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Jan 11, 2006

the phantom tollbooth aka bonita applebaum

i guess this was a big deal, but i aint into phoney awards shows and my name aint billy bush. besides, luba and her sister(nsfw) have way better racks than jessica simpson and her sister anyways.

why is that these entertainment reporters and so called 'oscars experts' say that every movie award show since mid december up until the announcement of the oscar nominations tend to predict how oscars voters will cast their votes. all of these award shows are bullshit; they don't have any impact or influence or hold the crystal ball to what'll happen next. what's the predictor of oscar nominations is the mail dudes who drop off screeners to the voters. if a bunch of copies of brokeback mountain are going out there, then guess what, it'll probably get nominated. everybody loves free shit and oscar voters are no different.

now, you see, this sorta reminds me of those songs that joan baez did with movie score god, ennio morricone. he's the dude who did the score for the good, the bad, and, the ugly, amongst others and she's the lady that tried to change the world with bob dylan back in the day and they're doing songs about sacco and vanzetti (look it up for yoursef). now on paper or should on the screen, it doesn't sound like it would be a good combination, but when you hear it, you're like, 'fuck, that's awesome and why is this album out of print?' i can get that feeling whenever i see a blonde and a brunette hang out together, can it actually be a good thing and wouldn't you know it, it totally is; not to mention, they got killer bangs.

the return of an old favorite; and just when i was about to write the snake. dag yo.

it's going to be a political picture. a film with a message, you know, like syriana, but you know with an upbeat ending, some of that classic julia 'big smile' magic, a plot that you can actually understand (what the fork was going during that one, george?) and it'll be directed by a guy who hasn't made a decent film since 1971.

i don't know what's going on right now, people. yeah, stern's back and thats amazing and sadly, it's all i've been doing with myself this past two days. from 6 am to 5pm, i'm listening to whatever on the stern stations, but there's more than that going on right now. well, actually, its just that there's nothing go on in the world right now. i keep on saying this, it seems like every other month, i make this speech, but you know, i just can't get myself worked up about lionel riche's daugther hanging out with steve o; i can get worked up about getting together a petition to pass around to force her to eat mega combos from tommy's at least twice week. and like uncle grambo hasn't update in nearly month, which sucks. and i spent like all day yesterday and monday night working on this top secret project, which after the inital phase of completion, i don't know how to take it any further, let alone, all the other ramifcations of the project, so that's a wee bit frustrating.

but at the same time, there are some good things going on, to look at the bright side of things, there's the delightful expressions of 'i wish i was anywhere but here' on master p's face on "dancing with the stars," and you know that lil romeo got grounded on friday night after p made it to the second round on that show. i want to chalk that up as a vote in the name of comedy. i mean, p is not even trying; we have to create a new term to apply how p dances on this show because 'phoning it in,' doesn't even begin to describe what the dude is doing.


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