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Feb 6, 2006

boom goes the dynamite!

over the weekend, the wga gave a award the writers of crash and quite frankly, i no longer want to be a member of the wga. i'd still like to see an essay or term paper that finally answers that age old question, why are so many people blowing massive loads over that shit storm of a film? i can see why people like certain films that i don't like, but this one, i don't see it. it's a film that i can't even pretend to like to impress a girl. you know, you'll say that you're into a certain thing to impress a girl, but really you have no fucking clue. yeah, i couldn't do that with crash. i bought and pretended to like the movie, slackers for a girl, but as soon as that thing was dunzo, i chucked it.

okay, i think its safe to say that we or at least a majority of us watched the toyota supra bowl yesterday. the game, well, was the game and i'll get to that in a minute, but here's the thing, mick jagger wore nike cross trainers; can you get any less rock n roll then that? mick can put on the 14 year old kid punk rock jeans and he managed to put on his youngest daughter's belt and he's like 70, but he can't throw on a pair of beatle boots or dirty chucks? does it really take that much to rock out these days? he can pull out all the gear, shake the cobwebs off of charlie watts every couple of years to rake in a few more dollars, but he can't put on the rock n roll boots. i don't know, this may change my whole perception on the stones forever. i don't know if i could listen to "get yer ya yas out!" the same way ever again.

as for the game, ben rosahamburger made one really good play and didn't score that touchdown. i think i'll continue on saying this until the end of time, but, once again, i'm claiming 'tainted title' in the case of the super bowl. you know those stupid black & white interview things they used as intro and outro bumpers where that one guy on the steelers with kenny g hair made out with the trophy, right? okay, i only saw steelers players and coaches interviewed on those things. 1 seahawk guy, everybody else was a steeler. you see, the fix was already in from the get go. then there's the bullshit touchdown call, but hey, you can only blame bad calls for so long. matt hassle(broke)back literally sucked the big one in the game and good offense wins games; the defense was there for a while too, but then, they went to lunch or something. okay, so maybe not necessarily, tainted title, but you could definately spell that game with two letters (b.s.) at times.

and the commercials blew too. good game, boring commercials. the career builder(dot)com ads were good, but everything was rather forgetable. although, i thought it was interesting how abc sex'ed up the ads for "dancing with the stars," during the game. quick cuts of the girls showing lots of leg with the words, "wardrobe malfunction" flying across the screen. i don't know about you, i don't really want to see a lisa rinna wardrobe malfunction; its bad enough she posed in playboy while preggers; remember that? if you do, then you totally love the 90s. and i don't understand these go daddy ads and all of the hype around them about being too racy for tv. it's not that their racy, it's just that the girl in them is the president of the butter face fan club. lets face facts, kids, tits are tits and what makes them special is the person that they belong to. jessica simpson's quepapas (shout out to mr skin) were all over the place in those pizza hut commercials and it's not a problem because to most people, jessica simpson is attractive.

and has harrison ford been hanging out with dave chappelle lately? cause harrison ford looked and sounded as crazy as chapelle sounded on oprah in that dr seuss commercial.

for next year's super bowl, i have a few suggestions:
-no bye week. sure, the nfl needs that week to get the hype machine going and shoot commercials with the players of the game in them, but it's more exciting and interesting. if you go straight from the conference games to the big dance. i lost interest in the super bowl because quite frankly, i forgot about it.
-no more half time shows; no more bullshit. the game runs long enough as is, so we don't need to hear mick and the boys play a tune from their new album, let alone the classics. lets just play the game.
-if fox has the super bowl next year and the show, "24" still is on the air; have the non stop season of "24" be about a terrorist threat on the super bowl and naturally have the post game show be '24,' but here's what would make it even cooler, every so often during the game, the director of the super bowl broadcast would cut to shots of the audience and jack bauer's head would pop in a couple of shots. now tell me that wouldn't be the coolest thing since a lee's pork sandwich?

and why was "grey's anatomy" the big post super bowl show? that show seems like it would have a gigantic male audience.


At 12:13 PM , Blogger Lauren said...

Next time instead of chucking a DVD like Slakcers send it to me!

At 8:57 PM , Blogger Najork said...

is it just me, or was it just the post-superbowl stuntpisode (remember when 'alias' destroyed its entire plot as a superbowl stunt?), or is grey's anatomy really, really bad? i hadn't really ever watched it until yesterday, but it just seemed bogus.


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