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Feb 23, 2006

i was bedragled

this american idol business has to stop. well not really because, its kinda fun, but what has to stop is this two hour blocks of programming each night. it's a strangle hold and quite frankly, it mucks everything up for me. then there was that two hour block of "project runway" totes umbrellas probably has some killer write up on "project runway" and its not so sexy, yet interesting spin off, project jay. it's just this huge block of tv that i feel that i have to watch in order to have something to say, but at the same time, i feel sorta douchey cause i voted four times for captian creepy and shouted "nerd!" every five minutes like i was orge or something.

i mean, can't we vote off all of the guys? cause they're horrible and the whole regular guy thing has already started to wear thin. and i can't understand what anybody is saying when they're singing. well, i barely understand anybody when they sing especially those mars volta dudes, but that's besides the point. i just can't make that connection with these guys who are younger than me and sing like frank sintara. i understand the legacy of cool or whatever you want to call it associated with frank sintara, but you know, i thought when you're a teen, you're supposed to rebel and rock. what happened to kids either listening to gangsta rap, black metal or even punk to upset their parents? i was under the impression that at one point or another in our life, we're supposed to have a copy of an op ivy and shout at the top of our lungs the lyrics for "knowledge"? what happened to kids doing that? or has all of this punk, rebel business become so commercial that it doesn't even matter anymore? its like how a million dollars isnt really alot of money anymore?

well, if you think about, all of the game shows are giving away a million dollars or a quarter of a million dollars or half a million dollars; its sorta lowering the value and most importantly significance of it. with the world, we're living in today, a million dollars isn't enough, in theory, to keep back, tune out and just live high on the hog like it used to be. but i'm getting off my point, if i even have a point.

but, i'm saying, i see these teenagers on this show who talk about how they love brian mcknight and frank sintara and i'm just wondering why aren't these kids listening to good records anymore? what happened to the era when the girl who was rather preppy in your sixth grade class comes back from summer vakay to junior high, wearing a jim morrison t shirt and talking about how awesome led zepplin is. where are the burn outs? or am i asking too much of today's youth? there are probably burn outs in high school this day; it's just i don't hang out at the taco bell and/or del taco near the high school like one of my cousins used to do to find the last piece of my puzzle.

its all very confusing and wednesday was a very confusing day. there was a near fatal incident on the motorway and there was an outta control girl sighting.

first, the car incident. i wrote this down in a journal i have to keep for a class of mine and i compared the incident to the film, the island because while watching that film, i had an out of body experince and during the incident on the motorway, i sorta had an out of body experince, but more or less, instead of my life flashing before my eyes, the film, the island flashed before my eyes cause what was happened looked like something straight out of a michael bay film. like i imagined how he'd shoot the sequence and how he'd cut because, well, nothing really major happened. you know, it was just a loose tire flying across a couple of traffic and there was a car in front of me as the tire hoped towards the main place mall, so i had plenty of time to brake and what not, but never the less, it was a very surreal moment.

the 5 freeway just in general on any given day is a surreal experince; random tires just only makes a little more exciting.

the other thing was just like okay, what do you do when you see some cute girl with great hair, just hanging out, playing suduko?


At 10:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

just thought you might want to know - I think that model you liked from the 8th and Ocean previews is in the picture that shows up in the setup when you update iTunes... I think. It sure looks like her at least.


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