized smoothie two times in the process of walking over to the chair; thank goodness, it was an empty cup.

anyways, the point, i'm attempting to bring up is, that, sure, its good grooming to shampoo your hair every day, but your hair can act on its own; there's natural oils or some shit. i've probably been told this millions of times before, but never really pay attention to it cause i like it when my hair smells good. yet, some cute 19 year old wearing pants from the express with a killer shoe game tells me that i don't have to wash my hair every day, then of course, i'm going to stop washing my hair and throw some soap in there from time to time. why? cause i assume that this will impress her and well, you know the rest of the story goes. it should be noted that my hair feels good right now and its been about five days. so here's the point, i'm attempting to make is this, we need to change the mediums and methods and ways that the kids receive their messages about politics. vote or die failed cause nobody likes puffy unless you're getting an invite to one of his parties, but even then, you're just going for a bit and probably leaving after mariah carrey's boob falls out of her dress cause you're grossed out and that whole movement was based around a catch phrase on a lame t shirt. we need to find new and more exciting avenues to spread the words about what's going on with the world. i enjoy reading the nation, but it's a struggle to read it each week. i don't like reading maxim cause a) that cover with haylie duff is perhaps more scarier than any argento film and b) while i enjoy the photos, why should i be corcerned with the girl who wears a tube top and has three lines with nick cage in the latest bruckhemier shit storm? why not marry these two magaznes together. lets pretend that some czech model who at first may be into threesomes, but the bulk of her article is about how she thinks g.w.bush should be impeached. sure, its writer's hand, but it's the message out there. i say this from a guy's point of view, so i can't say what would work for women or at least young women to make them more politically motived, but we need to 'bottle rocket' up the medium, dudes. lets bridge the gaps between howard stern and alex bennett; there has to be a middle ground between "the daily show" and the late night programming on cinemax. we need to turn politics into a situation where people vote a particular way in a feemble attempt to impress somebody else. sure, it's a shallow concept, but you know, what's even more shallower, the fact that nobody votes.

anybody know if "deadwood" is any good? i tried to watch an episode, but i only made it half way through it because i had no fucking clue as to what's going on and that dude who's supposed to swear up a storm, barely said anything.


At 9:54 AM , Blogger Najork said...

yeah, mary lynn "chloe" rajskub was basically added for comic relief, or at least that's what she ended up being. basically ctu's version of debbie downer. i actually like her a lot -- much more than edgar (the guy from the sopranos), whose only purpose seems to be to act like a tool.

24 is the only show i watch with friends on a regular basis, mostly for historical reasons. it hasn't really been too good since the first season (disasterously, it started taking itself more seriously at some point), but i still watch, even though i don't really understand why. my reasons seem to involve some insane loyalty to the idea of kiefer running around shouting things.

At 8:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny. I know that girl wih Rachel B. It's even more funny that she thinks she is hot shit now.

At 9:38 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

Mammoth posting,parts of it made sense to me. Is that a good thing?


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