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Jan 10, 2006

cavallina a cavallo

ah snaps, this girls looks like edwige fenech and quite frankly, that's all that needs to be said about the matter. while the real edwige fenech still looks rather decent for a woman nearly pushin' 60, its quite a relief that somewhere out there in the world, most likely the san fernando valley, there's another girl who could very well be the winner on an episode of mtv's "my own," if i was on it and the episode, of course, was about edwige fenech and at the end of the episode, to pick out my own edwige fenech, i'd have act at scene from the film, creampuffs and you know, take things from there, slowly, of course

related, do you if i talk about how cool and how awesome i think joanna angel is and how she's more of a femmist and more about female empowerment than that one nerdy girl with coke bottle glasses from 'suicide girls', i'll get a free copy of her movie or something? i didn't think so either.

quick question, is anybody having issues with the whole links openning in new pages thing? i just figured out the code, well not figure it out, as much as just look it up and then use it on a couple of things and figured it maybe easier for everybody else.

seriously, can anybody explain what the fuck the show, "house" is about? i need an explaination as to why i couldn't watch my bluths last night? cause from what i've seen, its just some cranky old dude who buzzes around with a cane in ryan seacrest's old clothes and makes 'in your face' & edgy statements about medicine and caring people; why oh why did we need a double dose of this shit storm? at least, well, i wish i could said, give the people what they want, but oddly and sadly, i think its more episodes of "house," so its a lose-lose situation either you slice the cake.

does anybody remember when mtv did that week long string of episodes of the show, "dismissed," and they had like high school kids on it, going on the dates, instead of all the fly girls from santa monica college? and like the dates were based on high school things; like one girl's half of the date was about going to her school's talent show, then the other girl's date was like going back to her house and play some board games, but then, it'd some how always get weird and uncomfortable cause the producers would make the kids get into a hot tub. does anybody remember that? also, does anybody else get that similar creepy feeling in their stomach while watching the latest round of episodes of "next"? i saw mtv casting people at my school one day, but nobody seemed that interested, so now i have to wonder if they just decided to camp out at some high school campus and just cruise around looking for girls who are 18? to which i say, gross as well as, how can i get this job?

when i woke up at 6 am yesterday morning and i'll continue to wake up at this time until a week from today, and heard the oh so familiar and frequently hiliarious voice of george takei, i knew i had made the right move by going over to sirius or at least, had gotten one of the breastest christmas presents ever (thanks dad). i could say that howard stern on sirius is basically the same show but with more swears and fewer commericals breaks, but that would be short changing it. basically, its stern being completely free of restrictions and regulations and tom & dead air dave hanging over the dump button. there's no dancing around terms or topics, if howard stern wants to ask george takei about his first gay experince, he does it. if artie lange thinks te use of a 'fuck' in a joke makes it funnier, than he drops the f-bomb without the headache of being fined by a bunch of uptight dudes in dc with weird obsessions with the incredible hulk and who want to build a bridge in the middle of nowhere that'll lead to nowhere. its the stern show finally being the stern show. and even if you're not a sternaholic, i'd tell you to check out sirius radio because it has good music, thats on 24 hours a day, commercial free. sure, the on air talent still has a bit of that goofy radio guy vibe and its kinda creepy that on the indie station they do a thing called mandotary morrisey, but its commercial free and sometimes, the dj will be like, 'hey, the new grand daddy album is all right, but i like this one better, so i'm gonna play a tune from their other album.' and instead of people from bands saying, 'hey, i'm the dude from she wants revenge and you're listening to rochester's number 1 rock station,' they say, 'i'm the dude from she wants revenge and my favorite book is franny & zooey," which of course, indie and left of center; the only compliant that one can make about the indie station, is that while they play feist and broken social scene all the time, which is good and awesome, but they only play one song by them. yes, its fun to say "mushaboom" but there's other quality songs on that feist album to play.

even if you're not a stern fan but you do love rap music and don't live in new york city, then i'd say get sirius because their rap stations are amazing. dj premiere has a show on friday nights where basically he plays songs he produced for two to three hours on one channel, then on the other channel, you got dj drama playing brand new t.i.p. tunes. its great, and sure, the eminem station plays way too much eminem and all of his related artists, but its fun to hear busta rhymes talk to the recently freed pimp c while whoo kid over does it on the gun shot sound effects; although, it should be noted, how funny to hear confident whoo kid feels about spider loc 'destroying' the game when he plays "g unot killer" because he'll play a couple of bars, which aren't at all lyrical scary, but we get that whoo kid 'damn' and the song starts all over again. other than whoo kid, sirius probably is the best place for rap music, although, they need to step up have dip set radio or give duke da god his own show again.

so i finally saw eli roth's hostel last night and i have to say even though, i felt that the film was largely uneven and at times, flat, i still recommend it. my problem with the film is one the marketing plan as well as a bit of the editing. i wish i would've promoted it as you know, eurotrip 2 and for the first thirty or forty minutes, you know, its a goofy comedy about a couple of guys getting stoned all across europe with lots of naked european model lookin' broads then the film sucker punches you and becomes a minor gore fest. then the film would've worked better and been more interesting; but when the film actually goes into the darkside, its great and there's the miike cameo and there are shots stolen from suicide circle and there's a great performance by rick hoffman, which in my opinion is on par with the performance that william hurt gave in the highly overrated a history of violence. if you love the genre, then see hostel, but even then, i'd still say wait for the dvd and if you're looking to see nice european knoobs, then just wait for the snaps on celebrity movie archive (nsfw)


At 5:03 PM , Blogger Najork said...

don't knock hugh laurie, that guy was serious business back when he used to roll with stephen fry on black adder, jeeves & wooster, etc. he would actually have made an excellent addition to the arrested development cast. also, ladies inexplicably seem to love him. at least, a few i know do.

house is sort of ok. i'm just not into the medical procedural thing, even when they star british comedy stars.

At 12:18 PM , Blogger Rob I said...

Congratulations on getting Sirius. I used to have that service but I got tired of repetition so I switched over to XM. Their indie rock station is much better...plays multiple cuts from the Bloc Party album, New Pornographers, Spoon, Sufjan, Arcade Fire...all the good stuff. No Howard but thats okay because he's almost 60.


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