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Jan 20, 2006

rebels makin' love in the streets

there are too many things to talk about and i feel like i'm gonna collapse even though i had a decent amount of sleep and there's like a million things to watch on the dvr. so i'm just going to break off with some bullet points:

-i like a song by a mallcore band called matchbook romance; i'm a sucker for hand claps.

-the thing about working on music videos or at least in my case, it's like, the first day, i wasn't sick of the song at all; i was just starting to get into and as i driving up to work, i was looking forward to listening to the song for the rest of that evening

-i heart riley mason; google if you must, but i'd say, you may be investiageted by the government

-cam's diss of jay, when i first heard it, i loved it, but on the second, third, etc. listenings, thought cam could've came a bit harder and quite frankly, his main pot shot at jay, the wearing sandals with jeans, is well, something i'd say or why i won't be into a person anymore. like i saw craig kilborn in a pair of birkenstock with blue socks, and i never ever found the dude funny again, but thats not strong enough to build a whole campaign of lyrical terror around. never the less, most of the week, i'll wear my dip set shirt every day.

-new v.mars next wednesday; finally!

-rachel b's friend from the other day's myspace; i'd say lame, but that might make its way back to rachel b and well, we all know how bad that'll be.

-fuck ted stevens

-i heart justine joli

-my trunk smells like lee's sandwiches

-fuck skating with the stars

-whatevs is back and goldenfiddle should change their theme song to the soft boys' "i want to destroy you," cause he's destroying everything.


At 5:34 PM , Blogger Dan said...

I agree with your take-- the first time I heard the song, I was like Holy fucking shit. The next time, I was like "Cam, you gotta come harder than that homie."

And like you, I wonder if Jeezy and 'Ye will take sides. After all, it was Jay's guest spot on the Go Crazy remix that gave Jeez East Coast respect and blew him up, yet Cam's mean muggin' in that Soul Survivor video. And obviously there's a lot of love between Kanye and Cam, but diamonds are forever and all that. At the end of the day, I figure they'll probably do what most rappers do: side with the dude that signs there checks.

And if you stop seeing any promo push whatsoever for What The Game's Been Missing!, you'll know why.


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