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Feb 24, 2006

hard to explain part 3

i think i'm going to start up a movie club. not some oprah book club bullshit or anything like that. a club of people who are like me: shiftless, bored, young people who either don't have class during the dary or their job is at night. as i watched the rather good the three burials of melquiades estrada, i noticed something for like the eight millionth time, i'm in a theater surrounded by senior citizens. i'm not saying that there's anything wrong with the senior citizen community, its just that its an awkward feeling when you're watching a movie and there may be an exposed breast and in theory, you're watching the movie with your grandmother or at least, she's somebody's grandmother. so what, i'm proposing is a motley group of people with nothing better to do during the day other than watching the allegedly new greatest thing to hit the horror movie scene ever since john carpenter decided to use a panaglide camera, meet up every so often and watch movies together, so we don't feel weird about going to the movies by ourselves with somebody's grandpa or some guy who got divorced and the first wife took everything so he now drives a used ford aspire and the trophy girlfriend whose an artist that he thought he was going to leave, but actually stuck around, but now he always has to suffer through her opinions about everything. we don't even have to sit next to each other, you know, just a bunch of random folks sitting together in the dark and after the thing is over, exchange a few words in the parking lot and say, 'see ya next week' or if the conversation is good, move it over to a near by fast food establishment and carry the conversation on over food and what not.

you know sitting around, outside, getting fresh air and being active is overrated.(i nearly wrote overweight) or just lounging around starbucks or coffee bean, you know talking and smoking is overrated as well, but also bad for your health. so let's do the movie club thing; so be on the prowl for the group on meet up in the coming weeks.

i feel so lame about finally discovering it, but people, i've become deathly obesssessed with alan partridge. if you haven't seen alan partridge yet, then you need to get a copy of "knowing me, knowing you immediately. like you should quit whatever you're doing and get it or at least, order it on amazon, but get express delievery cause it'll be worth. holy shit. and i don't know why i took so long to get hip to steve coogan; yeah, he was great in 24 hour party people (a film which my father owns, but i don't), but you know i'm not wowed by a guy in a jackie chan movie. i saw tristram shandy: a cock & bull story on birthday, which was great and i'm just wondering why is there such a great lack of steve coogan in america? i don't even want to get started why can't we have quality comedy shows in america like they have in the uk, but i'm just wondering why is there such a lack of classic alan partridge stuff on dvd in america? i don't want to go to amoeba and clear them out of steve coogan dvds from the uk, but i think i have to. not to mention, i just got bbc america in the past couple of months; so i'm slowly but surely discovering this bit of gold and if you haven't discovered it yet, then you need to; its quotable for days upon days and remains pretty fresh and solid for something that was done in the mid 90s.

since, i've been sadly freaking out over "american idol" this week, i came to an interesting conclusion about something. you know there's those day calanders with dumb quotes from bush and yogi berra or something along the lines of what logan does on "veronica mars" with his voice mail message; well, why don't we combine the two and put out the paula abdul daily aphorisms calander. have you heard some of the things that come out of her mouth after somebody gives a performance on that show. that's neither constructive nor criticism; if anything, her criticism is like a placebo and i think for lots of people, hearing paula abdul saying something really nice before they start their day would just sent them off to be successful. or she could sent up some sorta voice mail service like one of those phone sex lines, but you know, its just a bunch of pre recorded paula lines and you know, if you're down in the dumps, you could choose the one where she says that you did your thing, but it just wasn't your night.

i mean if john tesh can save america with his radio show why can't paula? btw, has anybody heard the tesh radio experince? i'd assume its bad, but from the press release they read on stern the other day, it sounded pretty hiliarous.

also semi stern related, they were talking about the epiosde of tyra where she confronted her fear of dolphins and does anybody have this footage? cause the audio was great, but i think seeing tyra panic attacking over dolphins would be extremely kosher. i think we all know that tyra is insane, but i heard the other day, excitedly talking about going to prison. like she couldn't wait to visit prison and see what's it like there. who has this wish and desire? sure, we all have our nutty desires, but do we ever act upon them? no, unless we're crazy billionaire dudes with nothing to do and an army of golddiggers. here's a wish of mine, i'd like to own a bentley, will this ever happen? all signs point to no, but hey, its a lark and a goof. now, wishing to go to prison isn't a goof, let alone, acting upon the wish is enough of a reason to make tyra pay a visit to nurse ratched without any cameos by mcmurphy. i'm gland that she'll probably go through with it because it'll make for great television, but oprah wouldn't even put gail king through that kind of bullshit.

i miss crab man, but mostly i miss nadine velazquez on "my name is earl," seriously, they need to beef up her role on the show or at least, put her in more hot pants.


At 1:27 PM , Blogger Najork said...

whenever i go see a movie in the middle of the day it's always something terrible that i'm embarrassed to be seeing in a theater (BLADE 2). the upside of this is that there are few old folks at these films. the idea of seeing something good in the middle of the day is pretty innovative.

i love coogan. i love 24 hour party people. and tristram shandy has finally opened in SF!

At 11:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw the tyra dolphin epsiode. It was just as good as the concept alone sounds.

Don't miss tommorrow's episode, in which she uncovers real life brokeback mountain stories.


At 8:39 PM , Blogger Dan said...

I dunno if Wet Wipes is produced by Alchemist or someone else (cuz it doesn't really sound like the typical Alchemist sound), but that beat is fucking hot. Any word on when Killa Season (both CD and movie) are dropping? Whatever happened to "Happy Valentine's Day Bitches!" and all that?


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