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Jan 5, 2006

god's only nose

i have to wonder how many times rachel b had to her fake her excitement and interest in adam brody's tv pilot about la vampire cops. "its totally like the monster squad meets like that every other cop show."

and before we get any further, is this site for real? also, before clicking, if you have speakers, turn them on or pop in your headphones, cause you're gonna want to hear what's going on. seriously, i need some help on this one.

okay, now on the usc issue for a matter, bonham hathaway brought up a good point in the comments about big pete not playing reggie bush in the 2nd half. sure, we all had that collective what the fuck, heart attack moment, well, if you were pulling for sc, then it was that, when reggie bush did that ladertal and sure, lendale white was kicking ass (and half of the time, i thought keith jackson was calling him glendale), but reggie bush is the dude that got you to the big dance (what a cliche statement) and you know, sure, he fucked up, but you know, let him do his thing. unless, this was all an elaborate plan by bush to take his status down a couple of notches. you know, no longer will be the first pick in the draft; maybe third or fourth pick. would you want to play for the texans?

i was talking to somebody the other day about the bets that governors make with each other right before the big games and its usually, something rather dumb. i think they should've stepped up their shit for the rose bowl; instead of betting food, it should've been like if 'sc lost, the governator would resign and if texas lost, then george the terrible would resign as the president. isn't that more exciting? the fate of our country's leaders lie in the hands of couple kids who spent their fall semester struggling in ballroom dancing class.

what happened to howie mandel? everybody hates him and all, but remember that period when howie mandel actually dressed and acted like the dad from "bobby's world"? did he hire some meth'ed out stylist or is he having a mid life crisis like the dad on that hbo documentary, small town ectasy? or did howie mandel do what everybody does after they have a fluke hit game show and buy those leather pants we've always had our eyes on for like ever.

speaking of that hbo documentary, small town ectasy, its on like one of those 45 different hbos, record it because like the first half of it is really funny cause you know, its a dad talking about rolling and going to raves with his son and his son's friends. then like the second half is kinda depressing, but really well made.

i have to tell how awesome synapse films' 42nd street forever volume 1 dvd is. this is no payola, this dvd is beyond amazing. on the surface, it may sound boring, you know two hours of movie trailers, but not any kind of movie trailers, but trailers from all of these explotation films from the late 60s, 70s and early 80s. not only does this dvd make yearn you to see these films, but it just makes you wish that they still had the balls to make movie like that today or at least, incoroprate similar marketing schemes into their films as well as up the nudity quota in the trailers. there was an era in time where you'd go to the movies and see a trailer for some john holmes movie thats in 3-d; what happened to those days? sure, for some reason during those days, weird tan lanes were like the visable thong lines of that era, but, at least, it was real boobs. i'm getting side tracked, back onto the dvd, these trailers, you know they run about 2 minutes, maybe two and half, but you still have no clue as to what the movie is about. after watching the trailer for death has blue eyes, did i know what the movie was about? absolutely not. did i want to see it, but of course. to the people who cut trailers, just watch these old grindhouse trailers because they're so simple, yet so effective. just some zippy shots of people on dirtbikes with like a funky piece of music with a flute and you got people hooked.

not to mention that this dvd contains perhaps the most amazing trailer for a film that'll probably never ever see, its called raiders of altantis and well, i think i want to write the remake of it, but, its like mad max meets indiana jones with like random punk rockers with flame throwers. i would just tell to you to buy the dvd just for the trailer alone.

lionel richie's daugther looks like awkward 11 year old forced to go to summer vacation to disney world. all that's missing is the giant black t shirt that says like 'my chemical romance' on it or like, 'i see dumb people'. not only is this look unattractive, its just not healthy. somebody needs to make her a mixtape with giant drag's cover of "god only knows" on it and with some liner notes that say, "hey, i care and i'm here to support you in your recovery."


At 7:54 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

Don't forget to include Japanese high school girl biker chicks in the remark of Raiders of Atlantis. As you have observed at more than one point, Asian chicks are always in style.


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