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Jan 4, 2006

dippin' dots aka the bros are reading salinger

i don't think i'll be back on a normal schedule until next monday. stern will be back by then. i'm trying, ringo; well, it should be noted that i'm trying right now to listen to carolla and i don't know, it seems like a morning zoo without the records being played after the commercial breaks. i know its pretty much the same show as stern, but i just can't get into so far.

okay, so here's the thing about the wolf parade show last night. wolf parade, great band, great album, and guess what, these dudes are even better live (did you know that they have two singers? crazy!). so here's the scene, i'm at the show, doing my little head bop, and its fairly crowded cause its the el rey and it seems like only twenty people fit in and they all happen to be around me and nobody else. so the song thats on is great and i start to scroll around to check out the audience's reaction to the show. i'm looking towards the right side and everybody is into it, then i see a couple at the show and i'm completely taken out of the show. with my eyes i spied, a couple grinding to the song like it was a junior prom. you know, i'm all for public displays of affection, but not right in my face, you know. so i'm scanning the audience, and kaboomba, i see this couple and instantly, i feel as if i'm on an episode of "the oc," minus the gazookas of the sexy new sister, who used to look like this, but thats never here nor there. all of a sudden, as i see this couple, i feel as if i'm in the bait shop and well, frankly, i couldn't enjoy the rest of the song. also, the couple slow danced to "dinner bells," so oc writer peoples, you know, try to press the flesh and get the parade to perform at the senior prom for newport harbor.

also, shout outs to that modely girl at the el rey last night who sat with her legs strentched out over a couple of seats; way to get everybody's attention; craiglist status: you: pale green shirt, denim skirt, and killer joanna newsom boots; me-every other guy drooling over you. fucking models.

and does anybody know when lil wayne turned into the jay-z of the south? whoever does the programming for hip hop nation on sirius is totally in love with lil wayne; so it's like every three or four hours, there's another lil wayne song and usually, it's "receipt" and damn, that song is hot; sure its a kanye lite beat, but i didn't know lil weezy could get all lyrical and introspective.

also, during the writing of this, i listened to adam carolla. got super bored, started to listen lil wayne instead. here's the thing, i'd rather listen to an hour or so of stern doing a test show than about ten minutes of carolla; stern didn't want to do a show, just wanted to test out the equipment, but it just became a show and i dunno, its pretty funny.


At 9:16 PM , Blogger Rogue2020 said...

totally unrelated to your post, but while you were out, letterman did a stellar interview with bill o'reilly. give yourself 15 minutes and enjoy, if you haven't already.


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