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Jan 23, 2006

the agony of laffitte

so, last week's "the oc" marked the first apperance or return of katlin cooper on the show and i have to say, that the show still is rather boring, tedious and chock full of useless characters, but katlin cooper, i like. she's fun, interesting, and hopefully, will rattle a few cages, but at the same time, the show is terrible because we have to continue to suffer through the johnny era. wasn't it around this time last season that the writers got rid of lindsay for no apparent reason what so ever? yeah, nobody liked lindsay, but when they decided to get rid her off al la poochie the rockin' dog, she was starting to grow on me, and of course, her character started to make snese in the grand scheme of the show. what i can't understand is why haven't they done the same for johnny yet? honestly, is there that much of a fan base for this character or have the producers been wowee zowieee by his performance that they just gotta keep him around? the johnny character served his point and its time from him to go hawaii or japan or whenever and to never ever come back. its bad enough that the writers are stealing lines from this blog (when ryan called chilli, 'bizzaro seth'); its even worse to continue dragging out a useless and pointless character that brings everything to a complete and utter hault. also, taylor has got to go; she's like nails on a chalkboard; she's like jake plummer in the game against the steelers; utterly useless.

also, what's the deal with this week's epiosde? did y'all hear the announcer guy go, "and sometimes, a good kid can go bad," then there's a shot of seth smoking a j with katlin cooper; excuse me, what? did the writers get the same note that mitch hurwitz got which lead him to make this masterpiece? 'you know, seth's a good kid and all, but we, especially, peter liguori, think its time that not only seth should learn a lesson, but its time to tackle drug addicition, like pot.' i mean, who didn't already think that seth was a semi stoner? he wasn't going to roll a j and zone out to that boris album (which is killer, btw), but, it just seemed like it was there and if any character was going to be hitting the drugs, it'd be marrisa and she'd be doing lines off of her favorite death cab cd.

somewhat related, this other blog i write just came back to town a couple of days ago. it was away at boarding school, and well, it's a bit younger and a bit sexier and a little more scandalous and it's way into thrice. so if you have the time, check it out, its called skeet on willa.

while remotely on the topic of "arrested development," anybody else see the article in the la times on saturday about showtime's one big demand/request in picking up the show, besides the obviously, of fox canceling the show, is that they'll take the show, only if mitch hurwitz continues on with the show. i think that's a given request because you can have that cast and still have a fairly decent show, but the show is all mitchell hurwitz. without him, there's no show. so let's hope that he wants to continue doing the show and lets hope, fox cancels it and showtime picks it up, and of course, the cast stays too.

now last week, i stated that the barometer for me shouting out some girl on cobra snake, had to be if i'd put that new ghostface song on a mixtape for her, but when the man, himself shows up on the thing, you know i just had to shout it out.

i think the reason why i loved terrence malick's the new world so much is that the film had such a polarizing affect on the crowd. well, not polarizing, as much as the film just made people see absolute red. i've never seen so many people hate a film so much as they did, and quite frankly, the problem lies with the marketing campagin of the film. the thing about malick's work is that, the storyline isn't important. what's being said, unless, its a voice over, but even then, its not really that significant or important. what's important in his films is of course, the visuals and the sound. its visual poetry and clearly, this audience wasn't looking for visual poetry, they wanted colin farrell without his shirt and a sweeping romance, instead of a sweeping romance between man and nature. i think i've paraphrase this line from the great joe bob brigs a couple of times before, but he was talking about the english patient and how there should've been a note on the marquee that said, 'must have read the book before watching this film,' well, a similar sign should be up there for the new world audience should be know, that this is a two and half hour poetry film.

the weird thing about working on a music video and i think i touch upon this a few days ago, but, by the end of the first day, i was starting to like the song. i had this thought running through the back of my head that i was going to become sick of this song, so at first, i tried to not focus in on the song. for those keeping score, it's "f.c.p.remix" by fall of troy & the video was done by bento. my job was to not screw up, crack a couple of jokes and move heavy stuff from point a to point b with miminal complaining and quite frankly, i had my mind half the time focused on eating a pork sandwich from lee's. not to mention, i had my ears covered up, due to the loudness of the playback, but around 1 morning after we wrapped for the night, i was really getting into the song. maybe, it was cause the location where we were shooting made me feel like i was at the smell or something. so as i showed up to work for day two, i was looking forward to hearing the song, so there has to be a bit of a science to how times one has to hear a song before they start to love it and i think it's like 20 to 30 times before it clicks.


At 5:21 PM , Blogger Dan said...

I dunno what to think about the Nas/Jay-Z deal. I mean, I'm kinda stunned that Nas gets that much $$ upfront in the deal, seeing as how he hasn't made a dope record in a long time and he doesn't exactly sell huge, but whatever. If Jay can get him back to Nasty Nas, I'll love it. Otherwise, I'm just kinda like "eh" about it. How bout you?

And about Juelz... you might be right about him being more Def Jam than Dip. That LL pairing was just about the most random thing I'd ever heard, and there's a piece in the Cam interview in the new XXL where he says that Juelz was like "You know I'll ride with you, but I'd prefer to stay on Def Jam" and so that's why he stayed there. I mean, I guess it's just cuz he figured the marketing would be stronger... but it's just weird.

Definitely some interesting things going on in the rap game....


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