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Feb 16, 2006

beyond the valley of the dolls

if they ever do a tv movie about the split between jessica simpson and nick latchkeykid, they should totally get marisa miller to play her. they have a similar look and most likely the same horrible personality. maybe they do have good personalitys, i don't know. i just can't see myself having a conversation with them for less two minutes without an awkward moment.

i know that this is an old story, but adrien brody saying he won't do a wong kar wai film without seeing a script is utter bullshit. the dude did king kong without looking at a script and look how well that turned out for everybody. you see wkw is in that realm of directors that you'll drop whatever you're doing to work with. now the only concern that brody should have is christopher doyle going to shot it or will it be mark lee and what time does he have to show up. i gotta see a script before he signs on; i'm sorry but how scary talneted is this guy to demand that?

you know that from time to time, i'm a day late, a dollar short and ocassionally, something at first glance, just doesn't really grab my attention. yet after looking at this [via wwtdd] about seacrest and his supposed gal pal, is only interesting because if the guy is on a stolen car mission to prove his straight status, then mission kinda accomplished. basically, seacrest is pulling a scott baio and using what little fame he has to pull a playmate, whose natural, may i add. i think seacrest is trying to compensate for something then he would've gone so over the top with it and pulled a girl with like triple e boobs, but you know, seacrest is keeping it look key and shouting out real boobs.

remember when ally hilfiger was the craziest person on tv? gosh, i certainly miss those days. i know to her that show was probably one of the worst moves she's ever made and she made the smartest move ever by being one of the producers on it, but at the same time, it also means that we'll never see it on dvd. remember that episode where ally and her friend have dinner with those other rich kids and one of the rich kids' nickname was buster cause she's always knocking things down. or that other episode where the rich girls are in la and going nuts over chipotle. look at it, bravo has managed to bring jonathan antin back for a third season of "blow out" (march 21st, sitches), why can't mtv bring back the rich girls for at least a special or does one of the rich girls have to get knocked out and have a husband or boyfriend whose working on hot tracks in a studio?


At 10:41 PM , Blogger Najork said...

seriously. wtf? tivo even claimed that the episode it recorded was the new, k. cavilleri-enabled v. mars episode, and yet it was a rerun from a couple months back. i'm mystified.

At 10:05 AM , Blogger Lauren said...

I'm pretty sure Ally and Jaime can't stand eachother. It's too bad, the show was great.


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