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Feb 28, 2006

8 steps to perfection

the problem with the new season of the real world and well, any season since las vegas with the exception to san diego cause that had cameron punchin brad in the balls and it had brad & randy and it, of course had jamie chung (she needs to be on the next challenge, dudes) as well. the problem is this, mtv isn't casting an interesting mix of kids as much as they're just casting another season of temptation island. i guess, vapid, remotely attractive young people hooking up and nearly drinking gary busey under the table is interesting up to a point, but what else is there? these people are too attractive; you have to at least one only okay looking person other wise i think alot of people are going to be confused when they tune in thinking its an episode of "8th & ocean".

by the way, aren't you more interested and excited about "8th & ocean"? you have miami (shame, its not miami from the 80s though), you have hot models, and you have that high gloss, wish we were shooting some antonioni film visual style, what's not to love about the thing? there will be consequences if the people on "8th & ocean" get too drunk; they may miss their call and they may get dropped by their agency where as if those real world kids get drunk and actually develop a serious problem (i'm waiting for the lawsuit ten years from now when the first real world sues mtv for turning them into an alcoholic), the only problem they'll deal with is some bullshit intervention by some girl whose wearing booty shorts and a bandana. those kids will continue to live for free and will get to go on awesome trip to some european country for free; its just a bunch of bullshit. sure, there's a crushin' russian, but where are the fun people who'll much things up and make things interesting like that one albino guy on "the real world: hawaii" or whatever happened to casting that one outsider whose never been on a plane before? if they want to make it interesting next time around when they do real world portland or whenever, they should cast that lil cowboy from "american idol". tell me you wouldn't want to watch him live in a house with some crushin' russian? that'd be way better than what's about to follow.

it should be noted that i tried, people, i tried really hard to sit through "there & back," but i couldn't do it. there's only so much one can take of that family without wanting to run around in the rain wearing nothing but a pair of undies and a prayer for hypothermia. these people are just so bad and i just worry so much about their child. they said that they wanted to give him a strong name, so you know it would have to go through the same trials and tribulations as ashley did being a man named ashley and all, yet they name him lyric. lyric, how tough is it? why did they steal one of homer simpson's names? you know, handsome b wonderful? hercules rocafeller? max power? that's tough. i know that i wouldn't be a good parent because after the child's birth, i wouldn't talk to it, but i'd just watch foreign films and see if the kid starts to speak a foreign language after a while, but i know not to name a kid lyric. geez.

although, it should be noted that next week, from the promo, it looks good. you know the girlfriend gets cold feet at the alter, but its probably because she doesn't want to do it in vegas without her mother. that's all. people that nuts belong to together and nothing will tear them up apart. it's like miss new york & flavor flav or for that matter, flav and hoopz's mom.

i smell spin off or at least a follow up special to "flavor of love," about flav trying to get with both hoopz & her moms over the course of a weekend in an b & b in new england. get that barry manilow tune to be the theme song or at least, somebody could help me dig through my archives and find that song i wrote about a weekend in new england; it killed when i read it to my community college biology class. you see thats where riding the bus came into play, i had so much time on my hands before class that i started to write bad songs instead of reading the text. and still to this day, i don't know how i managed to pass that class cause all i did was check out girls and write bad songs.

i read about blaise christie on fleshbot. first, i was intrigued by the thought of a guy in the orange curtain making arty alt porn, but then i saw what the guy is doing and i believe that i'm a fan now. highly recommend for those who are into asian girls. between blaise and the god girls movement (they're like the dip set of naked girls), its going to be a good year for people who apperciate naked girls.

if bono wins the nobel peace prize, then i'll lost all respect not only for the nobel comittee, but also the concept of peace. i mean by that same defination, why don't they nominate el-p for making the song 'truancy' on "fantastic damage"? [editor's note: 11:50am pst: guys, i'm just joking. world peace is awesome and bono is doing good things, i just think u2 is way overrated]

slightly related, i saw a photo of el-p in the urb a few months back and it looked like the guy who wouldn't do a show if "the x files" was on, got the queer eye make over. i just hope it doesn't mean his beats got soft.

basically, kiefer sutherland in the film, the sentinel is playing the movie version of jack bauer, so he'll be swearing and running, yelling orders into his blue tooth head piece, but you know it'll be missing something and quite frankly, eva longoria will mess things up. you know if kiefer is going to be playing federal agents in movies, then just be jack bauer. give the public the most intense movie experince ever. 24: the movie; a real time movie that doesn't have to be 24 hours long, but you know, 2 hours and some change or be amazing and do it in 90 minutes and force the audience to leave the theater covered in sweat.

speaking of "24," good episode. anybody else notice that when jack bauer was talking to robocop his voice got deeper in an attempt to compete with robocop's deep voice? oh yeah, and some dude attempted to kill the russian president with a fucking flame thrower. when was the last time you saw a flame thrower on tv? i know i'm supposed to hate fox and for the most part, i do, but gosh darn it, there was a guy using a fucking flame thrower on tv and it was crazy. if you were to tell that they used a flame thrower on "sex & the o.r.", i'd watch that show.

and finally, it should be noted that the sidney lumet film network with a brilliant script by paddy chayefsky is out on dvd today and if you haven't seen it, then you owe it to yourself to do so post haste.


At 9:16 AM , Anonymous guy said...


i am constantly amazed at the sheer volume of writing that goes into this site. it is impressive on that level alone, mich less your witty observations of pop culture stuff from a straight male standpoint.

however, you should google some shit about bono before getting too uppity about the nobel prize. it is widely considered that bono has been very involved in the forgiveness of MAJOR amounts of third world debt over the last few years. he started the trip just like most other celebs, kissing a few aids babies and handing out rice. but this is on a whole other level. this man has held court with the pope, bush, blair, and a lot of other people that it is so fashionable and easy to denegrade, just within the last year alone. this has been done to keep those in power, whomever they may be, to focus on the idea of releiving third world debt. now that is truly selfless, because you can make a lot more hype by getting up and saying 'bush sucks' than you can by asking politely to sit down with the guy and discuss the one or two things you do have in common and building on those. that is working for peace, for unity if i have ever seen it.

i'm just sayin...


At 10:37 AM , Blogger Najork said...

i basically agree with the guy on this -- bono spends an awful lot of his time working on third world debt forgiveness. i don't know enough about the details to judge whether he actually should win the prize, but he's at least a credible recipient.

that flamethrower was so sweet. i started laughing about it when i was trying to go to sleep last night. i'm pretty sure that was just fox being fox and adding a flamethrower for giggles, because really, what was the plan there? were they trying to melt the car?

At 4:52 AM , Anonymous Horse said...

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