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Feb 9, 2006

bad is good again

dude, check out betsy. i smell a relapse coming on strong in the very near future. so all personal assitants check your voice mails and get uploading! are grammy post parties really a good place for a recovering sexaholic should be hanging out at?

dudes, i'm so backlogged on stuff right now. not only i have not watched last night's "lost" and "the emperor santino show," but i haven't even seen "v.mars" yet. this is the problem when i go out and be somewhat socialable. i'm behind on things and i'm having a maintence person at the house right now and i'm just wondering if i'm gonna freak out the guy because i'm listening to stern and it's the guy who allegedly had sex with clay aiken, but at the same time, it's like, we're all dudes and maybe i could get another person to change over to sirius.

i can't believe i have yet to mention it, but friday night, the final four episodes of "arrested development" are on. it'll probably be awesome blossom rosario dawson and alot better than of the shite mid season replacement s(h)itcoms on fox like "free ride", "the loop" (even though, philip baker hall is in that one). it's like this, fox, if you're gonna green light a bunch of single camera shows that look like horrible knock offs of "my name is earl," and "how i meet your mother" that'll probably be canceled after a few episodes. sure, it'll last longer than that heather graham show (i drive by a bus ad for her show when i come hom from school and feel bad about it), but, fuck, you know, why not give an amazing show like "arrested" a shot in the arm by airing an episode after "american idol".

also, fuck that bullshit show, "sons & daughters" too. don't advertise the show as being unscripted and hilariously improvised. you know what that means me? the writers are a bunch of community college rejects, although they must be better than me cause they have a staff job and i'm here in the oc goofing off at the coffee bean. and saying a show is improvised is another excuse for shitty camera work; its gonna be hand held and there's gonna be alot of jump cuts. boo!

preach, uncle grambo, preach; this is why grambo is the best and speaks volumes of truth about that perez hilton dude aka pseudostar fucker inc.

if anybody is thinking of a birthday present for me, there's no better gift than a copy of lady terminator


At 10:42 AM , Anonymous Rose said...

I may be visitor #200 today, but who knows, it's still kinda early. Just wanted to say thanks again for waiting so long at the alley and missing "Lost" for us!

I swear I don't know how I bowled that last game. Well, okay. I'll share the steroids with you next time.

At 3:48 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

Ahhhh, the inside joke.

So detestable when you're on the outside.

But then again, who amongst us can resist over-laughing when you're on the inside? Oh, that feeling of pride and self-worth that arises. It is fleeting but, boy, if it isn't a tantalizing mistress.

In fact, I've even had the best sex of my life after being in on an inside joke.

At 12:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of relapses: flashback to 1996. Hummer’s trying to pass your little brother’s computer final off as a legitimate website. It’s so over and I’m so out.

At 12:20 PM , Blogger tubesocks said...

Speaking of relapses: flashback to 1996. Hummer’s trying to pass your little brother’s computer final off as a legitimate website. It’s so over and I’m so out.


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