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Jan 16, 2006

cooter capers pt2.

i'm going to out on a limb on this one, but dudes, i loved the 'fly high duluth' skit on saturday night live this past weekend. at first i was going to say, i liked it more than 'the chronic(icles)...' (thank god, they didn't do another one of those), but its like easily the fourth best sketch of the season thus far (narina, two a holes buying a christmas tree, and will forte at the spelling bee). what's surprising to me is that i'm digging on skets with will forte cause normally i hate the guy, but his performance as the wanna be jim morrison, wally hammerlick, was not only funny, but it was extremely spot on. not to mention, everybody else in the band, epesically fred armesina as freddy fingers; there's video somewhere in my office that robin brown filmed at a nascar event of blue oyster cult in concert and their drummer was not only wearing an asian inspired head band, but also, the dude made the same faces as fred armesian did (one of these days i'll have to post the footage of the guy doing a drum solo, but we put it in reverse, so its funnier), then there was sanchez sheperd and his axe. i don't know, but it was just a perfect sketch, and quite frankly, who knew scarlett johansson could kinda sing and rock out like she's pat bentar; i'm not saying she should cut an album or anything, but if she was the chick in morningwood, more people would be into the thing, thats all i'm saying.

um, if you have yet to hear "back like that" by ghostface and neyo, then i don't know what's wrong with you. seriously. its ghost being ghost; killer beat and a catchy hook. one of the earlier contenders for the title of best single in 2006 and the new year is only 16 days old. carter adminstration please, please, please, get the new ghostface album asap!

fox is going air the final set of episodes of the breatest show ever, "arrested development" against the openning ceremonies of the olympics; which is on a friday night. one, thank god for the dvr, two, why would i care because i'd be home on a friday night to watch "arrested" or at least attempt to do a viewing party where we'd play a drinking game and we'd take a shot every time we laughed, and i'd be passed out by the twenty minute mark, so i guess in a way, yeah, thank goodness for dvrs. and thirdly, who gives a fuck about the olympics anyways? if they were so great and significant, they'd be on every year, not every 4 years. and who cares about these sports anyways? you're going to tell me you're gonna break your normal routine in order to watch some dude from sweeden or where ever ski jump down a hill, which is a event thats on tv every winter, but you could care less about it. so fuck the olympics and watch the best show and people all upset at yourself for sleeping on something so great cause you couldn't get over how funny charlie sheen is on "two and half men".

its official, derek doi is the king of photocasting; if you don't believe, check out his photocast; bonus point if you can find the cameo by yours truly. side note, how much longer until the porn get involved with photocasting?

mildly related, in case, you're the person whose being dying to watch johnny benson's adventures in blogosphere, well, you could go here and go to the marketplace library and ask for a copy of it. so, i mean, it'd be a worthwhile trip to france, you get to see johnny b and you know, whatever cool things they have there.

you have to wonder with the "flavor of love," if they're just making these girls do all this wacky and crazy shit cause one of the producers or story editors is just way mad at women. you know, he consistently pitches ideas, 'let's test our cooking skills by making them kill, clean, and cook a cow to flav's liking while wearing a tribe shoots ponious darts at them,' or did they just assume all of these women are absolutely nuts and will do anything for flavor, like having small children throw up on them and rubbing old peoples' feet. also, why is oyster, my favorite continuing to snitch? i know that the whole 'stop snitching' movement is sorta dying out; when the shirt is avaiable for sale at wal mart, its donzo, but oyster, you should seriously stop snitching cause at the end of the day, you might just end up with a job as flav's assitant.

does anybody remember if "the oc" has used "nobody move, nobody get hurt," by we are scientists in their promos to promote the return of catlin copper, yet? no? give it a week or two.

dude, when a strange calls; its pat obrien VS camilla belle, which equals all killer, no filler and its kosher, too.


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