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Jan 13, 2006

rock apocalypse aka hella nervous

this isn't rachel bilson , unless, she's really let her self go over the holidazes. cause last time, i checked rachel b looked like this. apparently, this girl was on mtv's "my own" episode about rachel b, and so now, everybody thinks she's one half of a much slept on power duo.

you know how on ""dancing with the stars" they dance to fairly current or modern songs; don't you think it'd be more interesting instead of dancing to like elton john, the orchestra started to play d4l's "laffy taffy"? just imagine that person from that show i didn't watch cause when it was on, i was barely seven years old dancing to that song and how hi-larious it would be.

related, i voted for my man, p twice last night. so hopefully, you also voted in the name of the comedy and not in the name of 'oh, that wwf girl is a great dancer. she should win'.

is there an industry standard for sending the friend request via myspace to somebody you recently met ? i called robin brown about the matter since he sorta made a movie about the matter, but as of press time, he has yet to respond to said question.

the snake is on a bit of a comeback/roll as of late; dag yo. do you think her favorite funkadelic song is "you and your folks, me and my folks," or is she more of the "hit it and quit it" type?

you know how they gave that show to the dude from o-town on mtv about filling the void of third eye blind with his brand new craptuclaur pop songs; its pretty boring, right. you're in debt, but yet you manage to afford all the cool new threads from american eagle and briefly 'live' in an apartment complex near my father's residence, but this is besides the point. the point is this, 2005 was the year of the celebrity coke scandal: we had pat o'brien & betsy, then of course, cocaine kate, and most likely, lohan. now given the recent activies of kate moss & lohan (read here & here) and you throw in, pat o'brien into the mix, i'm sorry people, but you probably the greatest reality tv show in the history of the world. way better than that breaking bondouchebag. i mean, the show would be about recovering addicts forced to live in an house with unlimited supplies of drugs, liquor, hookers, and an escalade with a driver willing to take them anywhere they want. and like throw in a pop up visit from like r kelly every couple of episodes, you just can't imagine all the fun we'd be having while watching it. or the show is about them forced to watch queen latifah in last holiday for like 24 hours straight.

anybody else not that impressed by that test icicles album? a couple of british dudes that are into refused and the blood brothers. i dunno; i like the music, but the singing is sorta blah. okay, yeah, i like their production, but not their singing. it just smacks of effort. i'm soo out of the loop when it comes to the rock n roll these days.

okay, who watched "the oc" last night? perhaps the most boringest episode ever in the whole wide world and those lamey producers didn't even break us off with a catlin cooper cameo at the tail end. you know, just a brief shot of her getting off the bus like axel in the "welcome to the jungle" video and she could have an evil look on her face or just say something like, "i gotta fuck shit up," you know something cool like that to make up for the previous 43 minutes of tedium and utterly boredum. and there was that glimmer of hope in the episode when johnny was going to join that surf team and leave the oc forever. weren't you so happy about that? no more johnny, but nope, he's still hanging around. johnny is like that cold you can never get rid of until like the summer cause, its warmer. you snort up the airborn, tony montona steez and you're eating chicken soup like crazy, but you just can't get rid of it. this is what johnny is to this season of "the oc". its an annoynace you learn to live with for a bit, but eventually it goes away, but never soon enough. but back to the lack of catlin cooper, you just can't promo us for three weeks about catlin cooper coming to the show and not even break off a lil piece in your first episode. i mean bringing in a real life piece of jail bait to spark up the show screams despiration, but to promo it for nearly a month, screams their despiration even louder.

and why is half of the cast of "the oc" on the new new shortlist nomination board? they should be focused in on writing better episodes of their show, not debating about who from the show is going to list the arcade fire on their best albums lists. that type of shit should be left to people without anything to do with their life like myself. when i'm not having a panic attack or writing this mess, i could crank out a short list of music, unless those dudes want to trade places with me. i'll write for "the oc" and my first move as writer, will be to kill off johnny. yeah, he has to go to chicago for no reason what so ever like every other character on the show they've run out of things to do with. and i'll work cheaply too. all i just need is like a 1000 dollar gift card to american apparel (gotta look nice), a sirius radio (gotta listen to howard) and a personal assitant/driver who looks like mercedes terrell who'll be way down for a run to lee's. that's all i need and i think i could crank out some quality stuff.

also, i wish that "the oc" producers would've continued their traditional of casting people who are in their late 20s, early 30s to play teens, cause catlin cooper really is 14 and her step dad is brian de palma, who'll probably beat you up in a style similar to a hitchcock film if you perv out on her, although, he might use in a film, so who knows.

weird things that happened recently:
-i was at amoeba the other day and you know, how the cashiers just throw those cd cases behind their backs without looking, most of the time. well, i had to ask the girl at the register if she's ever hit anybody with those things, cause i mean, they just throw things hard (how else are they going to into the bins?) and the girl said she's only hit 2 people in the 4 years working there.
-i was getting a haircut and i was waiting and i had left my copy of the nation at home, so i had nothing to do and i was fumbling through those giant books of hairstyles that are always beat up and seem to have pages missing from them. so i pull out this book for children's hairstyles. one, i just want to know what parent let their child become a hair model and two, i just wanted to know who styled those photoshoots. there was a kid in the book, who i guess was trying to be the tough kid hair model because he was wearing an iron maiden shirt and he looked like he was about 11. sure, there was that one cool kid who was wearing a smiths shirt in the 5th grade, who could probably tell me what the new big band will be, but i mean, what kid whose that young is into the maiden? i thought you had to have a few acne scars in order to be a maiden fan or at least wear black jeans. then there was a hair model, a guy, with a unibrow, which you would think wouldn't be allowed in a hair book, but they seemed to be proud of it.
-i had to take my car into the shop the other day and i was getting a ride back home in the dealership's shuttle van and i don't know what it is with me and shuttle vans. usually, i'm the last one to be drop off because while i might consider watching "trya" an important thing i have to attend to promptly, it doesn't compare to the uptight pushy guy who was to go to work. so, quite often, its just me and some old guy in a van talking. so i get into the van and the guy goes into a story about the woman he just dropped off and her plans to ruin her husband's bachleor party plans; i'll spare you the details, but needless to say, i got all of the details; like the age of the woman and her husband, when they're leaving, where they're going and how long they're staying and the surprise plan the woman and her friends have for their spouses. then, the guy seemed hell bent on making me feel slightly depressed or sad. i'd mention how i loved driving over this one bridge near the the dealership and the guy counters back with a story about a woman who jumped off the bridge recently and of course, all of the details. then he talked about his neighbor who was spent to eastern europe to become a model cause her parents didn't care about her, then how she became a relief worker out there and yeah, its an inpsiring story but at the same time, its like wow, i've done nothing with my life and the nicest thing that i've done in recently memorey was holding a door open for a dude in a wheel chair and thats about it.


At 9:11 AM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

The girl in the Snake photo seemed to be rather underfed to me.

If you snag a writing job for the OC, you could ride in the shuttle van to pick up some story ideas. It might work; someone jumping off one of the Bridges of RSM would be an interesting way to write a character out of the show.


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