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Jan 26, 2006

paper tiger

let's be honest with each other, folks, we all got a massive case of douche chills within the first 15 seconds of wednesday's "lost", right? then about 30 or 40 seconds later, you also knew you were in for what had to be the worst episode in the history of the series. mayhaps, its my great levels of disdain for the actor dominic monaghan and the fact that he's dating the poor man's version of kate beckinsale, but there's just something that rubs me the wrong way with this guy. like i want to associate the world continuing obessesion with destressed jeans with him and he's the reason why i can't find a pair of decent jeans at a decent price, but i'll save the rest of that for later. and you know, the character of charlie, once again, much like my cooking and mary lynn rajskub's facial expressions, only has two moves; being a unsympatheic junkie and being a junkie who wants desperately wants to be a dad. boring. sure, shannon & boone didn't really add to the over all story of "lost" that much, but at least, they were interesting and you know for the most, maggie grace did have a brown belt in body karate; well, boone was utterly boring and it made complete sense that he was written off. now, these writers should do the same with charlie cause he's boring and never really adds anything to nothing to show. is he down in the hatch, grabbing guns to take on the others? nope, he's just throws on the hood and sulks around. even the ultra bizzare hurley/libby love angle just reeks of desperation and grasping at straws; it just seems that the writers have reached the point where they're like, 'fuck, we didn't think we'd be on for this long.' i mean, remember when the monster sounded like flippin' godzilla, but now, it's just a cloud of smoke that represents your interal demons? what? huh? okay, i guess. and the others appear to be nothing more than a bunch of stranded old folk singers from the 60s/70s. honestly, what has happend to this show? and where's sayid? what happened to him? he was interesting, but nope, we gotta hang with charlie for a few episodes cause it's in his contract.

also, abc is ruining the flow of the show. you know, there'll be two or three weeks of new episodes, then it'll be gone for a month and half. "24" is blowing everybody's minds right now because from now until may, its all new episodes. no breaks, no re runs; just 24 straight episodes of jack bauer cutting peoples' heads off and shouting stuff that makes no sense whatsoever. i understand sweeps and ratings, and it's a business; i've had the class, but at the same time, the breaks, cause people to lose interest.

i wonder what's going to happen when "prison break" comes back? cause all i remember from the last episode was that mike jones was in it and naturally, i got douche chills again. sure, i could do some research and find out what happened on the last episode, but you know, that's not the fun kind of research; listening to matchbook romance is the fun kind of research.

i haven't been paying much attention to the latest season of road rules/real world, but from what i can tell from lip reading, it seems as if the very lovely cara zavaleta has been accused of either snitching or lying or scheming or slutting shit up or all of the above. actually, it's all just an excuse to post this picture.

jay on the cam feud, but more importantly, jay talks about the new nas album and it seems like they maybe scrapping or only using a couple of the tracks he did with primo. so, label politics may screw up what could've been a classic. nas doesn't need to work with timbaland or skateboard p or kanye west; nas should be working with primo, alchemist, pete rock, mf doom, madlib and the heatmakerz

either mischa b was trying to do a little dance or she's been working on her impression of usher in that 'you don't have to call girl' video, you know the one where he was wearing the wheelie sneakers or her and cisco turned the green room into a literal green room and she's just staring at her amazing shadow.

don't forget to check out skeet on willa; its being update on a semi daily basis, dudes.


At 12:36 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

Very disappointing "lost." After it was over I kinda rolled over and gave it the "ehhhhh" rating. I agree Charlie sucks. His hobbit look only works for hobbiting... otherwise he is creepy/annoying to watch.

At 8:34 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Eff that scrapping of the Nas/Primo tracks. I know that Primo hasn't exactly been on the top of his game the last few years, but don't people understand that some of us need that grimy boom bap that only he can bring? Is it any coincidence that the only really relevant album that Nas made featured Primo prominently on it (and while we're at it, can we bring back the Large Professor too?) ? Or hell, that some of the finest cuts from people like Biggie, Jay-Z, etc. were made with Primo? This is not a coincidence-- I mean fuck, his beats made that Group Home album worth listening to.

I guess all we can hope is that the tracks they dont use get leaked onto mixtapes, hopefully by Premier himself (cuz that Holiday Hell mixtape joint is hot).

At 10:11 AM , Blogger wonderyak said...

Charlie has the potential to be a very interesting characte, if they didn't write him as a total douche. For the amount of scenes he has, he really doesn't have to have any more than one or two expressions. He's aggro for sure, but so is Michael. He only has one line: "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT"

I love the Michael character, I also love Harold - he is a great actor. This show is becoming too convoluted for its own good. Like the X-Files around season 4ish, too many plot lines, not enough mystery being resolved, constant 'character development' if that's what you call making it up as you go along.

At 10:32 AM , Blogger Uncle Grambo said...

I don't get it, either. What happened to Lost? I think you have to blame the waywardness on JJ not being on set. I guess it boils down to this -- Scientology ruined Lost.

Oh, and on the Hurley front, that Watros / Libby chick seems to be a gold digger. Or a skeezer. I bet she was stalking Hurley back in the "real world" for his lottery millions.

At 5:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

nas finally woke up on '' we major '' after someone told him what every hip hop fan was thinking and now this is gonna happen.

i'm convinced that nearly 90% of rappers have lost nearly all their taste buds for beats. one album doesn't go by where at least 3-5 cuts make me want to punch myself in the face in frustration. nas is one of the worst offenders.

i agree with you nas needs some grimey primo/alchemist/pete rock ... maybe madlib but you'd need to sit him down and tell him to behave because he just gets way to fucking carried away. add some kanye and just blaze. you may roll your eyes and say their too rocafella ... but their the sort of producers you could say '' make me some classic 90's new york shit '' and they would. plus you can tell they have wanted to let loose with the dude but couldn't for obvious reasons.

but this fantasy will never happen and we will continue to get albums that we really like 70% of. . i just wish these rappers would deliver because most of their album sound halfassed. maybe i'm just hard to please. some are... ghost is a prime example. beat wise the next game album should be quality, the saigon too, hell i'm even excited about the new ll cool j album ... i don't care what anyone says, control myself is crazy. (j-lo is useless on it though. gwen musn't have returned jd's call) zzzz ... zzzz...zzzz... zzzz.zzzzzzzz.zzzz ... zzzz

At 7:53 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

That photo of Mischa B sort of makes her look either pregnant or she has gone to the Original Tommy's Burgers more times than she should have. Alterntrively, it could just be the pattern on the dress and a not so swell photo and my crummy glasses.

At 9:02 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

Lost may be the Weezer of TV shows.

Both have die-hard, fervent fan bases, but hate what they produce.

And both fan bases believe that each could and should be so much better but aren't for some reason.


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