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Feb 14, 2006


this is how keira knightley reacted when i told her that i intend to spend my valentimes day in my office working on a script, going to radio shack to return an item, and probably listening to a portion of the 69 love songs and she said that sounds so sad. then i told her that sienna miller [via egotastic & nsfw] has better knobs than she does and asked if she gets free pizza from dominos cause she was in domino.

btw, the film, domino would make for a rather excellent birthday present for yours truly; even though it comes out after my birthday, but never the less, its the thought that counts.

here's a link to probably one of my favorite tracks by jay dee, its called "fuck the police" and just remember the summer that it came out and hearing it every friday night on friday night flavas (why power106, why?) and every now and then on chocolate city and just dancing in the bathroom or a car seat cause of those drums.

i have problems. sometimes, too many to talk about here. perhaps, i'll have to go on dr phil, get yelled at for 40 minutes and get absolutely no advice on how to properly maintain a mustache, but even then, dr phil's mustache sorta sucks. anyways, here's my latest problem, i'm in class, listening to a lecture and i couldn't focus in on the lecture cause it seemed as if my professor wasn't wearing a bro (check your seinfeld). so its hard to focus on the lecture when that's happening and you're scanning around the class to try to find something to deflect your image or at least the visual image. and you see some girl whose giving herself a manicure with her teeth. and this goes on for what seems like a lifetime without an ending in sight. i do embarrassing things from time to time like checking my fly in public, but you see, its for the greater community. let's think in a larger scale or a bigger canvas if you will. i know that we all like to do things that make us feel comfortable, but at the same time, is what we're doing making everybody else feel comfortable? and i know that the overall message people are attempt to stress is that it doesn't matter what others think of you, which is completely true, but lets keep it within reason. i applaud the girl who wore a bright pink wig to school the other day and that was a breathe of fresh air, but lets not over done the freak flag thing.

i don't know what's worse watching the olympics or the fact that there's no conan and no earl and no michael scott for the next couple of weeks so we can all watch some guy from some country in some sport that normaly be on the 'who gives a shit' channel. do we really need all of this coverage? do we need over 500 hours of coverage on 10 different networks and all in hd? you know, why not break off a half hour here or there for a little comedy or something for pete's sake. i mean, after snowboarding? what's left? shaun white, the poster child for goofy haircuts won the gold medal and that one good looking snowboarder girl is snowboard like today or at least, she's already snowboarded, you know, time differences. so after that point, who cares? michelle kwan's not there and i think thats the only remaining southern california connection i have to olympics, so fuck it. let's run this bullshit on msnbc and call it a wrap. its only fair that we'd get a hour of "earl" and "office" because they're not pre empting fucking "days" for olympic coverage. bullshit.

if everybody else's shows are fucked up, then daytime gets fucked up, too. nbc, you picked fruit and you have to live with fruit, so sorry housewives, lets pull that shit off the air for exciting hd close ups of some skier falling down a mountain.

killer photo on willa. i would've posted it here, but i'm lazy and i needed content and the hits.

while i didn't watch all of the ashley angel speakerphone show. there's just so much one can take of those people without wanting to jump through the tv and punching these people in the face. i did happen to catch the road rules/real world challenge, but here's the problem and it just seems to be the major problem with the show this whole season, the promos give the entire fucking episode away. you know, where's the mystery and false sense of hope that maybe, just maybe beth, the female leader of the veterns will be in the gaunlet this time around, but intsead, they show a shot of cara z and kina wrestling in the gaunlet. way to take the wind out of those sails, dudes. let's build the tension, guys. let's make me believe that maybe the rookies will go four in a row. i don't want to tune in if i know whose going to be into the gaunlet. you know, i'll just tune in around the last ten minutes and be creeped out by that derek dude. come on, lets bottle rock this shit up and build tension. the kids in the promo department need to pick up that 42nd street forever dvd and learn how to cut some decent promos and don't affraid to use some primo beats during the promos.

and finally, who say, "24" last night and who else was shouting, "fuck you, lynn!" like every five minutes as well? the best show on tv to yell stuff at has to be "24,". there's always something to yell about on that show. either its against lynn or the president or shouting about how jack bauer gets results each time and lynn is full of shit and gets rolled by junkies rather easily.


At 5:35 PM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

The Women's Ice Hockey Goalie is from Huntington Beach and I probably played against her at one point or another in my life AND I have never lost a game when the other goalie was a girl. So basically I'm better than a US Olympic hockey player.... but it is a girl. So yeah... if you want to root for a local she is as close as you can get without it being the summer olympics where we breed all the lady swimmers down in South OC.


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