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Jan 6, 2006

we're going to the moon!

yeah, i know that my daughter was just in the hospital and i know that my daugther struggled with an eating disorder as well as mild drug problem and i know that i'm probably not being a decent parent to my unfamous children and that i'm making them deal with an unbelievablely weird and awkward divorce and of course, my momey making daugther is no help by making music videos about it, but you know, fuck, i need some 'me' time, too. what's so wrong with just hanging out on the beach and goofing off with some text messages to my boyfriend? fuck.

did y'all know that the prettiest pony has like remixes for days and days? i highly recommend the dfa remix of hot chip; classic dfa right there.

on the dfa records subject matter, nancy whang solo album? is it going to happen in the '06?

the problem with the village voice's top ten films of 2005 is that, two of the films (wong kar wai's 2046 and tropical malady) were released in 2004 in other countries. now, 2046, i understand slightly; its well made and its beautiful to look at it, but it's rather long and at a bit repetitous. where as a film like tropical malady, its just a bunch of critics wanting to be seen as intelligent and forward thinking about cinema like the dudes from cashiers du cinema; you know how you'll say one thing is like your favorite book or film or album or song or talk about politics to seem more smarter than you are, this is what the critics who voted in the village voice poll did with the selection of tropical malady and i can honestly say, that the film is bad because i've actually seen it. it's a bunch of dudes in a jungle wanting to make a terrance malik film, but forgot what makes terrance malik films so watchable in the first place, a great cinematographer. so i guess the point, i'm attemptig to make it is this, you can only include a film on your ten best list in the year it was released. so if you go out and see, i don't know, the producers tonight (and why would you do that? go buy the orignial, its only 11 bucks on dvd) and you declared it to be your favorite film of 2006; you'd be wrong because while you saw it in 2006, it was actually your favorite film of 2005.

also, i'm still confused about the critic praise for a history of violence as well as crash. a history of violence had its moments, but to me, felt rather uneven and too hokey, if that makes sense. where as crash, well, that borefest was a fucking lifetime movie with swears and a decent performance by matt dillon. yeah, i got the message in the first five minutes. 'jenny, racisim is bad, don't do drugs, and when you're stuck as a writer, just use a bunch of things they teach to not do in community college writing classes.'

and for those who are keeping score, the best of 'o5 films list will be posted in a couple of weeks.

okay, so i had this theory about american apparel and their hiring pratices. basically, they're like that local italian resturant in your town, its either family or its large breasted women; american apparel hires only hot girls (if you read the text on their ads, it says the girls are usually an employee). so i thought, why not visit one of their stores to see if its true and to, also, see if i could any help or at least anybody approach me asking if i need any help, since you know, if you go to any cool, hip clothing place, even if its urban outfitters, you won't get any help at all. i remember one incident where kevin disco of dance disaster movement was working at urban outfitters in costa mesa and i went near a dressing room in the section he was working and he told that the dressing room was broke and was to go on the other side of the store. you see, cool people are always trying to get out of doing their job. so i trek down to h.b. and their american apparel store, to see if my theory was right.

i walked into the store and was greeted by giantic photos of trixie teen [nsfw] on their walls. i mean, just huge photos of her, which was sorta awkward and cool at the same time, then i thought about asking if i could obtain those things after they were done with them, which also is another embarrasing and awkward situation because you assume that you'll most likely never ever run into these people again, but sometimes, you do and its sorta weird. example, in the early 2000s, i was in a gap (the friend i went to the mall with wanted to go there) and so i looked around and saw these big photos of josie maran up and i asked this girl if i could have them when they're done with them, but she said that the stock guys was probably going to take them home; okay, so flash forward a week or two later, its the first day of school and i take a seat close up to take notes and the girl sitting next to me, was the girl that i talked to about the signs and she actually remembered the incident. so, you know, you can't always ask these questions without the threat of future embarrasement, let alone, the joking around-ness of the people who work in the store. the people at american apparel didn't seem like the kids who'd find the humor in asking for giantic pictures of trixie teen; it seemed as if they take their job too seriously.

although, it should be noted, that while i was there, i got no help from anybody, but i did have a conversation when i was at the register. the guy who worked, who was probably in a band, told me that everybody is into lavander these days and i said that we, being dudes, all need to move on from pink. but here's the thing, none of the girls were that killer. comfy clothes, but no babes and nobody you could joke around with. its just all too serious and fiona apple was blasting. i don't know but whoever works at the huntington beach american apparel store needs to either buy a three 6 mafia cd or like maybe, slip in some richard pryor albums to wake that place up. sure, you're hip and you're post modern and its a company thats doing good things for the world, but at the same time, its okay to laugh a little at a dumb joke and play some good music. look at the people who work at dvd planet, that job must be boring, but to keep up their spirits, they basically watch the simpsons all day long.

i swear, peeps, that i'll get back into the swing of things next week. you know nothing is going on in the world right now. if you haven't already, please watch letterman vs bill o'reilly if you haven't already. stern will be back on next week and its gonna be killer.


At 10:20 AM , Blogger Najork said...

yeah, i'm pretty confused why everyone (not just the voice) is all over a history of violence. I mean it was fine, but had its weirdly awkwards moments -- e.g. the first ten minutes feel as if they've been adapted from a comic in a really awkward way (you know how mamet's films often feel like they're stage adaptations, even when they're not, because the dialogue is so weird? like that.), even though cronenberg claims he didn't realize it was a graphic novel. william hurt surprised me a little, though. i didn't realize he had that sort of comedy in him.

crash i just haven't seen, but i'm always entranced by movies with really polarizing reviews, of which crash is definitely one. unfortunately, the strongly negative reviews outnumber the positives, and the positives mostly come from people i don't trust too much, like david denby.

I do like 2046, by I'm a WKW-head and I understand that I have a problem. I'd put it top 10, but probably if I had seen more of the small films it might slip out.

so, a question for the new year... have you seen the new battlestar galactica? it took a long time to convince me but i've finally added it to the tivo.

At 12:55 PM , Anonymous draco said...

Yo Douglas,

Two questions:

When're you gonna hit us up with another funny comment on some cobrasnake chicas? It seems like it's been a while...

And second, you know when J.R. Writer's solo album drops? I can't wait.

At 3:10 PM , Blogger Dan said...

Primo on Sirius? Even tho the firm I work for has XM as a client, I think I just found a reason to get me a Sirius subscription...


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