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Jan 2, 2006

the return of the worm

people, i have a problem. a doifeld, but, this problem makes me feel really bad. if you can't tell what the picture is, it's ashlee simpson doing the axel rose dance; the worm; whatever you want to call it, but yeah, i sorta think it's sorta hot that she does the snake, worm dance. i'm sorry, people, but there's just something about ashlee simpson these days. yes, her music is horrible and of course, her hair looks like as if it was done in a trailer park by a stevie nicks fanatic on crystal meth, but the shoe game is there, the boob game is there, and now, she does the axel rose. this is why we need to get joe simpson and all of the other evil associates.

i swear to goodness that ashlee simpson has to be a succubus; i mean why else would she try so hard to be liked by everybody or at least, flashing her shit all over the place like she just got an xbox360 or something.

and last night's episode of "arrested development" was probably the best one of the third season. fuck, i still don't understand how people can't get into this show? what's not funny about andy ritcher and three identictial brothers? i guess jokes about charlie sheen slutting shit up is way more biting and in your face.


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